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Welcome my name is Toon de Klerk Anthonie Clarck from Barendrecht Rotterdam Holland-my profession is bringing people together, with  fairs

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The cause for creating

and LifeImprovement trade fairs

is there such a thing as predestined coincidence?



1April 13 2006 My fatherJan de Klerk and his wife Linda drove off from Rotterdam to enjoy his retirement in their home in Rosas Spain, a full two

two day drive, it went differently now at the age of 82 he still works daily on his often new trade fairs and helps me creating my mission

working togheter we are close and He worried leeaving just before a big congress with a trade show where we had to build over a hundred business units and support the exhibitors for the oorginizer from Londen.

2April 18 2006 Kim, my  newP.A. and I were on our way to a customer inBarendrecht. A beautiful day. Soft smooth jazz on the background in  the car and I started to tell Kim what she had to expect for the upcoming days,building the fair and supporting the Exhibitors.Kim had no experience at all in that field of work! And my father was on his way ! to Rosas Spain  , Suddenly out of nowhere it was like a big spider walked through my spine up from out my lower back upwards to my head.When the feeling reached my neckand head, my left leg and arm started shaking uncontrollably , not knowing what was happening I stepped hard on the clutch to park the car next to the road into the gras! What gave me a heavy pain in my left groin? When the car stopped Kim stepped out without a word and ran towards two road workers who were cutting trees near the road right there? I also stepped out stubeling araundand yelled to Kim to drive me straight to the nearest hospital and stumbled around the car. When I took place in the car Kim was already behind the wheel and seconds later we were on our way to the hospital and I was still able to give directions.  minutes later we drove into the parking lot of the hospital, I stepped out and saw two male nurses run toward us? the road workers must have had alarmed the hospital? it became black before my eyes and fel near the car,I never felt me hitting the ground unconscious at that moment!,


When I opened my eyes I was dizzy and not awhere I was? I was laying in a hospital bed not aware of what was going on at all??? Strangely, my right hand was tied to the bed and the left side of my body did not work. I was not able to move, a tierd feeling kept me down, Then I heard my father’s voice? It was comforting! Nurches came to check on me and my father? who sat left from my bed was given permission to speak! , to tell me his side of the story, what happened?I still remember this  days afther        

When my father arrived in Rosas and was there maybe a view hours They stepped back in the car to drive back to Rotterdam? to see how we were doing at the congress and fair. ! Just at home in Rotterdam Again, they received a phone call. I was hospitalized  with not much more information, when they walked into the hospital department I was at that time the doctors were not able to operate on me there and They  wanted to start a meeting to decide what to do. My father saw  that my head was swollen tremendously and reacted furious and demanded an operation in a better equipped hospital immediately! People who know him better can be very convincing when he wants something no matter how you think you are  . The Erasmus MC was called and specialists gendered for an operation! I was broth by ambulance in a deep coma to the Erasmus hospital  and directly operated on, they drilled two drains in my skull to let the moisture and blood out from a heavy brain hemorrhage than when I was on the IC after the operation I pulled twice both the drains out when I was in a coma! they had to  operate on me several times and desperately tied my only still working right hand to the bed!   


You’re still alive, that’s what I hear myself think more and more,after almost 17 years of rehabilitation using a wheelschair,everything will be fine!. You will heal compleetly,  you’ll get your business, and you meet a nice  blond woman, you’re going crazy,togheter. You only see something on your left leg when you walk, the doctors be able to fix


3A lovely female friend Neliane visits me every two weeksShe is caring and cuts my hair a lovely positive lady with a signature infectious smile who works in the make up industry and I often get perfume and new testers sitting in my wheelchair, I get a haircut, which is important to me as a proud former Dutch Marine. aShort and fresh haircut, the orders were at least the ears free. My father taught me when you wake up you go brush your teeth and shave you immediately feel better, my mother was hairdresser and the motto was make sure you always take care of it and walk neatly so you forget your challenges and start a new day fresh, work and buy things that you can use and make you feel better, such as clothes and a good nice car! it doesn’t matter what others think my father let me experience everything in my life where i could learn the lessons that are important to me my parents never forced anything on me only i had to go to sunday school because my grandma wanted that. i like everyday life much more interesting today why do I have to assume what people believed at a time when they also thought the earth was flat and women with the now ideal size 36 burned alive because superstitious if they were then believed they were witches. Now I know that all life on this planet is free and needs each other to survive

the several years I knew Neliane, she was not in a relationship! and just before I expected her again because my hair was too long she called to say she wasn’t coming? she had met someone he had been offered a job abroad from work and she immigrated with him right away ok i was happy for hair and it occurred to me that I had to look for a hairdresser, my first thought was to call Rehabilitation center Rijndam I had a haircut there one time in the salon and I called if she also cut people at home a friendly lady answered the phone and immediately told me that if she drove home with the car she drove past my house so a haircut appointment was no problem a week later we had an

appointment Simone the owner of the salon in Rijndam and I immediately had a good feeling and I told how I was doing and that I was setting up PosiMoWorld and successfully using the law of attraction what prompted her to tell that she had already knownand had given several predictions that had come true we listened to each other while my hair was cut when she was done i sat down at my computer and she cleaned up the cut hair. when she left the apartment i saw that she didn’t close the door but came back in seconds later not knowing what was going on she told tony i have to tell you something? and that is i reacted laconically not knowing where this was going , you will get all better you get your business and you meet a blond woman where  you go wild with,

One day i got into my father’s car and my rollator was put away in the trunk we drove to the chamber of commerce to register posino, we parked in the parking garage of the old building and i had to take the rollator to the elevator walking with many obstacles above we registered PosiMo Intermedia and immediately got the registration certificate weeks later I was collecting as many friends as possible which was a daily activity for me in addition to training a lot I do, as a former Marine I believe that movement and positivity are the are key to my recovery hence also PosiMo positivity and movement! I saw that a nice blond lady had accepted my friend request, on further investigation she turned out to be working in the fit and wellness industry a thought for collaboration for PosiMo went straight through me and wrote her a message against better judgment beautiful woman dont react on Internet to strange mensurprisingly she did respond and I wrote her about my work and plans with PosiMo but also about my situation if I was healthy and as before she would have been the perfect match with her education experience and work, if this happened then all predictions will come true I later after some time she has broken off contact and I am considered crazy by many people But I will Never gif Up a Marine thing 

4When I watched the side effects of my medicines with a home care employee through and repetition on TV, it turned out that a medicine was blinding my tear fluid quality a sister in Rijndam had told me because I was diabetic I became blind because of my mistrust about my medicines I found out myself that they gave me a lot of bad side effects and was so shocked that I decided not to use anymore


5on a weekday i decide to practice walking and put my wheelchair in the corner at the beginning of the wall mounted railing i can pull myself up to the hip height mounted railing and walk past it at the end my walker is next to the closet where the banister ends in a split second I decide to put the walker aside in front of the closetI had already walked without any support and confidently I put the walker in front of the closet and had to let go of the banister, when I turned back to grab the rail again I fell backwards uncontrollably with my head on my heavy wooden desk The nail that I managed to hang keys on my neck just next to a vein I landed on my right hip after a few seconds of recovery I crawled to my wheelchair with my phone in it. my left leg and hip felt heavy? my father who came down when I called a doctor just to be sure the doctor called an ambulance and minutes later pictures were taken and I was already told at the outpatient clinic that my left hip was broken and that there was an operation scheduled early the next strangely enough I woke up during the surgery and heard an electric saw? after I fell asleep again I woke up in the recovery room the surgeon immediately came to me with the message that everything went well but that during the first check-up appointment had to tell me during the surgery for an artificial hip he found a hardened tissue that was attached to my leg bone which he had to saw away: Conclusion if I hadn’t fallen, I wouldn’t have been able to walk well for the rest of my life! the excruciating pain when I depressed my clutch and the many hospital photos of my hip and couldn’t find anything because it turns out it was tissue that left my leg standing out


6my story started in 2006 and i was going to prove that you can achieve a lot with movement and positivity, and was creating this magazine for humans this fact is nothing compared to what we humans are doing to this planet if we don’t change there is no reason for me to get better! we can all give up now or make the choice to do something about it help yourself, wake up





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