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a posimoworld person, protects all forms of life takes into account of the future by living sustainably and communicates everything that benefits life and nature and founa in general with fellow human beings follows the newsletter FACTS

We are currently with 8 billion people on this unique planet, unique because as far as we know there is NO other planet where we can live we can exclude that given the distance of any equivalent planet we cannot bridge this alive we are all responsible for the good of all life on this planet, we as posimoworld propose that the entire world population register as a signature duck dolphin for E-$ 1.50 companies with sustainable production and products for E- $ 25.00 – multinationals can donate for a minimum of E $ 1000.00 the common goal is to preserve and protect all life on this planet everyone receives a QR code upon registration

The objective of achieving a sustainable life as sustainable and as efficient as possible, we set up Because We Care Life Improvement communities around these communities of companies and the world population and governments are physically brought together at life Improvement Exhibitions with conferences in various major cities in the world, all members receive the PsimoWorld Newsletter Facts and thus stay informed of all developments

all registered meet at the LifeImprovement Exhibitions where healthy and sustainable products are presented and sold, we are committed to positively change our behavior and mindset


dolphinQR,Code E-$1,50 E-$.1.50


a compagny community E – $ 25,00includs product info in the News letter FACTS



Donationfrom of E $ 10.000,- for the organization of the PosiMoWorld program with-in a prominent place during LifeImprovement Exhibitions and special attention in the news letter FACTS