we all have spiritual connections

through our consciousness and subconsciousness we live two lives one that we ourselves think consciously and we have  a spiritual subconscious, our subconscious maintains the 5 to 7 trillion cells that make up our body we humans are also animals, however we no longer use our instincts, mothers or parents feel unconsciously what their children are going through, The universe is everywhere and between us, it unconsciously connects us a fact that no one can ignore some people feel more than others and even feel what is subconsciously about to happen! like animals seem to sense it’s going to rain! dogs that feel that their owner is sickwhether there is danger of a subamie or an earthquake on the way? o there is danger orwe need help and the dog offerunconditionaly help. only humans use relgions or depent on exonomics to determen how and wath they are, to be happy or help others

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