**stay positive**

posimo- think positive and move (live healthy & Exercise-(train) dayly)

due to several strokes I became totally paralyzed on the left side but strangely inexplicably remained alive and continued to train motivated on the way to recovery and do everything that is predicted! it’s a miracle I’m still alive

Ater 14 years of training I ran loose through my kitchen, because of a tia I could start all over 

everything that lives is unique never attack

or kill it aimlessly, but defend and proteced it, stay healthy

and move.


The economy, alcohol, nicotine and drugs that we, by many addicts maintain, kill many loved ones among us every day?


with the dinghy from the Netherlands to Curacao


once a proud Dutch Marine, a specially trained group of men both physically and mentally, again as a civilian I miraculously survived several strokes I became completely paralyzed on my left side, along the way I received unsolicited predictions, as if I was being was guided!more than 16 years of dayly training,

to this day I don’t know and don’t understand what happened, dear ones around me left unwillingly to the other side, I feel chosen for a special mission and the richest living man on earth

PosiMo-World -BWC – Because we Care

Everyone lives his life from his own truth which arises with what you have experienced and learned,as little children, we don’t ask our parents if what they teach you is true!-Look at the world today!, wake up-more than half of the world’s population has a disease and needs medication every day,chance your mindset, (your own brain).      BELIEVE IN WATH WORKS FOR YOU PERSONALY

With my diploma from the lower technical school in consumer technology I was able to start working as a cook, waiter, butcher etcetera and started in a supermarket behind the vegetable and fruit stand, but also the storage was my responsibility. heavy goods and krates of bottled sodas and beer I had to move frequently  and put them as high as possible to save space! on the weekends I started to work in a Pancake restaurant. The pans were so big and heavy I was not able to pick them up with both hands! on summer days  me and my chef started to bake at 12.00 to late in the afternoon  four pans each and later I also managed to use a hot pan with one hand and flip the pancake over in the air. the workout in the supermarket and in the pancake restaurant made me fyselekly  strong and when I had to fulfill my duty as a soldier, with my fathers education in business and the work I had done fyselekly  I was one of the small group how was able to go at the elite korps Marines and we were sent for 8 month to the caribbean  island Curacao We trained and exercised with French Marines and US Marines on the US Guam a helicopter carier with over a thousand men aboard I personally trained with a special pleton of Navy Seals I was just 18 and on the pacific ocean.

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