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despite all the inconveniences,I use since April 2006  half paralyzed a wheelchair,  ButI’mstill alife here on this former paradise of a planet! it all gave me a mission



2006 I worked with my father Jan de Klerk (82) we   organize trade Exhibitions,  we bring companies and their customers  togheter and built stands and presentations for third parties, a special profession,  which you have to grow into, The beginning of my storyis that  my father had to start his pension on April 2006 I  received an order fore April 2006 for the construction and maintenance of over a hundred luxury business units for a large towage conference with exhibition in the World Trade Center Rotterdam for the organizer from London! My father left as planned for his residence in Rosas Spain to start his pension,he was not happy to leave at that moment  By car,It’s a two day trip where he always chooses to stay overnight in beautiful France.

2Without my father to asist me.I had hired Kim as my P.A. On our way to a customer I decided to inform kim about what she had to do during the building of the Exhibition And helping the exhibitors!. Kim had a great smile which helps in front of a busy week before an event for all participants when telling, it felt like a big spider came up from my lower back an trow my spine towards my head?slowly and almost calculable did the feeling crept up as if carefully choosing its path? when the feeling was in my neck, my left leg – arm and hand started to shake not knowing what happened I stepped hard on the clutch to park the car onto the grass strip next to the road! When the car stopped, Kim got out without a word and started to run towards two road workers. I also tried to get out? and yelled to kim when I stumbeled araund the car!she had to drive me straight to the nearest hospital when I tok place kim was already behind the wheel and we went off. it happend all in a vieuw seconds I did know the way,more or less than 15 minutes later we were on the parking lot of the hospital,I stepped out for fresh air and standing next of the car I saw two men in white coats came running toward us I thought! the road workers must have alarmed the hospital? from that moment it became black before my eyes, and did not feel me hitting the ground when I fell, unconscious! from that moment! When I opened my eyes I was in a hospital bed? my right hand was tied to the bed? I was not able to move or sit up totally disoriented. I did not know where I was and what to do, then I heard the voice of my father in the distance, he was sitting on the left side of the bed! It was comforting a nurche came to check on me and my father was aloud to speak to me and started to tell his side of the story,  weeks or even month later I was able to put everything together

3.When my father arrived in Rosas,after two days driving he  wanted to see how we where doing? worried for no reason! at all? he did not call by phone but  decided to get back in the car and drive back to Rotterdam to see how we were doing? at the World Trade Center with the congress.

again beack at home in Rotterdam Maybe 60 minutes later when  they received  a phone call! That I was in a hospital! When they arrived there the doctors planned to have a meeting. What to do?there was no hope for a normal life and will need a lot of care, so a lot of costs! My father saw my head almost explodingwhen he arived in the hospital and demanded an operation in a better equipped hospital. at wans a operation was planned in the Erasmus Mc and specialists wherecalled, I was broght still unconscious in a ambulance to the Erasmus hospital where they drilled two holes in my skull for drains to let the moisture and blood out between opperationson the intensive care I pult the drains two times out al still in a coma! So they had to operate on me again  very risky me being a diabetic  since I left the special forces the Dutsh Marines at 18 years of age so desperate they I tied my only working hand on to the bed every operation it was the question if I survived? My father constantly drove from the World trade Center to the Erasmus Hospital and back with Kim and my sister Pauline. The congress Exhibition went well, only I was deep in a coma! Where do you find a dad ? like that?I’m not ashamed to tell you I’m crying  

4.He managed to bring me in Rijndam Revalidatie center, which is called one of the best centers inEurope! despide a big waiting list der reputation is formed by the discipline the demand during the exercises, as a former Duch Marine I soon was allowed to train on my one pas i love Discipline my father organized a fundsayzing on our Exhibition People’s Business and was able to gif two new mercedes wheelchair fans for the use of Rijndam patients and there family to use , so they let me in 6 december I came home inafter a week I was given free play to train on my own preference of course at my own risk! a wheelchair my brother frank removed all rising floor parts  so I gut move trow my apartment  and fixed his banister from his hous to a wal in my living room, so I started to walking when holding the banister  with my home trainer  and walking everyday and training on my balcony I got better strengerestrongerMy half brother Dennis helps me a lot he shops and waschis for me

5.In Rijndam they wondered why my left leg was standing out and sent me to several hospitals to take x ray pictures. None of the specialists was able to find the reason why my leg stood like this? at home I decide to train and walk near  my banister at the and there was a closed and my wheeler I used sometimes in a split second I decided to put the wheeler in front of the cosed  I had to let go of the bannister and leave the wheeler when I turned to hold the banister again instead of that I fell backwards with my head hard on my wooden desk on my right hip! on the ground, the doctor that was called did sended me to a hospital to be sure? an x-ray showed my left hip was broken??? and an operation was planned  early  next morning, during the first controle meeting the specialist told us they had found tissue, the band that keep your legs join into your hip was hard and against my leg boon, he had to saw it awaybefore he put in a artofficial hip the result is that I can use my leg normal looking back  I stepped hard on the clutch and felt a heavy pain!  no one whas able to find the cose? the docter told me you can walk normal with a artofficial hip , we can not see tiseu on a exray  becouse it was broken we started to opperate!

6.two friends told me  independently about the law of attraction, i knew the strength you get from motivation and willpower as a former dutch marine, as a group with the same mission and so i started daily with affirmations

unsolicited predictions!?

Neliane a female friend i met in town came to visit me every two weeks. I had never seen her with a friend Man as long as I knew her, she laughed about it and said we’ll see when she came to visit she immediately cut my hair, which suited me very well! one day i decided to call her asking when she will come again because my hair is getting long, she says i just wanted to call you? i met a man and he was offered a job abroad and we decided to emigrate together! so I’m not coming for the time being ok I congratulated her and thought as a former Marine short hair is a must what now I thought, the first thing that came to my mind was to call the hairdresser of the rehabilitation center Rijndam! simone the owner answered the call she responded with I will pass by your apartment when I drive home so it suits me, two weeks later we had an appointment and, there was a bond right away! i told her that my rehabilitation was going so well, partly because i trained a lot and used the law of attraction and was setting up PosiMoWorld from that, for her the green light to tell me about her spiritual feelings and that she regularly said things that she felt and told people who had also come out i thought it was interesting but couldn’t do much at the time, she cleaned up and left my apartment, i sat at my desk and could see she didn’t close the door but a few seconds later came back in Tony I have to tell you something! and that is I let her know laconically no idea what she was referring to this one started with you will get better, you will only see something on your left leg when you walk you will get your business! and you will meet a blonde woman and you will go?????

 a view days later I saw on my linked in a blond woman how I sended a massage it was Adriana Albrton, I special was interested in the fact ze is the founder of FitnAll NewYorka great education and for me a match for me and PosiMoWorld she was interested and she even told me haar personal matters in Life I had to think about wat simone said and predicted! and used all for motivation to go on,everything looked to fit  in a perfect plan, she was in a devorice and had a boy I had had contact with a beautiful young motherfrom a very special girl and I had developed father feelings for the first time in my life movement and practice was the solution for me from the beginning after 14 years of exercise and training I walked independently with a lot of spasm in my left side in the kitchen I was well on my way, one morning I decided to walk past the banister in the room. put my wheelchair in the beginning and got up and walked with my right hand on the banister about 4 meters to the end where my rollator was in the way to be able to walk safely for another 2 meters! confidently and without thinking i put the walker away and want to grab the bannister again as if something was pulling me behind can’t explain it? i fell back with my head on my heavy wooden desk the nail that was there to hold my keys hanging scratched my neck and left a red streak? i fell on my right hip! after a few minutes of coming to my senses i crawled back to my wheelchair where my cell phone was! and called my father who lived above me, who came and called a doctor who had an ambulance come to have me checked in a hospital with x-rays in the harbor hospital photos were taken right away not much filter I was admitted and was admitted early planned an operation the next morning? what was the cause i got a new hip! my left hip??? was broken and had to be replaced with an artificial hip

7.Angala Ramos a beautiful home care worker often came to see me she helped me learn to walk and a friendship developed she knew me through and through I walked on her arm to the elevator and we walked down to the tree n the garden in front of my apartment that was sick and to whom I felt a connection and often imagined that we were both getting better

she and Marlaine a home care hurche from Suriname become friends and also vised me in hospitals, I love them both

the home care workers follow a set route and if you had to work on Saturday you did the same route on Sunday, on a Saturday someone came by that I had never seen, just that Saturday I take my first steps on my balcony. with the predictions and 14 years of training and practice I go to bed excited! at night I see images in my sleep, and the next morning I find it difficult to get into my wheelchair, I literally fall back on my bed. after some time i get into my wheelchair and again not knowing what happened i chat with my brother to tell what happened and my left leg felt strange? i also feel strange but was looking forward to start training again on the balcony at that time will the belik take home care? without looking I push open the door on the ground floor and open my front door of my apartment. I think about how I can forward the home care worker as soon as possible so that I can start walking and training, I hear the elevator coming up and wait in the hallway, the door opens but not the lady from Saturday I did not know entered but Angela? she looks at me and asks what’s wrong? I say the two sentences I intended! without saying anything Angela takes her phone and calls a doctor and walks upstairs to my father’s apartment. before I know it I’m back in an ambulance on my way to the Erasmus hospital, there after a first check they see that my blood pressure is too high and the scans show that I have had a TIA luckily for me also on my right side side so I could start again? my father told me during the first visit that it was a good thing I didn’t sleep at home because his water pipes had burst above my apartment and I had drowned in my bed? all my stuff was wet and broken, coincidence does exist? or not?I dont care! it saved my Life!in the days when voracious dinosaurs dominated life on this planeta meteorite came down on exactly a shallow piece of sea so that the dust that entered the atmosphere blocked the sunlight for weeks, life on earth disappeared, when sunlight came again new flora and founa was thus given all the space to develop as we can experience it today, for how long? We as humans destroy everything that lives!

8.e  all this leads to Life Improvement Exhibitions around the World companies that consider sustainability as their marketing strategy we present to the world population face to face trade exhibitons with  conferences and the internet by digibitions

I propose to continue living here and with 8 billion people now to clean up this paradise in a matter of weeks together with all the military power that is already there to defent all of us?I know the only thing we can do, so unify!


Welcome to posimoWorld My name is Anthonie de Klerk {Toon)de Klerk
we travel through the universe in search of life and a new place where we can live ?  while here on this paradise of a unique planet we destroy it all?short term thinking, by a old narcistic genaration

PosiMo stands for positive thinking Mo- Movement for health   Economic negative effects seem to be dissipating, now is the time to use what we have learned from our mistakes, countries are still threatening war and destruction? Diseases,ofthen cost by stress, stress and viruses are the greatest enemies of health in the future of us people, we must invest in life,I personally think after all i have been through that there is a positive energy mixed within the universe I call it “Life” we can connect with th it by thinking positively and help al that lives, we can now estimate that there are more stars and planets than grains of sand on this earth! do you need more proof?

our life a posimoworld a healthy world, I believe there is a positive energy within the universe I call it LIFE “Life” is unique in this universe when we go much further like this, noone will survife ,  so lets clean up the mess we made! with 8 billion people its possible to create a healthy future for all of us, join, posimoWorld Life Improvement,program

I CAN’T EXPLAINwhat happend! but The facts are there below!

-Special lifesaving experiences let me set up the PosinoWorld

LifeImprovement program!

with 8 billion people!

coordinated by naval ships from all countries and soldiers, we can and must now clean all seas and oceans. 

It’s a mission for us all,we are all brothers and sisters and responseble for a healthyPosiMo planet why is there a war between christians and muslims?both go to extremes?, while love and peace are central to their faith? ???,We all have to save all that lives  use your mind!Life is free it’s time for a PosiMoWorld and a modern believe with and about facts we can proof!


Oure objective is a modern healthy generation, on a healthy planet, this

with the lifeImprovement Program.LIFE IS “FREE” For all that lives this is the time to restore and start over !old beliefs and how people lived did not work!!! look arround you!

Really there is no one on this planet how knows what life is, so stop pretending! that you do! the power of the whole life concept! you are free to believe what you want!

WE ALL,MUST”CHANGE !!!and HELP others”



Really there is no one on this planet who knows what life is, we assume and still can see and experience , that this planet is the PARADIS! we are all looking for everything,Nature, life and our body  are so (seamlessly)created and connected  , only us humans the highest form of life some think? we all makes the Hell of it!, we really have everything already, but always want more???.we can allgo to the moon? or maybe mars?

I myself call the enerrgy whitin the universe Life! we can tell now that there are more stars  and planets than grains of sand on this unique planet, for so far we know  the only planet with Life,how many real miracles do you need? to believe there is a positive Energy within the universe and so you can see on the PosiMoWorld logo all around the World  so all that lives is in contact with? there is no one more special than others call them losers with a tooo big EGO. wake up!


There ar more stars and planet n the universe than grains of sant on earth? So far we know the only planet with life! All Life is precios.BWC

desert sunset

grains of sant

imagion that one grain of sant is the planet earth we live on!


and yet! old generations destroyed the balance of nature and  climaat  the     beliefs,with stupid and  crazy freights and even war shooting rockets on  harmless people??It’s embarrassing,how agressif . Before I was born  I myself missed the desk!., where you could  indicate who my parents were and what country they lived in? I don’t have a beautiful brown skin but have to pay a lot of money to get one on vacation at Aruba?I was sent as a , Dutch Marine to the caribbean island Curacao   my story proves there is something positive around us   we are allowed to use for free I have not had a bad luck with both of my parents now that I write this, I use a wheelchair wheel for now 17 years

                                The best father in the world!he taught us everything, and we continued in his footsteps, when he gos to the other side!

Jan de Klerk


Exhibition with a Mission


Where Life finds quality

My father He made and saved my life!




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