Choice & cause

aved from death twice in a row in both special ways?

A heathyLife and world starts with a choice for all of us!.We all have the choice to live a lifestyle that impacts the world in a positive way by given the right information,   like good means to communicate with each other

shareinformation how to cope with the challenges, It’s never too late or too early to start, join our communitys and LifeImprovement Exhibitions

The cause for LifeImprovementThe cause for




,Now with a Life Improving Mission!We all have a choice!the  proof that we need to change as a community is clear!,our way of life causes stress for many, and is, for the most part, the cause of a diseases.Try to be a little kinder to each other and help a smile is free

On this moment more than half of the world’s population has a disease!

Really, there is no one on this planet who knows what life is,Our Lifestyle coses stress

So stop meaningless religious wars and fights!

The Cause for!

Was it  luck? or came everything together seamlessly and right on time! or maby a  power in the universe thought it out for a reason? time will tel.



Exhibition with amission


1.welcome to PosiMoWorld “LifeImprovement”Program withExhibition and conferance. To Challenge the business community and all governments, and population worldwide to become  fully sustainable  to present and show this on PosiMoWorld”LifeImprovement” Exhibition  for products and solutions that improve the quality of life and nature!, My name isAnthonie (Toon) de klerk,from Barendrecht/ Rotterdam- Holland. my father Jan de Klerk, where I work with played an more than important role in my father and I worked together in organizing trade exhibitions a specialized trade. As a child He took me to important appointments and taught me everything i needed to know.!

Our former office and work place



.He put me on this planet, !but, He also taught me everything about setting up and organizing and reconise the most current trade Exhibitions, “Life Improvement” is almost literally personally indicated to us, this is

the,,almost impossible to explain“Cause”

2.April 2006 my father is going on a trip to his residence in Rosas Spain to start his well-earned retirement, weeks before that, I received a major assignment to take care of over a hundred business units during a towage Exhibition and congress in the world trade center Rotterdam, but also in April 2006! my father knows many of the participating companies from the port and wanted to leave his trip, for Linda his wife he still got in the car as planned! on the way he could hardly put it next to him.

  1. April 18th,I was on the road with Kim, who I had hired to assist me as my P.A. We were on our way to a client, nice weather and smooth jazz in the background of the car! I decided to tell Kim the details of what was expected of her during the cvent in theWTC,Missing my father! Out of the blue it seemed like a big spider was running up from my lower back up my spine to my neck and head slowly and as if the feeling knew where to go?, It was crawling up !. Not knowing what was happening, I stopped talking and pressed hard on the clutch to park the car in the grass next to the road!. *A sharp pain shot through my left groin?when the car stopped, kim got out and ran to two men who were working nearby along the road’, as best as I could no longer able to walk properly I shouted to kim to drive me to the hospital when I had already stumbled around the car and sat in the co-driver’s seat kim was already behind the wheel and we left, i knew how to drive and gave kim instructions but kept falling unconscious kim screaming constand stay with me maybe 15 minutes later we drove into the parking lot of the hospital what was the closest. I got out for fresh air and saw two brothers in white coats running towards us? the workers on the road must have alerted the hospital? at that moment it goes black  before my eyes andI fall to the ground, next to the car  I felt nothing of biting the ground unconsciousness  from that moment on?

4.My father  arrived in Rosas after being in the car for two days, he got back in straight away to drive back to Rotterdam!?for the event in the WorldtradeCenter when they arrived at their home in Rotterdam, they received a phone call informing them that I had been admitted to a hospital!when he got there he saw that my head was swollen and the doctors had already given up on me because according to them there was no longer a normal future I would no longer be able to walk, talk and be very limited, not go to the toilet myself, eat and drink they thought I would soon would die and wanted to call a meeting to decide if it was still worth it? At that time my father demanded that I be operated on in a better hospital, the Erasmus hospital was called and an operation planned, specialists were called, I was still unconscious and was taken to Erasmus by ambulance. My father,Kim and my sister Paulien arranged everything in the WorldTrade Center I also pulled both drains out of my skull twice and they had to operate on me several times, which always asked me whether I would survive that?My father must have been going trow Hell – I love him and I’m glad he is my Dad


we don’t talk about challenges we solve them!



Exhibition for products and solutions that improve the quality of all Life and in Balance with Nature

The Exhibition / Digibition where we bring companies with their sustainable products and their corporate sustainable vision together with the growing interested world population with the aim of save and improve life on this planet. Our” home” and the biggest reason why we can exist,We must “Communicate”

5.unsolicited predictions come true!

I had a dear female friendNelianne who came to see me every two weeks after I got home frome the hospital and Rijndam  then she also cut my hair right away so I didn’t have to go in a wheelchair bus to a hairdresser which is very cumbersome I had met nelianne in the nightlife but as long as I knew her never with a friend because her mother was lesbian and I didn’t know what her reason was? she hadn’t come by for a while and I decided to call her because I needed a haircut!I was about to call you! ok, are you coming again? did I ask her? no she says I won’t come by for a while? I met someone and he was offered work abroad and i’m going with him? after i congratulated her and hung up I thought what now? my first thoughts went to the hair salon in Rijndamthe are femilliar with people in a wheelchair

6.Simone the owner answered the phone! when I asked if she also cut hair at people’s homes, she responded first with a no but when I drive home, I’ll come by your house and we can meet! a few days later she came over, it clicked and I told her my positive results using the law of attraction – positive affections and what was the reason for her telling me about her spiritual feelings she had felt things that turned out later to have come true? my hair was fine and simone went home! I sat at my desk and saw that she didn’t close the door but came back in? a few seconds later? she says Tony I have to tell you something?not knowing what sche ment I reacted with ok?you’re getting completly  better she started, you only see something about your left leg when you walk but! the doctors can easily fix that, you get your business and you meet a blonde woman and you go wild together when you’re better?We registered with PosiMoWorld as a company and think I met that woman I wear out more shoes sitting in a wheelchair with practice and also have blisters as a result and feel stronger and better day by day As a former Marine I see this as my mission I’mstill alife!the blonde woman is a graduate spichologist and philosopher and founder of Fit n All New York when I met her on linked in she was going through a battle divorce and it felt like the right addition to PosiiMoWorld! but I could be wrongI’m in a wheelchair but it’s hard to do anything! so started with posimoworld in 2006 i still talk well and was already right handed everything looks like its all set up for me? 



We will create a Digibition 24/7 for everyone to follow on the Internet  



Exhibition and digibition  with a mission

“Where life finds quality”



It is serieus now, Join 

.More and more people all over the world see the need for sustainable living and adjust their Lifestyle purchasing behavior accordingly; Smart companies adjust their production of products and business operations accordingly PosiMoWorld offers with the Exhibition :”Life Improvement” a meeting place and program where companies and their potential customers meet with the aim of a PosiMo World I  can say that there is something in the universe that stands by me and helps where needed really there is no one on the earth who knows what life is believe in what works for you the most important thing is that we respect all that lives and let all thats alife live, I don’t believe in old books with stories that are more beautiful than they cantbe the truth,whit so manny genarations jusing it for there one bennefit who does good meets good treat others as you would like to be treated yourself for all life on this unique planet, Be Happy your alive and learn from this short oppertunity, from the moment humanity started to use the world and it as narcissists of us, religions came out of fear for life! learn to live and take responsibility help each other and everything that lives



our former office and work place before 


7.Two generations working successfully together  , Organizing is in our DNA. We also took care of stand construction and had an internal design advertising and hostess office, to be in control of every aspect. In April 2006  my father would take his well-deserved retirement and planned to go to his residence in  Rosas Spain. in between I got a big stand building  order, building and taking care of about  honderd luxury business units before and during a towage congress in the World Trade center Rotterdam, Also in April 2006, As planned my father traveled with his car to Rosas Spain a two day trip with an overnight stay in france.



8.waking.I didn’t regain consciousness in the hospital we drove to! but when my father arrived in Rosas Spain afther a two day drive, hey got back in the car afther being there less than  a hour! ? to drive back home to Rotterdam? to be around for the congress! it tuned out to be muts more than that? when they were just back in their house,in Rotterdam the phone call came in that I was taken in the hospital came and they came there as soon as possible when they came in I wasstill  in a coma and my head was swollen, the doctors and specialists present gave me little or no chance of survival and foresaw a life with many limitations i would no longer be able to walk, talk or eat and go to the toilet or bed by myself, they wanted  went to a meeting to see if it was worth the cost and effort to help me? My father reacted furiously and immediately demanded that I be operated on in a better equipped hospital! My father’s demand was followed and an operation planned with specialists in the Erasmus hospital there I was still in a coma taken by ambulance and immediately operated on, two drains were drilled into my skull to drain the blood, both of which I pulled out of my head in intensive care and they had to operate on me several times but I survived out of impotence they tied my only functioning hand to the bedafter reading the side effects of my medicines on the internet i found out that i was going blind from a medicine after calling my doctor i was so shocked by all the side effects that i immediately stopped all my medicines, including my blood pressure lowers!: On the saturday when i got my taking the first steps on my balcony, that evening I went to bed excited, happy to have walked independently again, I did not know the lady from the home care who was on duty that weekend, had just been there, that night I dreamed strangely and in the morning I couldn’t get out of bed felt different and fell back on the bed when I wanted to sit in my wheelchair,I wanted to start practicing walking again and waited for the home care worker I didn’t know, I thought I could forward her right away so that she was gone quickly the bell rang on the ground floor and I opened it without looking assuming it was the home care was! I heard the elevator coming up and opened the front door a little bit, I waited in the hallway when the door opened it was the home care, but not the lady I didn’t know but Angela the one who knew me best? she asked what was going on and I told her what I had come up with, she immediately picked up her phone and called a doctor after which she went upstairs to my father. In a few minutes my apartment was full and an ambulance was called in the Erasmus hospital. my blood pressure was way too high and the scan showed that I and Tia had had that night I had to stay. It was also strange that my father who came to visit the next day said that I had not slept at home because the water pipe to his washing machine e was broken and my whole apartment was wet you had drowned in bed he joked my furniture everything had to be thrown away now i have nothing left and have to get better and start all over again

5.I have been working every day now  to get my health and body- beack mentally and physically to improve myself, I see it as a spiritual mission I don’t know who or what and why my life has been saved several times?, but it must have a reason!for the World?thats my feeling

don’t be afraid to live help others learn from the past truly true there is no one on the planet who knows what life is accept a new modern agewhat we know and can see learn from the past first a hitler now a putin defend yourself but never take their narcissistic mindset


9.on the 6th of december i came home from Rijndam in a wheelchair from the many people i knew with the place forfor the nightlife as my backyard, only a few came to see how I was? what was specialto was that two friends independently told me about the law of attraction and the power of positivity with the latter i was familiar with a businesslike upbringing and the experiences as a proud dutch marine i started with positive affimation and daily extreme training movement on a morning I woke up with the word PosiMo, while registering a domain name I added World to it, posimoworld was born, I learned in an afternoon how to fill in wordpress websites and got to work

Nelliane is a female friend I had met in  she started with You are getting better but you keep seeing something on your left leg but the doctors can easily fix that! you get your company and you meet a blonde woman, a few days later we registered PosiMo InterMedia at the Chamber of Commerce and I found a beautiful blonde woman among my linkedin friends who immediately gave me the feeling that it had to be her given my experiences the whole thing seems perfectly set up and I feel like I have a mission

during a dinner with two friends, one spichologist the other an entrepreneur who helps to draw up afferments, the three of us talked for a long time about the power of positive thinking combined with movement! for example, the next day I woke up with the word posimowhile registering the domain name I added world to it without thinking. now, among other things, due to corona and the many challenges in the entire world, the name with the program appears to fall into

10.Anneloes a very experienced Occupational Therapist at Rijndam Rehabilitation Center noticed that my left leg was sticking out strangely, she placed foam between my leg and the wheelchair, so as not to get injured when I drove the wheelchair! worried and not knowing what it was she sent me to different hospitals and specialists to have pictures taken but every time without results the xpays showed nothing and the specialists didn’t know what it was. when i was home and i trained every day i had a banister about 5 meters on my living room wall that i could walk past and hold onto with my right hand i then backed up to the start, i counted the number of times and tried to do this each time increase, I became stronger and stronger! I had already walked to my bedroom on my own once! one afternoon after dinner I decide to practice walking again and put my wheelchair in the corner at the beginning of the banister on the without thinking about it i decided to put the walker that was at the end of the handrail next to a cupboard in front of the cupboard so that i could walk 2 meters further in safety sure of my business i grabbed the rollator and had to turn around to put the handrail back on unexpectedly as if someone was pulling me back i fell with my head on my heavy wooden desk with my right hip on the floor? my neck grazed a nail that was there to hang my keys on as i crawled to my wheelchair with in it my phone to call my father who lived in the apartment above me did my left hip hurt? my father called a doctor to be sure and he an ambulance to take pictures! the x-rays indicated that my left hip was broken and surgery was scheduled for a new hip the next morning? After the operation, the doctor came to me and told me that everything had gone well, but he wanted to tell me something when I came to the first check-up appointment? 2 days in the hospital and I was standing next to my bed with the physio and the next day I was allowed to go home1 night nice weather in my own bed and I could stand on my balcony in the sun again I always counted 250 cars that then had to pass when I was allowed to sit down again and then more and more often one day during the first control in the hospital told the spesialist that he had found something during the operation that he sawed off? the band that holds everything together had sunk and become hard on my upper leg! but was not visible in the photos! now you can put it straight forward again and use it normally with walking

11in short, also I don’t know what and why all this is happening to me. Getting the prophecies in that special way! indicate that a lot of effort has been made spiritually clear to me is that there is a lot in the universe that helps us if we are positive and think posityve you know what draw your own conclusion! Join! e mail it


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