really there is no one on earth who knows what life and death is



I myself and no one else can explain my story”The Cause” and give it its own explanation myself I hope that many people become less superstitious and start to enjoy the short time they can be here on earth experience the good feeling of helping and defending all that is alife 

nobody wants to go to the  other side  that moment is random for everyone,  before you know it its ofer for them how stay behind you can believe what you want where their mind and concieus are on the other side somewhere in the universe! Relly there is no one on this planet how knows wath life is this so nobody can help you. This willgood by have to find a place in your hart Assume that their mind and consciousness is somewarein the universe.Tthe beautiful thing is that no one knows what life is you yourself can and may believe where they  are! think positive and help yourself by helping all that lives AS LONG YOU ARE HERE help the posimoworld BWC Program

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