The cause OF PoSiMoWorld Life Improvement

The cause, miraculously still alive twice!

in a second everything changed


  • we now live with more or less  8 billion  people ! on this unique planet.

  • The human brains are working 24/7, to let us survive and improve the quality of our life,at the same time we destroy everything that is dear to us Really there is no one on this planet who knows how our brain think and as whole,as one part works?, and how it determines our lives ?how and what we think we will eventually become!

Really no one on this planet knows what life is you don’t need to pray or bow to mecca and we all know you don’t sexually abuse children! or for sure your mother is a woman! too, thats a fact, the purpose of religions is to promote love and peace to protect people against each other, today people use religions to justify wars there are no religious reasons to correct?or improve where you believe inI’m so direct because we think it’s normal to cut down thousands of trees by their roots and kill animals to eat simply because we can we live in a new age so adapt we now see all that superstitious nonsense has not worked, look at the world now!

life itself costs nothing!, believe in, what works for you!most people believe in whath their community believe in All   Life isfree Do you know your mother is a women, so treat all woman with respect! and only narcistic people ask thinks in reteurn only people need rules.soReligions are made by humans! life is mysterieus but Really there is no-one 0n the plannet how knows wath life is?, the goal of life is too live. happy- healty and content.Imyself never believed in old books, religionss without provable facts! now after my experiences I believe that our consciousness ended up in the universethat is allways around us, see the posimoworld logo the sun is the only light for us but more important is that you embrace thi life and help other life, name where we are going to the other side and don’t be too narcissistic here and enjoy your life help to clean this planet

through my experiences I can say and feel that there is something with me butcant say wath it is? that has saved me and helps me to use my experience and knowledge,Simone says?there is a plan?

On “April 18, 2006” I had a big cerebral hemorrhage and servived it on a special way? Ibecame half paralyzed on the left side. The power of positive thinking and a lot off  movement made me better! in addition I received predictions in a very special way that came true and kept me in sight of a positive outcome Really there is no one on the planet who knows what life is we humans make it difficult for ourselfs  and others with the economical system  we are narcissists and the economical system makes that more than the half of the world’s population is sick we are not special as different religions make us believe! NO we are the greatest threat to all life on this planet connect with and change stay my personal reasoning after all i have been able to experience is that our subconscious is in contact with the universe if we and everything living on this planet leaves the body then we merge into the universe let’s call it the other side life is free and believe what you will people who are superficial and use violence are no more than criminals if you have known the death of others on yr you will also meet them again in the universe- i like to believe that my grandmother and grandfather have my father and me helped to stay alive and to be able to set up an exhibition for the well-being of everything and everyone who lives


My special connection with my father saved my live,



 story with a

unexpected spiritual twist,!

for me a happy story and The reason for

the”life improvement” Exhibitions But more special

things happend

 Welcome to PosimoWorld  "LifeImprovement" As exhibition organizers and providing communication tools,

for a clean new PoiSi MoWorld the mission for all of us

0.1 my father Jan de Klerk (83) and I worked together,He taught me everything about development &organizing trade Exhibitions since, I was a little boy he did tok me to important appointments, when asked why I was there?  his answer was! he can’t learn it early enough!, many did help to confirm it and the first ice of a business conversation was broken, the bond between mother and daughter father and son have something magical, My father would retire in April 2006 I received , a major contract forApril 2006

0.2 Tobuild more than 100 business units for a towage congress with exhibition in the World Tade Center  Rotterdam my father who organized sevral succesfull freight and harbor Exhibitions has many business relations in the port and transport world and

The World T

doubted whether to retire at day trip!I was on the road, with kim who I hired to assist me during the Exhibition in the World trade Center she didn’t have much experience yet so I decided to explain to her what to expect while dad just left and I was already missing him for such a big assignment. out of the blue it seems like a big spider is starting to climb up from my lower back through my spine, not knowing what it was, I reacted with a hard kick on the clutch to put the car on the strip with grass next to the road, a hard stab in my left groin as a result!, without saying anything kim got out and ran to two road workers who were ?working exactly there? I also got out, and without thinking about it I shouted that she had to take me to a hospital! When I had stumbled around the car and got into the co-driver’s seat, Kim was already behind the wheel and we I knew the way and I gave  Kim the direction but regularly lost consciousness Kim then shouted loudly stay with me stay with me and that’s how we drove into the parking lot of the hospital 15 minutes later in my experience, I got out for fresh air and saw two brothers in white coats come running to us from the hospital? the road workers must have called the hospital that we were on our way? then it turned black before my eyes and I fell unconscious next to the car on the ground, which I did not feel at that moment

0.3when my father arrived at his house in RosasAfter a two day drive!, they got back in the car a few minutes later?, to drive back to Rotterdam? once back in their house in Rotterdam they received the message that I was in the hospital, there they received the message that the doctors had already given up on me, they thought there was little chance that I would survive and they wanted to have a meeting to see if it still made sense to do some to make an effort!, my father got angry and demanded an operation in a better equipped hospital immediately the Erasmus mc was called and an emergency operation planned with specialistsI was taken unconscious by ambulance to the Erasmus and operated on, two drains were drilled i my skull to drain the blood and fluid from my skull, I never wore any rings or a watch and I think that’s why I unknowingly pulled the drains out of my head twice, which meant I had to have an extra operation twice. then the still working right hand tied to the bed!, with every operation the question was whether I would survive, my father and Kim, but also my sister Paulien, have I took pity on the congress with my father who constantly drove back and forth to me in the hospital and the WTC everything went well in the end the business units were delivered well and after I opened my eyes again he organized a collection and with that two mercedes wheelchair buses the Rijndam rehabilitation center was donated so that despite the large queue I could be admitted there, the best house in Europe was then called the hard discipline. train if //I wanted on 6 december I came home in a wheelchair my sister paulien stayedsleeping on the couch in case somethinghappened


0.4ALady friend Neliane how I never had seen with a  boyfriend, as long I know her came once every two weeks to visit me at home and did cut my hair, so I did not have to go outside with a wheelchair taxi to visit a hairdresser! as a MarineI have learned to always keep your hair above your ears and was very grateful for her helping. I was very grateful that she helped me out! once she had skipped a view weeks?and I called here if she had time to cut my hair? I wanted to call you and she reacted!but I didn’t come anymore? I have a boyfriend! and he is offered work abroad and I’m going right white him! ok!nice for you after I disconnectedI realized I had to find someone new to cut my hair at my place?The first thought was to call Rijndam! when I was there I went one time to the hair salonmade a phone call and ask the owner if she also did go to peoples house?here first reaction was No! and then seconds later? when I drive home I pas your house! so lets do it!, and minutes later we made a appointment!a view days later she came in and we hade a connection from the start I told her about my hard training and using the power of positivity and that the progres I made me let set up posimoworld because I feld that everyone in the must know thisLife is free everyone can use this, she feld comfortable to tell me about here spiritual feelings and weh she had told what she feld those feelings came out when she was finest she went out the door, but did not closed it? seconds later she came back in. Tony she started I most tell you something? and that is? I reacted? not knowing where she aiming at?


You will heal completely she s

tarted you will get your company ! you will meet a blond woman and you both will …………from here I keep it to myself because I think and feel that I have meet here on the Internet she fit seamlessly in to the posimo concept  I call this energy within the Universe “LIFE”   




Our former office and work place

  0.6welcom to my name is Anthonie (Toon) de klerk 

was done she stepped outside but from where I was sitting I saw that she didn’t close the door but came back in after a few seconds? she looked at me and says Tony i have to tell you something? and that is not knowing what she was doing? you will get better, you will only see something on your left leg when you walk, but the doctors can easily fix that! you get your business you hook up with a blonde woman when you’re better youtwo go wild? this all is for me the reason to set up Ljfe Improvement Exhibitions


Exhibition with a mission

0.7because I thought I had met the blonde woman a spicologist and filesoof and owner/founder  of Fit n All NewYorkAdrianna Albritton which I think
is the perfect match for me and posimoworld and have a new compagny I believe everything that has been predicted one day I will practice walking a week before while my physiotherapist was in my house had walked loose independently from my living room! he said just walk over there and I will come after you? when I walked there no sign of him to be seen and I also walked back loose, whereupon he said you can see that you can do it!w the next day I put after the hot lunch I put my wheelchair in the corner in front of the railing on the wall and got up and started walking while holding on! at the end was a cupboard with my rollator in front of it! to be able to walk another two meters I had to put the rollator in front of the cupboard!, totally uninhibited I grabbed the rollator and walked in front of the cupboard and put it down there when I turned to grabbing the banister again i fell back with my head on my heavy wooden desk my neck grazed a nail that was there to hang my keys millimeters of a major blood vessel? I landed on my right hip on the floor!, however when I crawled back to my wheelchair in the corner my left hip hurt! once there i called my dad upstairs who called a doctor to be sure and sent an ambulance to have pictures taken the hospital is not far from our apartment block and the pictures indicated that my left hip was broken because i had already eaten the scheduled an operation for an artificial hip implant next morning, after anesthesia I was put on a wide table, but I woke up during the operation! i heard an electric saw all around me sat sisters to keep me lying on my right side! I looked at the nurse closest to my head and asked if she wanted to increase the throttle because I was conscious? She agreed and soon I was back under sail!
my grandfather whom i am named after Anthonie advised his children 3 daughters and 3 zooms to learn a trade, later on professionals are needed my father went to an LTS and learned vot mschine metalworker at the auction for fruit and vegetables cut it and sell it me as a cook butcher bread and pastry baker note try to help someone a person or animal and experience how much you feel. love is like the wind you don’t see it but you feel it!
on a saturday I trained in the sun on my balcony and the many training resulted in me taking my first steps without help, because of the predictions i went to bed excited and thought it will happen! had seen and therefore did not know, Sunday morning I felt strange and could not get out of my bed into my wheelchair? I thought when I succeeded I don’t tell that nurse I didn’t know anything so I can quickly continue training? i made up what i was going to leave and knowing that she worked weekly shifts at home care i pressed open the downstairs door without looking and soon heard the elevator come up and stop on my floor, with the front door open i waited in the hallway in my wheelchair the door opened, but not the unknown nurse came in, but Angela, Angela came to see me most often and knew me best, so well that she immediately asked what was wrong? I answered the sentences I wanted to use with the other nurse, Angela looked at me and immediately took her phone out of her pockets called a doctor without consulting and went upstairs to my father’s apartment to call them? everyone including the doctor in my apartment and an ambulance was called because apparently I had high blood i was hospitalized again on the first visit my dad told me it was a good thing I didn’t sleep at home that night because their wamachiene broke that night and the water pipe broke! everything in my apartment had to be thrown away from my couch to my cupboards and bed your hwd drowned he jokingly
banister on the wall of my living room, at the end there was a cupboard with my walker on the side when i was there, i decided to put the walker in front of the cupboard so that i could walk a few meters walk safely! when I had done that I turned around again so that I could grab the railing again! as if being pulled I fell backwards with my head on my heavy wooden desk and my neck was ashamed of the nail I had there to hang my keys! i landed on my RIGHT HIP when i crawled to my wheelchair to call my dad i felt my left leg is not responding as well? just to be sure my dad who had come down called a doctor who had runtge x-rays done at the harbor hospital, an operation was immediately scheduled for the next morning because my left hip? was broken? everything went well told the specialist, but at the first check he wanted to discuss something