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Welcome to PosiMoWorld Life ImprovementExhibitions Because We Care-communities, My name is Anthonie (Toon) de Klerk from Barendrecht Rotterdam. Holland.I have survived  several strokes and had inexplicable help in rehabilitating using the law of attraction the scents led me to set up PosiMoWorld Life Improvement Exhibitionswith, Because We Care communities if you like a healthy life in the future to? join us, let unify the world

After graduating in consumer technology I work in a supermarket behind the fruit and vegetable stand My father involved me in his work as a young boy: organizing trade fairs, after earning my second-hand moped as a cook in a pancake restaurant, I was approved by theElite Dutch Marine Corps and sent to the Caribbean island of Curacao for 8 months. from there we ran exercises with French Marines and I personally got the opportunity by chance? with a special Navy Seals unit, back in the Netherlands I became the right-hand man and manager of the Professional Rotterdam ice hocky team Pandas, after which I started my own company Toon Pro Design. My father joined me, with the idea of retiring in April 2006



my father is very intertwined with the port of Rotterdam When he was a school-age boy he borrowed his sister’s moped unsolicited to drive past the school to the entrance of the port in order to watch the ships arriving with cargoes from distant lands came, trade took place on the quay and that fascinated him the basis for Freight Selectl a successful new exhibition concept for shipowners and shipbrokers,Freight Select, He wanted to reteir, but now on the age of 82 he is working on a new trade fair Dijkes and Rivers




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