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achieve this goal, we bring these communities together at LifeImprovementExhibitions in major citys all around the world and will award the PosiMoWorld Lifeimprovement quality mark to individuals and companies who are committed to the health, of  the planet, in the broadest sense of the word, so everything that lives can live health


we set up several LifeImprovement communtiys

We create different communities,with a Qr code registration one for world citizens – for E or $1.50 -or$1.50 11 Chinese Yuan, per member, and one for companies that strive for sustainability of their existence.E $ 15,-110 -Chinese Yuan  These communities are brought together at Life Emprovement Exhibitions all over the world, with the digibitions we bring all the companies visuble with a digibition promoted on the and visiuable on theinternet! 

We as a team are committed to now that humanity in the world realizes that the footprint we all leave behind is forced to adjust in order to ultimately secure life on this planet companies and people that adapt their life and business operations/ way of live and change to sustainable for a healthy planet and climate with the result to improve life, may present themselves to the world population at the Lifeimprovement

one for potential exhibitors, companies and services that consider health and sustainability in their company, products and/or services important and consider this as a marketing strategy.Digibitions will give them24/7 visebilety on the Internet.

One for world citizens who want to stay informed about the health of the world, and how they can contribute.

both communities will meet at Life Improvement Exhibitions around the world






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