Once up on a time this planet must have been paradise!!

are we subconsciously in contact with our brains with an energy in the universe? it gives us life and responsibility life is free and unique so be careful with everything that lives really no one on this planet knows what life is! enjoy it as long as possible, avoid stress and stay healthy and fit


We as PosimoWorld, founder of the Life Improvement program, are committed to unit the world’s population in a Life Improvement community for the maintenance of a healthy life now that humanity around the world realizes and understands that we are the all-destructive footprint we leave behind must change! and it actually forces us all to globally adjust our sustainability in order to ultimately secure life on this unque planet now that the world is spinning again as if nothing happened and we are falling back into old mistakes for many the life of humanity has been saved which is celebrated in December where millions of lives of turkeys and chickens are slaughtered for a feast? are  as if we are the only ones who deserve life, we can these days prove that a meteorite that hit the earth wiped out the predominant dinosaur like a paradise was created and our prosperity grew and the narsistic behavior made us humans a bigger problem for the survival of this planet, you are free to think that the methorite that hit the earth accidentally ended up on a shallow part of the ocean?

I personally think that we should let all life live healthy, the opinion of life is to live

After live was able to developed freely ,and before we humans took the planet this must have been paradise ??? We must restore this

. The companies that have their production and operations world and life proof! can sign up and register in the PosiMoWorld Life Improvement corporate community these community


Members can present themselves at Life Improvement Exhibitions around the world With the objective!

mprovement of thehealth of the planet, and its climate and Nature with the result of improving life, may present themselves to the world population at the PosiMoWorld Life Improvement Exhibition .en digibition See posimoworld Life Improvement, as globally active quality mark

the members of the world population community are kept informed by internet and invited to visit the imagine our consciousness leaving the body! the body remains behind the consciousness ends up in the universe because the universe is visible on our logo everywhere in the world around us! the only light is the sun so we head that way, we already destroyed paradise and then what???! 

“Life Improvement”
Global communication and informastion platform, Exhibition for the promotion of healthy living in genral !
Our goal as PosiMoWorld Life Improvement is to unite the world’s population and empower businesses to make theirproducts and production more life-proof and healthy   sharing knowledge on how to achieve this The promotion of sustainable solutions

they know the wayto a PosiMo life and World



Global communication andinformation platform for the  promotion of healthy living!

Our goal as PosiMoWorld is to unite the world’s population and stimulate business to make the planet healthy to live on – share knowlege  The promotion   of businessinformation,


themotivation, by dayly positive facts about the progress of the positive effects of sustainably in the world, we bring the information and the communities together at LifeImprovement Exhibitions, The Exhibition with a life saving mission!


where Life finds quality BWC- Because We Care-Save the planet the only paredise we for sure! know.


Everything that lives is precious 

2023There are  more or less 8 billion people on this planet, more than half of which have a disease, diseases are regularly passed on to children, so your grandchildren are also at risck! Our body is maintained by our subconscious and forms a perfect unity, diseases! are created as a warning of our wrong lifestyle such as stress the use of coke, drugs, nicotine wrong and too much fat too much alcohol and a lack of movement  and real social contact,aswell wrong food

be prepared: follow the PosiMoWorld lifeImprovement Program!if you are also an experience expert share your experiences with posimo world!Because We Care!

Get fitter with Adriana Albitron

FitnAll NewYork

Fit n Wellness advisor PosiMoWorld Group

graduated in spichology and filesofy

the story

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