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My name is Anthonie de Klerk- Anthonie Clark-Toon deKlerckf rom Rotterdam/Barendrecht, Holland, Europe

The cause

Our former office before a lot changed I lost most of my things 
but not my life and knowledge I kept believing in myself and created PosiMo
 For a healthy  perfect balanced body you have to workout daily, eat and drink healthy. When you are sick, out of your natural balance  blame it on your lifestyle,or the companies and people how have no problem killing people only for their on benefit alcohol nicotine,drugs and stress  are often the start of diseases   dan go to areal doctor but stay and think always positive and be opportunistic Take Care, keep informed by far most events in your life is a result of how you 

extremely Lucky and proud  that he is my father!

Unexplaineble cause 01

 April 13 2006, my fatherJan de Klerk (then 65) drove off.from Rotterdam with his wife Linda to their house in Rosas Spain, to start his well earned retirement its a two day drive staying one night over in France, He loves to drive, espasially, to Rosas ,time to think, Often about new exhibitions ideas and aprove concepts! 

 A couple of years beforeafter I was a Dutch Marine and manager of a pro ijshocky team I started my one company with my brother Frank Toon ProDesign & building stands and presentations for individual companies on fairs, later on also organizing fairs together with our father, The  work he taught us and we followed in his footsteps,  after Frank decided to work as a mechanic where he has a diploma in my father  joined me.With the idea for him to slow down?and retire  but togetherWe successfully developed  a nice luxury new kind of  concept for the transport market called “Feight select”” . Two generations of organizing trade fairs and we supported  companies with whatever they needed on trade fairs, from a hostess, company house style to a complete custom made designed stand. In all we do, the comfort of our customers and their clients have the highest priority. In that way we are uniek     my father  raised me from a young age(6) to follow in his footsteps.  This time driving to Rosas was different?  He was worried about leaving before an upcoming Congress and fair concerning theTugboat industry  with an International congress in the World Trade Center Rotterdam, a big order for a trade fair  where we had to build over a hundred luxurious business units and give support to the exhibitors for an organizer from Londen

extremely lucky or?

April 18 2006 Kim, my new assistant and I were on our way to a customer. A beautiful day. Soft smooth jazz in the background of the car and I started to tell Kim what she had to expect for the upcoming days,building the fair and supporting the congress.Kim had no experience at all in that field of work! And my father was on his way ! to Rosas Spain  , Suddenly out of nowhere it was like a big spider walked through my spine up from out my lower back upwards to my head.When the feeling reached my neck, I stoped talking, my left leg and arm started shaking uncontrollably , not knowing what was happening I stepped hard on the clutch to park the car next to the road into the gras! What gave me a heavy pain in my left groin? When the car stopped Kim stepped out without a word and ran towards two road workers who were cutting trees near the road right there? I also stepped out and yelled to Kim to drive me straight to the nearest hospital and stumbled around the car. When I took place in the car Kim was already behind the wheel and seconds later we were on our way to the hospital and I was still able to give directions. When It looked like I was starting to pass out.Kim was yelling stay with me stay with me a couple minutes later we drove into the parking lot of the hospital, I stepped out and saw two male nurses run toward us? the road workers must have alarmed the hospital? it became black before my eyes and fel near the car,I never felt me hitting the ground unconscious at that moment!,


When I opened my eyes I was dizzy and in a hospital bed not aware of what was happend??? Strangely, my right hand was tied to the bed and the left side of my body did not work. I was not able to move. Then I heard my father’s voice? It was comforting! Nurches came to check on me and my father? who sat left from my bed was given permission to speak! , to tell me his side of a story, what happened?       

When my father and Linda arrived in Rosas and where there maybe a view hours They stepped back in the car to drive back to Rotterdam? to see how we were doing at the congress and fair. ! Just at home in Rotterdam Again, they received a phone call. I was hospitalized  with not much more information, when they walked into the hospital department I was at that time the doctors were not able to operate on me there and They  wanted to start a meeting to decide what to do. My father saw  that my head was swollen tremendously and reacted furious and demanded an operation in a better equipped hospital immediately! People who know him better can be very convincing when he wants something no matter how you think you are  . The Erasmus MC was called and specialists gendered for an operation! I was broth by ambulance in a deep coma to the Erasmus hospital  and directly operated on, they drilled two drains in my skull to let the moisture and blood out from a heavy brain hemorrhage than when I was on the IC after the operation I pulled twice both the drains out when I was in a coma! they had to  operate on me several times and desperately tied my only still working right hand to the bed!     

The best revalidation centre in Europe?

After a long surge, my father wanted me  to get into the Rijndam revalidation center next to the Erasmus hospital, highly recommended and one of the best in Europe with a big waiting list of course! He went to the CEO of Rijndam and told him he would arrange funding for Rijndam on our soon upcoming trade fair PeoplesBusiness  they also had to organize while I was having this brain hommage and operations going on! day in day out wondering if I would survive that day or night! When I am writing this I am more than grateful that my father is my father.he is at this moment 82 and still working on new trade shows!


When I came home from Rijndam 6 december  in a wheelchair My brother Frank had removed my high rising floors and the thik carped from out my nice penthouse in the center of Rotterdam he had take his banister from his house and put it in my living room so I was able to train walking when I hold me with my right hand at the morning I decided to eat early lunch and train walking< did put my wheelchair in the corner at the beginning of the banister, while walking my wheeler was at the end of the bennaster next to a closed! In a split second I decided to replace the wheeler  in front of the closed one so I got to do a view step more while holding the banister. At that time I had already walked totally free once from my living room to my bedroom, so I was confident to replace the wheeler. I drove him in front of the closed door and while I turned to get hold on save to the banister again! I felt backwards with my head on my wooden desk and the nail I had there to hang my keys on screwed my neck mm away from a big vein. Whatever, I Did not feel  that hard on my right hip! and had to crawl to my wheelchair where my phone was! when I was getting there my left leg was feeling heavy?  I phoned my father and Liinda who lived in an apartment above me. He was home and came down. to be sure he phoned a dokter. The doctor phoned an ambulance and I was brought to a hospital again. afterall a good thing because the x-rays showed I had broken my left hip?The next morning because I had eaten I was sedated and placed on a large makeshift table. When I woke up I heard some kind of electric saw and there were all ladies on the table. Later I understood that they had to keep me on my right side by sitting against me so that I could be operated on! When I woke up I asked the apparently sister who was closest to my head if she had some extra gas for me because I was conscious, of course she said if it was the most normal thing in the world. I heard some more work and slowly slid back into a deep sleep. When I woke up again I was in the recovery room. A sweet sister told me and a man came straight to me and said that everything went well but when I came to the first check-up appointment   he had to tell me something? the specialist I thought? After two days in that hospital and a check if I could stand upright, I could go home!the next day I was training standing up on my balcony again and later on I went with Linda to that first appointment and de specialist told us that it was good that he had to operate me because he found something on my left leg boon he had to cut away so now I can walk freely and my leg stand no longer outwards but straight like normal! Later on I realized that this was the reason my leg was standing to the outside and in no hospital the x-rays they saw anything more. then I believe  the predictions of me healing completely will also happen!   everything will come at the right time!I in RijnDAM Did my eyes become drier and drier? when I left the Marine Corps, during the judging process, too much sugar was found in my urine. After three weeks as a citizen, I was declared a diabetic. went blind while working on the beta version of the PosiMoWorld Magazine, once at home, I put a whole bottle of duratears in my eyes in 1 day to see what I was doing and wrote down, so I also didn’t accept this and saw a program that told how many deaths were caused by medication, in the USA more than in traffic. I was shocked by the side effects of my medication, one of which changed my tear fluid and so made sure that I became blind. My doctor understood that I was going to stop with all my medication, check yourself, he gave me advice. After 14 training every day I took my first steps on my balcony, a happy moment that I could not share with anyone because I did not know the home care employee who was on duty that weekend and had never seen my father. I only wanted to be surprised when I was well again and could walk safely!. That night from Saturday to Sunday I get to see a gold bar and the next morning I can’t get into my wheelchair smoothly. fell back into my bed and with difficulty I got my shoes on and ended up in my wheelchair and decided not to report anything to the home care employee that I did not know. just before I wanted to train on the balcony then it will go away again I rang the doorbell from downstairs without looking I pressed the door open and not much later heard the elevator come up I opened the apartment door a crack and waited in the hallway at the home care to tell her that she could go straight through the door opens and Angela is inside Angela and I have a good relationship and she regularly helped me walk she looks at me and asks me what is going on ? I said two sentences as best I could and she picks up her phone and without asking anything she calls a doctor and walks to my father’s apartment upstairs in 5 minutes my house is full and my blood pressure is measured by a doctor who immediately calls an ambulance a few minutes later I am on my way to the Erasmus hospital again am grateful to still be here  and share my experience with the world,everybody, enjoy life to the fullest by helping each other to be positive. We have to move and clean the planet.together  Join posimoWorldcmunity !  

unaskfore  predictions 

When I returned home from Rijndam revalidation Center, a friendly female friend came to see me every two weeks. She showed her involvement by cutting my hair right away. I had never seen her with a boyfriend in the years I knew her? Just before an When she had to visit me, she called me with the announcement that she had a boyfriend! and she didn’t come anymore because he had been offered work abroad, and she immediately emigrated with him? ok strange  I thought, I have to find a hairdresser who also came to my house, the first thing that came to my mind was the hair salon in Rijndam? maybe they also cut at people’s homes? still finding my way to accept living in a wheelchair when I called. I got the owner Simone on the phone. She responded with whenI I go home I will pass  your house anyway, so yes, two weeks later we had a appointment, we clicked right away and I told her about PosiMo and that I had already  very good results using the law of attraction,positive affirmations, what signaled her to tell her that she had had several spiritual experiences and that those feelings turned out to be right and came true? I knew the phenomenon but never delved into it. When she was done she went out but I could see from behind my computer and desk that she didn’t close the door but came back in seconds later saying Tony I have to tell you something, she looked amazed herself.and that is, not at all an idea what she meant ? she started to tell me! that you will completely heal but only when you walk there is something to sea on your left leg but the dokters can and will easily treat this! you will get your company and meet a blond woman, and more I keep by myself because the  two already happened and amazedly  came out and is a big support for me to keep going on, but let me tell you I am more amazed than

preventing me from becoming blind had many consequences

in Rijndam , although my eyes became drier and drier, because I was diabetic a nurse thought of her own accord that I was going blind, not a very nice prospect half paralyzed in a wheelchair and then also go blind?and that wants to be good for the Elite Military Group Dutch Marines. Once at home frome out of Rijndam I used a full bottle of Duratears every day especially when i was working on the first PosiMo magazine and almost didn’t see the keyboard anymore with what i was typing, At home i had the television on for the sound at one point there came a repeat of a program that dealt with the side effects of medicine after the program I was curus, they gave me 12 different tablet a day to take in????? together with Angala frome homecare we looked to the side effects of mine on the computer and found out I myself gut not read it at that time? One of the medicine deteriorated the quality of my eye a tear, one of my medicines made me blind, the side effects of the other medicines became too much for me and I decided to call my doctor that I was going to stop taking all my medicines, which he understood and advised to gradually decrease what I was doing and felt stronger and better every day my vision also gradually improved, partly due to reconnection I got my vision back on a Saturday I took my first steps again on my balcony what after 14 years training was quite emotional, there came that day a nurse from the home care that I didn’t know, they do weekend shifts Saturday I went to sleep satisfied, that night I had a dream that I keep to myself, but the next morning I had a hard time getting out of bed in my wheelchair? no idea what was going on? once in my chair and behind my computer I chatted to my brother Dennis about how difficult it was to get out of bed and my left leg felt heavy and almost unresponsive. I decided not to say anything to the home care and to start training on the balcony so that it would pass quickly!

the bell rang and without looking at the monitor i opened the door downstairs assuming the unknown home care worker was there i decided to wait so i could send her straight to the next i heard the elevator stop on our floor i still felt not very well, when the front door that I had opened slightly was pushed open. The lady I expected did not enter but Angala, whom I had a good relationship with and she often helped me with rehabilitation! she looked at me and immediately asked what was going on? when I replied that everything was going well, she immediately picked up her phone, and called a doctor? after which she went upstairs to my father’s apartment a few minutes later my house was full and after checking my blood pressure the doctor immediately called an ambulance, a few minutes later I was again taken in an ambulance to the Erasmus hospital drove there, they saw in a scanner that I had had a Tia, luckily also my right side so again the left side was put on, I was immediately admitted and was allowed to stay the night the next day Linda and my father came to visit and told that it was a good thing I didn’t sleep at home because their water pipe had burst and everything in my apartment got wet my father said laughing you would have drowned if you had been in bed!




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