what ever you believe! what would you do? look wath we alll have done!

Really there is no one on this planet who knows what life is life is free, and rules are only made by people and,  meaningless if everyone HELP  each other,We are looking for help in making the communities DEKLERKANTHONIES ON THE iNTERNETemail:

my story is the basis of PosiMoWorld Life Improvement, and important to me also the predictions that I would recover combined that I will meet a nice beautiful blond, women, when I later discovered a beautiful blonde woman in my linked-in friends list I spoke to Adrianna Albritton she is founder of fitnAll In NewYork and I felt right that she had to be this beautiful woman,  She is also a graduate philosopher and spichologist possesses all the qualities I need next to me in my life  building up  PosiMo World Life Improvement, her reaction was promising and I began to believe in the predictions many have already come true, on the right time which indicates to me that there is a positive spiritual world behind our lives here on earth, my story is so incredible and is so seamlessly integrated that I look forward to the new posimoworld, my life on on a healthy world/ planet is by far the most important thing I have



After much thought and looking at many facts I believe that when our consciousness leaves our body it ends up in the universe as energy the universe is all around us see the logo we are not the reason for the origin of the universe being there there are many we now know, more stars and planets than grains of sand on this entire planet which to me indicates that there must be a special energy in the universe that is positive and protects life here on earth it has been proven that a meteorite came down from the universe on the earth exactly on a shallow part of the ocean? the dust clouds that arose blocked the sunlight so that gluttonous dinosaurs were exterminated by the lack of nutrition so we get the space to develop! however, we are so narcissistic that we make all life on earth impossible and even kill it, what would you do if you had created this paradise?we are working on the buck LIFE





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