Evidence how we all can and must change never gif up!

everyone experiences things that cannot be explained. we can fly and even go to the moon and beyond, but no one knows how our brains work? we know from experience that thoughts can break or make you or in my case maybe safed me of death? Or how I see it save a trip to the other side, really there is no one who can explain my story! explai? or give  me a reason  why I’m still alive, I didn’t go to church and I didn’t get down on my knees to Mecca, Be posimo eat and drink healty and move every day!look around and you see enough mistakes  around you like me your parant and granprent where sick from a wrong LifestyleI was lukysomething helped me!I have to accept not knowing ho or what I was 42 years old when i had a massive cerebral hemorrhage and lost everything i had built except my life got my consumptive diploma at an LTS my first job was in a grocery store behind the fruit and vegetable stall i earned extra money as a help cook in a pannekoekenhuis served as a proud dutch marine and trained with US Navy seals

at the age of 18 and got to see a lot of the world at work as manager of an ice rink and manager of a professional ice hockey team also introduced me to top sport after that i started my own company standbuilding and organizing Exhibitions than my life changed compleetly using a wheelchair for 18 years but I will never gif up! do you?

how to change yourself


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