Really there is no one on this planet who knows what life is and where our consciousness comes from or goes to?

Personally I believe, so also not knowfor sure!, but after all inexplicable events that have happened to me that there must be an intelligent energy housed in the universe let me substantiate this with the question, how exactly do the sun and the moon get exactly in those places after the theoretical big bang theory.? The sun not too close so that we & life on earth does not burn and not too far away so that life does not freeze? the sun is by far the greatest source of energy for life on this unique planet!

there is something, is what many feel and think, but fortunately there is no one on this planet who knows what life is we can describe it and observe how special this phenomenon is


after I got home from the rehabilitation centerin a wheelchair a female friend came to visit me every two weeks she worked in the perfumery branch and also did cut my hair right away Neliane was single for the years I knew her? one day just before she was due to come back she called and told me she wasn’t coming? she had met someone and he had been offered work abroad and they decided to emigrate together??? after I realized it well the question was who was going to cut my hair at home in a wheelchair? My first thought was to call the hair salon in Rijndam and ask if they also came to people’s homes?

at home a friendly lady answered the phone and immediately told me that if she drove home with the car she drove past my house so a haircut appointment was no problem a week later we had a appointment Simone the owner of the salon in Rijndam and I immediately had a good feeling and I told how I was doing and that I was setting up PosiMoWorld and successfully using the law of attraction what prompted her to tell that she had already knownand had given several predictions that had come true we listened to each other while my hair was cut when she was done i sat down at my computer and she cleaned up the cut hair. when she left the apartment i saw that she didn’t close the door but came back in seconds later not knowing what was going on she told tony i have to tell you something? and that is i reacted laconicallyI not knowing where this was going , you will get compleetely  better you, get your business and you meet a blond woman ?, and I did!

One day i got into my father’s car and my rollator was put away in the trunk we drove to the chamber of commerce to register posino, we parked in the parking garage of the old building and i had to take the rollator to the elevator walking with many obstacles above we registered PosiMo Intermedia and immediately got the registration certificate weeks later I was collecting as many friends as possible which was a daily activity for me in addition to training a lot I do, as a former Marine I believe that movement and positivity are the are key to my recovery hence also PosiMo positivity and movement! I saw that a nice looking blond lady had accepted my friend request, on further investigation she turned out to be working in the fit and wellness industry a thought for collaboration for PosiMo went straight through me and wrote her a message against better judgment beautiful woman dont react on Internet to strange mensurprisingly she did respond and I wrote her about my work and plans with PosiMo but also about my situation if I was healthy and as before she would have been the perfect match with her education experience and work, if this happened then all predictions will come true I later after some time she has broken off contact and I am considered crazy by many people But I will Never gif Up a Marine thing

from how it went so that i would meet simone and get the prophecies along with my inexplicable survivals that it was set up to happen i atleast draw a lot of strength from it which helps

me to carry on

is it also a coincidence that a meteoharite falls to earth from space exactly on a shallow piece of sea while there are thousands of square kilometers of oceans with depths of hundreds of meters, the metehorrite brings so much dust, sand and rock into the atmosphere that there is no sunlight falls on the earth and plants and trees die after which the voracious dinosaurs slowly die out


as far as I know now no one got better after a massive brain haemorrhage and then also a few more TIA’sfollowed after the predictions but  i still believe in it. where our brain believes in our body will folow, and I going to proof it as a Diabetic being positif and move

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