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My name is Anthonie(Toon) de Klerk from Barendrecht – Rotterdam The Netherlands – Holland

Fact,Really there is “no one” on this planet who knows what life is, and why you and all of us are here?-we are the lucky ones!

Countries, big companies-  wise men – women, and  people with money look at each other but do nothing, This is a problem that affects almost 8 billion people!We burn our house before our children!do you want to be one of the last people on this planet?We mustthink posimo and change 


After surviving several strokes in extraordinary ways, it felt like I was being led to establish the PosiMoWorld Life Improvement Program-BWC Because We Care Fact, more than half of the world’s population has a serious illness and needs daily medication or assistance!

BWC, We set upCommunities with people and companies from around the world who Care for persenal health and a positive and a healthy World with also the protection for all that lives on this unique planet We will bring them together on LifeImprovement Exhibitions  all over the world.
For your personal health we recommend  you all to follow the Blog  of Adriana Albritton she is graduated in philosophy and forensic psychology and is our Fit Wellness adviser, fron New York. Think positive and Move for mental and physical health.join our community and receive the newsletter-PosiMoWorld Life Improvement”Facts” by email we must unify and change

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