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Realy there is No one on this planet how knows wat life is

My father got up early got me out of bed as a baby changed and washed me and laid me in bed with my waking mother he washed himself while i drank my first milk by my mother proud of their first child and son he withdrew to his work. the bond between parents and children is special and has unprecedented forms!

Your life and how you live, will develop for the most part on the way you have “learned” to think,it’s even genetically by far our parents and grandparents but now to day


the media have a major influence on our well-beging,there for I want to motivate the world on the internet with facts and by my couple stay alive events  life events my/ knowledge with this magazine and comunities to promote a lifeimprovement Army and show the power of positive thinking, not only talk but act we all must unify join and start acting. This all under the name PosiMoWorld Life Improvement. No one likes change but now is the time we have  to.  change for our survival and that of nature,there are too many countries with all their economic interests PosiMoWorld is independent and strives to improve all life on this unique paneet we all need to take action if you are looking for competition as a country or nation sign up and show the world how good you are at inproving and defending life I feel chosen to do this for life


 April 13 2006, my fatherJan de Klerk (then 65) drove off.from Rotterdam with his wife Linda to their house in Rosas Spain, to start his well earned retirement its a two day drive staying one night over in France, He loves to drive, espasially, to Rosas ,time to think, Often about new exhibitions ideas and concepts! 

 A couple of years before I started my one company with my brother Frank Toon ProDesign & building stands and presentations for individual companies on fairs, later on also organizing fairs together with our father, The  work he taught us and we followed in his footsteps,  after Frank decided to work as a mechanic where he has a diplomas in, my father  joined me.With the idea for him to slow down?and retire  but togetherWe successfully developed  a nice luxury new kind of  concept for the transport market called “Feight select”” . Two generations of organizing trade fairs and we supported  companies with whatever they needed on trade fairs, from a hostess, company house style to a complete custom made designed stand. In all we do, the comfort of our customers and their clients have the highest priority. In that way we are uniek     my father  raised me from a young age(6) to follow in his footsteps.  This time driving to Rosas was different?  He was worried about leaving before an upcoming Congress and fair concerning theTugboat industry  with an International congress in the World Trade Center Rotterdam, a big order for a trade fair  where we had to build over a hundred luxurious business units and give support to the exhibitors for an organizer from Londen. 



extremely Lucky and proud my father is my father!

Everything in life has a reason 

April 18 2006 Kim, my new assistant and I were on our way to a customer. A beautiful day. Soft smooth jazz in the background of the car and I started to tell Kim what she had to expect for the upcoming days,building the fair and supporting the congress.Kim had no experience at all in that field of work! And my father was on his way ! to Rosas Spain  , Suddenly out of nowhere it was like a big spider walked through my spine up from out my lower back upwards to my head.When the feeling reached my neck, my left leg and arm started shaking uncontrollably , not knowing what was happening I stepped hard on the clutch to park the car next to the road into the gras! What gave me a heavy pain in my left groin? When the car stopped Kim stepped out without a word and ran towards two road workers who were cutting trees near the road right there? I also stepped out and yelled to Kim to drive me straight to the nearest hospital and stumbled around the car. When I took place in the car Kim was already behind the wheel and seconds later we were on our way to the hospital and I was able to give directions. When It looked like I was starting to pass out.Kim was yelling stay with me stay with me a couple minutes later we drove into the parking lot of the hospital, I stepped out and saw two male nurses run toward us? the road workers must have alarmed the hospital? it became black before my eyes and fel near the car,I never felt me hitting the ground unconscious at that moment!,


When I opened my eyes I was dizzy and in a hospital bed not aware of what was happening??? Strangely, my right hand was tied to the bed and the left side of my body did not work. I was not able to move. Then I heard my father’s voice? It was comforting! Nurches came to check on me and my father? who sat left from my bed was given permission to speak! , to tell me his side of the story, what happened?       

When my father arrived in Rosas and was there maybe a view hours They stepped back in the car to drive back to Rotterdam? to see how we were doing at the congress and fair. ! Just at home in Rotterdam Again, they received a phone call. I was hospitalized  with not much more information, when they walked into the hospital department I was at that time the doctors were not able to operate on me there and They  wanted to start a meeting to decide what to do. My father saw  that my head was swollen tremendously and reacted furious and demanded an operation in a better equipped hospital immediately! People who know him better can be very convincing when he wants something no matter how you think you are  . The Erasmus MC was called and specialists gendered for an operation! I was broth by ambulance in a deep coma to the Erasmus hospital  and directly operated on, they drilled two drains in my skull to let the moisture and blood out from a heavy brain hemorrhage than when I was on the IC after the operation I pulled twice both the drains out when I was in a coma! they had to  operate on me several times and desperately tied my only still working right hand to the bed!     


The best revalidation center in Europe?


After a long surge, my father wanted me  to get into the Rijndam revalidation center next to the Erasmus hospital, highly recommended and one of the best in Europe with a big waiting list of course! He went to the CEO of Rijndam and told him he would arrange funding for Rijndam on our soon upcoming trade show I was let in! their quality was rated by the discipline they demanded during the exercises. As a former marine Field right at home and soon was given permission to train on my one pass and ideas of course on my one risk and watched by the specialists of Rijndam  6 december I came Home in a wheelchair in my beautiful penthouse in the center of Rotterdam  My brother Frank had replaced the thick carpet by a wooden floor and fixed his banister from his stairs at home on the wall in my living room so I was able to train walking when ever I wanted, One day my sister Paulien and here husband uud helped me to get on my hometrainer in front of the window with a view all over town I felt for training a long time and did ask my sister to fill the bottle of my bike/hometrainer with cold water when I was ready and also my left still paralized feet and  leg was strapped  on the pedal I punched my right feet down so the left side went upwards then the left side down and there I go was my plan but my left feet fal out of the streap of from the pedal onto the floorangree I climbet myself of the hometrainer my idea of a long drive ended in secondsbut you learn from everything from that moment I knew I was able to climb on and of the home trainerand mannised when when my sister had left to put the heavy hometrainer next to the banister on the wall climb on and drove for 30 minutes as hard I lasted anddepart safely, so never gif up keep on going and learn to find your wayI am healthy I am Happy   



since the inexplicable life reasons i have been fascinated about life, there are several universes with more planets and stars in them than grains of sand on earth cover all deserts and beaches alone, for me the universe has an important role in our existence, how is it that the sun and moon are at the correct distance from the earth? as far as we know now the only planet with lifewe can look for other planets but they will still be too far away for us to go and indulge our greed there let us fix this planet first clean up the mess


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