Our goal

LifeImprovement-Exhibition with business and scientific communication platform

emphatically without religions and politics

bringing the world population together,

as many of us people already know, we are facing unprecedented necessary changes that must guarantee life and our own well-being many people, companies and governments are already taking initiatives, however, this is still uncoordinated at the same time posimoworld Life Improvement is going to make this a clear whole with, among other things, Exhibitions and a Newsletter “FACTS” 



Welcome tere are now more or less 8 billion   narcissistic people worldwide -(minus 1) We all need to change our lifestyle! so become a posimoworld person? -join a community become a PosiMoWorld

dolphinfor E$ 1,50– orcafor E$ 25,00 – or


of course you are that one person? oddly enough, all life disappears at the hands of humans?

The goal of poSiMo?World is to unites the World population, and inform them Like on the Exhibition”LifeImpeovement” this with  companies/ participants that use sustainability as their marketing strategy or simply do everything to improve the quality of all life, the Life Improvement Program and Exhibition will collect and disseminate important information from governments and companies to its affiliated members of the but our personal health is also important, use a positive attitude combined with movement every day

(no political or religious influences just facts)!


Exhibition with a mission


“We will all have to accept some form of change”to achieve our goal


Exhibition with a mission