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Welcome My name is Anthonie de Klerk(Toon de Klerk)Athony Clark From Barendrecht Rotterdam – Holland. Founder ofPosiMoWorld Because We Care LifeImprovementAfter a more than interesting life, in which I learned a lot and graduated as a cook,  My first job was in a supermarket and then as an apprentice cook in a pancake restaurant,  Then approved by the eliteDutch Marine Corps and was deployed for 8 months on the Caribbean island of Curacou, where a number of exercises followed with French Marines and USA Marines on the helicopter carrierUS Qwam on the pasific ocean.I even trained with a special unit of Navy Seals, back home as Manager of a professional ice hocky team Than following my fathers footsteps Istarted my own company organizing international trade exhibitions and organizing company presentations, in short, bringing the right people together twice my life was inexplicably rescued  both times.Than using the law of atraction unexplicable things also happened from there it  leed me to PosiMo World Because We Care LifeImprovement program all this during and after the world was on fire due to climate change and corona and than a war I believe in the power of our mind and there is a positive intelligent energy in the universe what all that live is able to use. We can use it on a negative or positive way Life isfree, PosiMo stands for Positive thinking and movement, whe all need and want  to stay healthywe can all choose


The Cause

in April 2006 a large conference was planned in the World Trade Center Rotterdam where we as a company had to build over a hundred luxury business units for the accompanying exhibition and accompany the participants with their presentation, this for the organizer from London, a very valuable assignment for us.

Because We Care Life Improvement, My profession is, Istept in the footsteps of my father, bringing people together with the organization of exhibitions, he gave me a  education from of a young age, we are always focused on what goes around in daily life to be accurate and aware  for the need of necessary trade exhibitions, we worked together and we have a special bond, the unexplainable cause ofPosiMoWorld BWC Life Improvement    

1.OnApril 13 2006 My fatherJan de Klerk and his wifeLinda drove off from Rotterdam to their home in Rosas Spain to start with his weleurned retirement ,  This time driving went differently:

My father and I  thanWorking together we are close and He worried about leaving just before a big tugboat congress with a trade show in the World trade center Rotterdam, where our company had to build over a hundred luxurious business units and support the International exhibitors with their presentation, for the organizer from Londen.


On April 18 2007 Kim, my  new P.A. and I were driving to a customer inBarendrecht. a clear beautiful day. Soft smooth jazz in the background, and I started to tell Kim what she had to expect for the upcoming days,building the fair and supporting the Exhibitors.Kim had no experience at all in that field of work! And my father was on his way ! to Rosas Spain ! , 
Suddenly out of nowhere it was like a big spider walked slowly through my spine up from out my lower back upwards to my head!.When the feeling reached my neck and then my head, my left leg and arm started shaking uncontrollably , not knowing what was happening, and stopped talking. I stepped in a split second hard on the clutch to park the car next to the road into the gras! What gave me a heavy pain in my left groin? When the car stopped Kim stepped out without questioning?  and ran towards two road workers who were cutting trees near the road right there? I also stepped out and stumbled around the car. and yelled to Kim to drive me straight to the nearest hospital. When I took place in the car Kim was already behind the wheel and seconds later we were on our way to the hospital.  I was still able to give directions. A couple of minutes later we drove into the parking lot of the hospital, and parked. I stepped out, saw two male nurses run toward us? the road workers must have alarmed the hospital?Then it became black before my eyes and fel near the car.I never felt  hitting the ground, unconscious at that moment!,

.When I opened my eyes I was dizzy and not aware where I was and what had happened. minutes later it became clear, I was laying in a hospital bed ? Strangely, my right hand was tied to the bed and by traying to move! the left side of my body did not work. I was not able to move, a tired feeling kept me also down, Then I heard my father’s voice? It was comforting!I had no idea of the place or time, girls in white coats  came to check on me and my father. who sat left from my bed was given permission to speak , to tell me his side of the story, what happened?I still remember this moment,  like it was yesterday. I’m Proud and happy that that men is my father.





.When they arrived  in Rosas and where there maybe a few hours They stepped back in the car to drive back to Rotterdam? to see how we were doing at the congress and fair. ! Just at home in Rotterdam Again, they received a phone call. I was hospitalized, when they walked in the hospital  they were told the doctors were not able to operate on me  and They  wanted to start a meeting to decide what to do. My father saw I was in deep trouble. My head was swollen tremendously and he reacted furious and demanded an operation in a better equipped hospital immediately! People who know him better can be very convincing when he wants something, his neck swells and head gets red no matter how you think you are  .Everything must step aside. The Erasmus MC was called in another part of town and specialists gendered for operation! I was broth by ambulance in a  coma to the Erasmus hospital  and directly operated on, they drilled two drains in my skull to let the moisture and blood out from a heavy brain hemorrhage than when I was on the IC after the operation I pulled twice both the drains out ?when I was still in a coma! so they had to  operate on me several times and desperately tied my only still working right hand to the bed! I survived because of my fathers reaction. He , my sister Paulien and Kim handheld the congress and exhibition like nothing happened. my father driving constantly from the world trade center to the hospital and backLinda was there with me but unaware  I kept asking for My father.

  After a few days I was allowed to go to a revalidation center. My father visited some in Rotterdam and ended up at the Rijndam Revalidation center, one of the best in Europe because of the discipline  they required during the exhercise ! but there was a big waiting list! My father went to the CEO and told him that he would have a fundraiser during an upcoming People’s business event we are organizing ! and I was allowed to get in! As a former Marine I felt like a  vich in water and soon I was allowed to train on my own paas  with the money from the fundraising he both two mercedes fans for wheelchairs for the patients and family of Rijndam to use. 

6 decemberI came home in a wheelchair two  friends told me separately about the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking!

in business, and as a former MarineI had experience in that field and started to use it.Alone at home in a wheelchair I created an idea for when I was better 

On a Dutch social media site I reacted  on a female account with no pictures? when she had  accepted me a kind response followed. I told her my situation and still a nice reactions she chatted  me her father had something like this I think a TIA also one time and told me to ask here girlfriends to contact me to it felt like being reborn as being back alive I liked life and chatting with them It made me stronger, then two girls asked me to contact a young single mother and so I did, we connected and one day here young dochter answers on skype chat the following contacts with Edmee were so kind that I created father feelings I never had had, she had !no father around and I started to  feel I must and wanted to help her, it turned out mom was very nice too and my type! and tan the sjesture that we will go to paris when I became better she is a physiotherapist and I said ok but than we take your little dochter with us and go to EuroDisney when agreed I walked every day   1.30 minutes on my trandmail the feeling of responsibility did mirakels and I would had made it  bud mom met a  guy he did ask her to marry her and yes! in Euro Disney!!I’m happy for them, the little girl having a father. 


I must mention that the home care and the care in Holland is very good one day I got introduced to someone new at homecare, Angala, a beautiful sportive  mother of two children from the capverdien. There was a clickI from of the first moment itfeld she was very professional and caring. In Rijndam my eyes started to get dry eyes? I was even told I became blind!  At home it became wurs, working on the computer I could not see what I was typing. After I saw a program of side effects from medicine Angela and I looked at my medicine 12 tablets a day? I was shockedI wanted to get better and not die! and yes, ILike I suspected one medicine was bad for my tear fluid! I called my doctor and told him that I would not take any medicine  no more,his advice was to take slowly one pil les every day from a medicine and he was ok with it  strangely from that moment my eyes get slowly recovered  and I felt stronger than ever before before

I started walking again with consicwetses !

 Qn a Saturday morning a homecare nurse came. I did not know that  afternoon while I was training I walked my first step free and went to bed pretty excited after 14 years training and having to use a wheelchair and with the predictions you can imagine how I felt!

Sunday morning   strangely I could not get in my wheelchair from out bed? and fell back on the bed? My left leg felt strange and after a while  I managed to get in my wheelchair and went straight to my computer to chat with my brother Dennis to tell him I felt strange! knowing the same lady from home care would come I decided not to tell her anything and wanted to train again on the will pass  was my idea?On my way to the balcony door the doorbell rang. Not looking how it was in front of the door down on the main floor I opened it and unlocked the apartment front door. I heard the elevator coming up and in my mind I rehurst what I was going to tell her so she  left! I waited in the hallway, still a bit dessy the front door of the apartment opened! and how came in?not the homecare I did not know stepped in but “Angela”? she looked at me and asked what was going on? I told her my  line that everything was fine! she immediately takes hear phone and calls a doctor and walked to the apartment of my father right above mine, the doctor came  and Linda and father, 10 minutes later I was again in a ambulance on my way to the Erasmus hospital, there they saw my blood pressure was too high and on a scan they saw I had had a Tia after resurge it was clear for me I had to start all over again. That evening my father and Linda came to visit me  with the besar  massage. My whole apartment was flooded  because the pipelines at my father above me burst open! He said If you  had slept in your bed, you would have drowned. The Tia was also on the right side, so my left side was paralized again. From there I went to a different revalidation center and learned a lot about care and met nice people and nursing staff. my respect goes to the doctors specialists and nurses  because they care and we must take care of them and appreciate their effort  






You will get your new compagnie, Recover completely butwhen you walk,there is something to see something at your left leg? the doctors are able to fix what. you will meet a  woman and when you are better you two will go crazy {translated) 

A lovely female friend Neliane visits me every two weeks She is caring and cuts my hair a lovely positive lady with a signature infectious smile who works in the makeup industry and I often get perfume and new testers sitting in my wheelchair, I get a haircut, which is important to me as a proud former Dutch Marine. aShort and fresh haircut, the orders were at least the ears free. My father taught me when you wake up you go brush your teeth and shave you immediately feel better, my mother was hairdresser and the motto was make sure you always take care of it and walk neatly so you forget your challenges and start a new day fresh, work and buy things that you can use and make you feel better, such as clothes and a good nice car! it doesn’t matter what others think, my father let me experience everything in my life where I could learn the lessons that are important to me. My parents never forced anything on me, only I had to go to Sunday school because my grandma wanted that. I like everyday life much more interesting today. Why do I have to assume what people believed at a time when they also thought the earth was flat and women with the now ideal size 36 burned alive because superstitious people believed they were witches. Now I know that all life on this planet is free and needs each other to survive the several years I knew Neliane, she was not in a relationship! and just before I expected her again because my hair was too long she called to say she wasn’t coming? she had met someone he had been offered a job abroad from work and she immigrated with him right away ok i was happy for hair and it occurred to me that I had to look for a hairdresser, my first thought was to call Rehabilitation center Rijndam I had a haircut there one time in the salon and I called if she also cut people at home a friendly lady answered the phone and immediately told me that if she drove home with the car she drove past my house so a haircut appointment was no problem a week later we had an appointment Simone the owner of the salon in Rijndam and I immediately had a good feeling and I told how I was doing and that I was setting up PosiMoWorld and successfully using the law of attraction what prompted her to tell that she had already know and had given several predictions that had come true we listened to each other while my hair was cut when she was done i sat down at my computer and she cleaned up the cut hair. when she left the apartment i saw that she didn’t close the door but came back in seconds later not knowing what was going on she told tony i have to tell you something? and that is i reacted laconically not knowing where this was going , you will get all better you get your business and you meet a blond woman where  you go wild with, One day i got into my father’s car and my rollator was put away in the trunk we drove to the chamber of commerce to register posino, we parked in the parking garage of the old building and i had to take the rollator to the elevator walking with many obstacles above we registered PosiMo Intermedia and immediately got the registration certificate weeks later I was collecting as many friends as possible which was a daily activity for me in addition to training a lot I do, as a former Marine I believe that movement and positivity are the are key to my recovery hence also PosiMo positivity and movement! I saw that a nice blond lady had accepted my friend request, on further investigation she turned out to be working in the fit and wellness industry a thought for collaboration for PosiMo went straight through me and wrote her a message against better judgment beautiful woman don’t react on Internet to strange men surprisingly she did respond and I wrote her about my work and plans with PosiMo but also about my situation if I was healthy and as before she would have been the perfect match with her education experience and work, if this happened then all predictions will come true I later after some time she has broken off contact and I am considered crazy by many people But I will Never gif Up a Marine thing  4during my stay in the rehabilitation center Rijndam my eyes became drier and it was even said that I was going blind. when I started PosiMo at home I could use the computer screen and keyboard and see if I was forced to my eyes dripped me duratears (fake tears) this one bottle a day After seeing a replay on television about the side effects of drugs I watched together with a home care employee to my 12 types of medicines that I had to take every day I was so shocked that I called my doctor that I was going to stop taking all the medicines 1 of them deteriorated my tear fluid was literally on the leaflet the days after I became stronger and went see better when I was training and practicing on a Friday I walked safely within reach of the mounted stair loan on my balcony my first steps again what an emotional event after 14 years in a wheelchair,  on saturday someone came from homecare I never had seen so I was unable to share my happyness 5on a weekday i decide to practice walking and put my wheelchair in the corner at the beginning of the wall mounted railing i can pull myself up to the hip height mounted railing and walk past it at the end my walker is next to the closet where the banister ends in a split second I decide to put the walker aside in front of the closetI had already walked without any support and confidently I put the walker in front of the closet and had to let go of the banister, when I turned back to grab the rail again I fell backwards uncontrollably with my head on my heavy wooden desk The nail that I managed to hang keys on my neck just next to a vein I landed on my right hip after a few seconds of recovery I crawled to my wheelchair with my phone in it. my left leg and hip felt heavy? my father who came down when I called a doctor just to be sure the doctor called an ambulance and minutes later pictures were taken and I was already told at the outpatient clinic that my left hip was broken and that there was an operation scheduled early the next strangely enough I woke up during the surgery and heard an electric saw? after I fell asleep again I woke up in the recovery room the surgeon immediately came to me with the message that everything went well but that during the first check-up appointment had to tell me during the surgery for an artificial hip he found a hardened tissue that was attached to my leg bone which he had to saw away: Conclusion if I hadn’t fallen, I wouldn’t have been able to walk well for the rest of my life! the excruciating pain when I depressed my clutch and the many hospital photos of my hip and couldn’t find   I too can’t explain it though it seems to have been chosen and my life here has one more reason unfinished business my mother uncle nephew and several friends left their bodies and left for the other side of the universe. also i don’t know but try to apologize for everything i haven’t done the great thing is that anyone can believe what they want never take what you believe into your own hands there are way too many fights over something no one knows! like me look at life personally look at how our bodies are put together dab must be special with the feeling that your awareness of the people you have hurt or killed are there too? i would be ashamed of myself! life is free and you are responsible for your actions

every day I got a visit from home care to see how I was doing! a nice change from the day if you are in a wheelchair and i appreciated it

4.Angela Ramos is a beautiful attractive woman from Cape Verdeen worked at home care Rotterdam from the moment she came to my house we had a special click, it did me good she even made time to let me practice walking and so I walked next to her holding her arm and go to  to the tree in front of my balcony quite an operation for me I trusted her completely and she came regularly after seeing a program on television about the side effects of medicines Angela and I looked at my medication on the internet my eyes became drier and drier in Rijndam did a nurse tell me i was going blind? a way of thinking

If I had to choose between rehabilitating for a few more years or going blind, I would have chosen rehab!

the decision was made for me!from Rijndam I unsolicited in a special way unsolicited a number of predictions, some of which have already come true and I believe them, then I inexplicably fall on my right hip and break my left during the operation they find something and saw it from my left hip something that left my leg out and i would never have been able to walk normally if i hadn’t fallen and had surgery then going blind that kept me from taking my blood pressure meds got a tia and now starting again in a nursing home near my family and all my private belongings are gone due to a flood the night I was hospitalized

that is possible for misguided diabetics, I had a heavy brain haemorrhage but my diabetes did not bother me, when looking at my medication it became clear that a muscle relaxant was affecting my tears I was so shocked by all the side effects that I called my doctor and indicated that I wanted to get better, and not sick or blind so I stopped all medication. on a saturday morning a nurse from home care came whom i had never seen and therefore did not know, the ladies are on a weekend shift on saturday afternoon i take my first steps on the balcony i was emotional after 14 years in a wheelchair go to sleep excited. the next morning i am unable to make the trnsfair from bed in my wheelchair, i fall back on my bed??after some effort i succeed and drive to my computer to chat to my youngest brotherDennis that i felt but I wanted to train on the balcony and assumed that if I trained it would pass. I also decided not to say anything to the home care nurse so that she could immediately continue with her route, and just before I want to drive into the kitchen to the door of the balcony, the doorbell rings without looking, I open the downstairs door and opened the front door from the apartment and wait in the hallway so I can direct her right away I hear the elevator coming up and wait for the door to welcom her, strangely enough, the lady I didn’t know enters but Angela? she asks right away what’s going on? when I started my story with that everything went well! took her phone without question and called a doctor after which she went upstairs to call my father and Linda 15minutes later I was transported in an ambulance to the Erasmus hospital there it could be seen on the scan that I had had a TIA due to the high level blood pressure after various examinations I was admitted again and had to stay in hospital I soon noticed that my left side had been hit again and after those 14 years I could start my rehabilitation after another night half paralyzed in the hospital, my father told during his visit that the water pipes in his apartment had broken and my apartment was full of water, my sofa bed everything was broken and wet In relative terms, he indicated You had drowned if you had slept at home! i went from rehabilitation center to a nursing home in my birth place Barendrecht with a single room then corona broke out and i was immediately injected and continued to train for months working in my room the PosiMo concept formed after which the senseless war breaks out in Help from famelie is priceless after getting a Tia and my apartment was no longer habitable due to the water damage

through the second rehabilitation center I ended up in a single room in nursing home Borgstede in my native village Barendrecht there is a banister in the kitchen where I train daily besides that I have come up with a cardio exercise that I can do every day lying in bed My dear aunt Mia lives a few minutes away from me and comes to visit me every saturday my half brother Dennis also lives nearby is very responsible and washes my clothes and goes shopping every week and checks my mail priceless all i can fully focus on posimo and training My father and Linda now also live in Barendrecht where he was born




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