The reason for BWC Posimoworld

the confluence of circumstances saved my life in april my father i worked with left for his home in rosas spain to start his retirement, a full two days travel he was not at ease because a big tugboat congress with exhition was planned in april was where we, our company had to build over a 100 luxury business units, i had hired a new PA Kim  Leeflang, and we where driving to a client, when I decided while driving to tell her what to expect during the congress and exhibition work , out of nowhere it looked like a spider was crawling up my spine from my lower back to my head, when it hit my neckand head, my left leg and hand started shaking and shaking uncontrollably, not knowing what was happening I kicked hard the clutch to put the car in the grass next to the road, when the car stopped, Kim got out and ran towards two road workers who were working right there. cutting bushes next to the road, I also tried to get out and called to Kim to drive me straight to the hospital, stumbling I reached the passenger side of the car and when I got in Kim was already behind the wheel we left direction Rotterdam, I could still give her directions on how to drive but kept dropping out 10 to 15 minutes later we drove into the parking lot of the hospital.

when i got out i saw two brothers from the hospital come running to our car, i fell on the ground next to the car, i didn’t feel like falling on the stones in coma from then on? when i opened my eyes


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