before I was born I missed the registration desk which form of life to choose, in which country and who my parents would be yet there are people who think and believe that this planet was made for them and suppress the fact that we are the biggest problem on this unique planet can be described in one word we are narcistisch

e fluid containing sperm cells produced by males. In mammals, including humans, semen is released from the penis during ejaculation (ejaculation). The sperm cells are produced in the testes and mature in the epididymis. In human ejaculation, semen contains 1 to 3% sperm cells. The rest is fluid from the prostate and seminal vesicles. Sperm cells are also called sperm cells.

An ejaculation is usually accompanied by an orgasm, but an orgasm and ejaculation are different phenomena. About 3 to 5 ml of semen (a thimble full) is released per ejaculation, which normally contains between 100 and 200 million sperm cells. There are about 20 to 50 million per milliliter.from this amaut of cells you are a winner

Sperm cells that remain in epididymis –

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