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After surviving a number of strokes and unexplained help with my rehabilitation, I was prompted to share the knowledge I gained along the way with the world and PosiMoWorld Life Improvement set up a program with specialists in their field we set up various communities 1 we bring these groups together at LifeImprovement Exhibitions all over the world with companies that produce sustainably and with global citizens.

during a Life Improvement Exhibition there is a cruise ship nearby where exhibitors can sleep and meet

benefits of

sustainable business and life

Market lead: the demand for sustainable companies is increasing. By actively working on sustainable business, you stay ahead of competitors.


Cost savings: sustainable entrepreneurship provides companies with financial benefits. For example, through innovations and higher productivity.


Stronger reputation: a company that takes the climate into account radiates responsibility both internally and externally.

Attractive to stakeholders: customers, employees, financiers and suppliers feel more involved in a sustainable company.


And of course better for the planet: business plays an important role in offsetting CO2 emissions. Sustainable entrepreneurship contributes to this.

We récemment the book in28 days to a new Life from Adriana Albritton for a new durable and healthy way of life 

the Exhibition present sustainable entrepreneurship and makes it accessible for the public face to face and on the internet 


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