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All life on earth needs food  clean, oxygen, water, (light) and heat, life is free! rules are made by humans to protect themselves from each other.  We destroy everything on this planet including ourselves. Out of narcissistic behavior we need to change that immediately we pollute the seas and oceans and kill millions of trees a day, is there already someone who knows how to get around the planet can apply a layer of clean oxygen? come first with solutions our children are the victims of your life actions and thinking

The fact is that other people are the cause of your happiness or problems we have the freedom to choose everything in life. was free, until we turned everything into a revenue model

it is a miracle that no one has bought the sun yet? we are so full of ourselfs the sun is by far the greatest source of all life on earth.Who ever wrote or believed ?that we humans are the reason for the creation of the earth or even the entire universe must be disappointed to experience that we are the biggest problem!BUT we still have a choice!.together

protect the planet and all life, what is a car without a road a boat without water and a child without good healthy prospects? or WE without a healthy planet

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