The power of the right state of mind

The right state of mind brings you in a flow! the dutch football team went through to the next round during a WC the opponent was the dreaded always swinging well footballing Brazil. everyone in the dutch team was under the impression of the much bigger looking opponent in the first half, the dutch seemed to be underfoot, there was an argument among the players and with a 2-0 deficit they broke the break with shame, football country Holland with the best football and players let themselves be dried off or had small children, 1 player shouted “is it the end of my career you let me stand alone like this? everyone woke up and proud where they came from Johan Ceuif’s country, they found each other in the despite the second half it seemed as if all the balls landed in the right places before the Netherlands and the Basilians had no more chance in the duels the Dutch scored three times and won the final which they lost against Spain which they had rather beaten in the tournament how you in getting the right flow is almost more impressive than how well you can play football, it’s the same with life, you always think that you can do something

somethimes We  Use  negativity to bring that extra inourself up

is a form of survival that we can all relate to, why not throughout life? prepair an train and start to believe in yourself it starts with taking the right food and water to drink! than move and think positive about keep these three propositions in mind: Calmness, Cleanliness and Regularity

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