111 I aAs you  Life Improvement we must change voluntarily !ang to the planet itself! Please be aware of what we get from nature and what we have destroyed with our old way of thinking and living. We are burning our house down for the eyes of our children.Life is free for all life Who are you or we  to change that?!  


“Really, there is no one on this planet! Who knows what life is and why it goes for you how it goes??for us we believe it has to do with how we think  in life  Yor knowledge,  but no one knows where our individual conscious  comes from and goes to” Life is free for every 0ne thats alive you can believe what you want from your parents and community but keep it to yourself only help others, there is a international law and a world wide law and  justice to protect democratic life. 

In our way of living / existence, every disadvantage has an advantage, 

use your time on this unique planet well, enjoy, be happy,stay fit and healthy 

Everything will be fine!

 an obvious option is? Every consciousness  will go into the universe but no one wants to leave its body; we all want & need to grow!and learn from the past


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This Magazine has the objective to let you think about life and the way we live it!Old gearasions lived  a narcissistic  life

As  human communitie we make life  Unnecessarily  stressful for most of us, it’s often not a walk  in the park, there are no guarantees for a healthy happy life we know now stress is enemy number one for our health.from the year  2020 More than 50% of the worlds population have a serious diseaseWe all must change  Life is free, for thing  that’s breathing, how are we to change that?


The human body contains around 7 trillion cells, every cell needs healthy nutrition which is produced out of what we eat and drink, a complex and ingenious process. Old cells you bring to the toilet this daily process of  burning calories  is helped by movement that stimulates your heart .  and keep your body fit Every cell copies itself  and this way we get a total new body! This several times in our life our liver and kidneys filtering our blood with the bad nutrition and than deliver it to our older we get the more effort it takes  for our body and subconscious brain to maintain this proses, concentrated foods or products like stress fat,nicotine, alcohol and drugs have a tremendous bad effect on this process, our body react by becoming sick and the massage is! “stop this behavior” everything that brings us out of balance must be avoided. Rest, relaxing and a 

Most diseases start by stress and discomfort illness is a sign from your body you must change your lifestyle. 

A daily workout with a positive mindset we need all to stay healthy.  Eat only when you are hungry, and find in everything a ritem where you feel comfortable with, Do not complain when you are sick it can make you more sick,   change your lifestyle and find the right mindset to balance again. Stay positive.    



Believing is a serious thing for everyone personally. When you have a positive goal you have to believe in it, but what is believing  without evidence you will make it, don’t let others talk you out of it! The biggest problem is always other people! in our life!

For centuries Peace and love is forall that is alive, needed and wanted. I can’t deny there are a lot of disturb people, “out of balance” never force what you believe to others   they  have to believe in what works for them?have of the population in the world have a serious disease      I do believe there must be a highly intelligent energythat saved my life twice both for us and me unexplainable , what’s in or is the whole universe.  How do you want everybody and everything alife  to have a meaningful life, unify, help each other For many decades there has been no big meteorite  fallen on earth  other  so we can  live a Healthy Happy life.New  way of praying today is the same as using positive affirmations today  reprogramming your mindset!the universal law of attraction  And believe in what works for you personally. Only mankind created war and  negativity. Hell is obviously here in our world, today!. What explains? that after the Big Bang theory  the sun and moon are right on that perfect distance so life on earth does not burn or freeze, and that now for  millions of years!At the same distance? billions of people’s consciences  are already in the universe that’s how I  see it.on satellite pictures we see that the universe is always between and around us. How 

do you explain that a meteorite hits exactly on the right spot insealow place in the sea? the dust in the atmosphere obscures the sun for days and all voracious dinosaurs are dead? How do I explain that I’m still alive? Life is free for everyone  and everything that’s alive. We all depend on each other but our narcissistic behavior makes us a bigger problem for this unique planet and life than the dinosaurs long ago! 

Welcome  My name is Anthonie de Klerk- Anthonie Clark- Toon de Klerck, from Rotterdam/Barendrecht, Holland,


   to stay healthy in this perfect balanced body you have to workout daily eat and drink healthy when you are sick, out of your natural balance  blame it on your lifestyle,or the companies and people how have no problem with killing people only for their on benefit or the lifestyle from your grandparents or even your parents, alcohol nicotine,drugs and stress  are often the start of diseases   than go to a doctor but stay and think always positive and be opportunistic 

As founder of PosiMo  Life Improvement program,the basics of this program is that we promote the power of  positivity, to reprogramm your mind combined with  movement, exercise and

Let me start to mention that most people have unexplainable spiritual experiences  in their lives, small introduction:    I was , born fromout a strong family my mother and father, both hard workers they were born just after the second world war in Holland it was a hard time  but opportunities came building up the country again againWe as humans are animals and part of nature, in the past we mainly threatened and killed each other one by one but today we are the biggest problem of all creation really nobody on the entire planet knows what life is, we now know that it is unique with its climate , a climate that we destroy with our narcissistic behavior, it is unbelievable that with the knowledge we are still waged wars today we walk after each other like tame lambs and person with the biggest mouth so called from a religious point of view why do we develop weapons on this unique little planet, there are countless planets and stars more than grains of sand on this whole planet,take all deserts and beaches together do you need more miracles?   choose one planet, you can have it if you reach that planet alive and stay there it’s yours!don’t forget your weapons! We know for sure from many excavations that many millions of solar revolutions around the earth was dominated by voracious dinosaurs! it was kill to eat or be killed to serve as food, then a meteorite came from out of the universe exactly on a shallow spot in the big sea? near what is now the island of yucatan mexico the force was as violent as several nuclear explosions together, the dust from the earth into the atmosphere obscured the sun for a long period of time, so long there was no light that all the dinosaurs today we know  died or could no longer live! the tiny organism d survive in the seas.grew into the animals now on the planet, animals that we all exterminate, before you get ideas that all this by the creator stops the destruction of the planet, the most valuable thing is the sun which is exactly at the right distance from 

the planet so that we do not burn or freeze, destroy all weapons and honor life,instead of yourself  life is free for everything and everyone that lives. We need each other to learn from the mistakes of the past. Enjoy your life, life costs nothing and is free,  defend it and bring balance to the planet backsimply by cleaning it and keeping it clean. With 8 billion people a matter of days we let all military personnel all over the world coordinate it. Do we now look only at the economical effect?  the economy or food only exists on this planet. I want to stay allife YOU?  there are so many nucleaire wapens  that if one is used by a country all other countries will respond the blast will be as big at least that powerful as that from the metioriet ho killed all dinosaurs 

Realize This is the only planet we know in 2020 where life is possible on  out off uncountable planets and stars in the universe  we know More than the grains of sand on this planet! Let start to unify with one goal, Clean this planet and restore balance in nature Like we never have been here the only way to survive

Thinking you are tough and threatening is just as dangerous, and causes stress


LIFE (menu)

Really there is no  body on this planet who knows what life 

is! keep it by believing do not use it as excuses to start a war against innocent people, women and children!  

Is there something like a planned coincidence ?


 April 13 2006, my fatherJan de Klerk (then 65) drove off.from Rotterdam with his wife Linda to their house in Rosas Spain, to start his well earned retirement its a two day drive staying one night over in France, He loves to drive, espasially, to Rosas ,time to think, Often about new exhibitions ideas and concepts! 

 A couple of years before I started my one company with my brother Frank Design & building stands and presentations for individual companies on fairs, later on also organizing together with our father, The  work he taught us and we followed in his footsteps,  after Frank decided to work as a mechanic where he has a diploma in my father  joined me.With the idea for him to slow down?and retire  but togetherWe successfully developed  a nice luxury new kind of  concept for the transport market called “Feight select”” . Two generations of organizing trade fairs and we supported  companies with whatever they needed on trade fairs, from a hostess, company house style to a complete custom made designed stand. In all we do, the comfort of our customers and their clients have the highest priority. In that way we are uniek     my father  raised me from a young age(6) to follow in his footsteps.  This time driving to Rosas was different?  He was worried about leaving before an upcoming Congress and fair concerning theTugboat industry  with an International congress in the World Trade Center Rotterdam, a big order for a trade fair  where we had to build over a hundred luxurious business units and give support to the exhibitors for an organizer from Londen. 


extremely Lucky and proud my father is my father

April 18 2006 Kim, my new assistant and I were on our way to a customer. A beautiful day. Soft smooth jazz in the background of the car and I started to tell Kim what she had to expect for the upcoming days,building the fair and supporting the congress.Kim had no experience at all in that field of work! And my father was on his way ! to Rosas Spain  , Suddenly out of nowhere it was like a big spider walked through my spine up from out my lower back upwards to my head.When the feeling reached my neck, my left leg and arm started shaking uncontrollably , not knowing what was happening I stepped hard on the clutch to park the car next to the road into the gras! What gave me a heavy pain in my left groin? When the car stopped Kim stepped out without a word and ran towards two road workers who were cutting trees near the road right there? I also stepped out and yelled to Kim to drive me straight to the nearest hospital and stumbled around the car. When I took place in the car Kim was already behind the wheel and seconds later we were on our way to the hospital and I was able to give directions. When It looked like I was starting to pass out.Kim was yelling stay with me stay with me a couple minutes later we drove into the parking lot of the hospital, I stepped out and saw two male nurses run toward us? the road workers must have alarmed the hospital? it became black before my eyes and fel near the car,I never felt me hitting the ground unconscious at that moment!,

When I opened my eyes I was dizzy and in a hospital bed not aware of what was happening??? Strangely, my right hand was tied to the bed and the left side of my body did not work. I was not able to move. Then I heard my father’s voice? It was comforting! Nurches came to check on me and my father? who sat left from my bed was given permission to speak! , to tell me his side of the story, what happened?       

When my father arrived in Rosas and was there maybe a view hours They stepped backin the car to drive back to Rotterdam? to see how we were doing at the congress and fair. ! Just at home in Rotterdam Again, they received a phone call. I was hospitalized  with not much more information, when they walked into the hospital department I was at that time the doctors were not able to operate on me there and They  wanted to start a meeting to decide what to do. My father saw  that my head was swollen tremendously and reacted furious and demanded an operation in a better equipped hospital immediately! People who know him better can be very convincing when he wants something no matter how you think you are  . The Erasmus MC was called and specialists gendered for an operation! I was broth by ambulance in a deep coma to the Erasmus hospital  and directly operated on, they drilled two drains in my skull to let the moisture and blood out from a heavy brain hemorrhage than when I was on the IC after the operation I pulled twice both the drains out when I was in a coma! they had to  operate on me several times and desperately tied my only still working right hand to the bed!     

After a long surge, my father wanted me  to get into the Rijndam revalidation center next to the hospital, highly recommended and one of the best in Europe with a big waiting list of course! He went to the CEO of Rijndam and told him he would arrange funding for Rijndam on our soon upcoming trade fair PeoplesBusiness  they also had to organize while I was having this brain hommage and operations going on! day in day out wondering if I would survive that day or night! When I am writing this I am more than grateful that my father is my father.he is at this moment 82 and still working on new trade shows!

When I came home from Rijndam 6 december  in a wheelchair My brother Frank had removed my high rising floors and the thik carped from out my nice penthouse in the center of Rotterdam he had take his banister from his house and put it in my living room so I was able to train walking when I hold me with my right hand at the morning I decided to eat early lunch and train walking< did put my wheelchair in the corner at the beginning of the banister, while walking my wheeler was at the end of the bennaster next to a closed! In a split second I decided to replace the wheeler  in front of the closed one so I got to do a view step more while holding the banister. At that time I had already walked totally free from my living room to my bedroom, so I was confident to replace the wheeler. I drove him in front of the closed door and while I turned to get hold on save to the banister again! I felt backwards with my head on my wooden desk and the nail I had there to hang my keys on screwed my neck mm away from a big vein. Whatever, I Did not feel  that hard on my right hip! and had to crawl to my wheelchair where my phone was! when I was getting there my left leg was feeling heavy?  I phoned my father and Liinda who lived in an apartment above me. He was home and came down. to be sure he phoned a dokter. The doctor phoned an ambulance and I was brought to a hospital again. afterall a good thing because the x-rays showed I had broken my left hip?the next morning I was sedated and placed on a large makeshift table. When I woke up I heard some kind of electric saw and there were all ladies on the table. Later I understood that they had to keep me on my right side by sitting against me so that I could be operated on! When I woke up I asked the apparently sister who was closest to my head if she had some extra gas for me because I was conscious, of course she said if it was the most normal thing in the world. I heard some more work and slowly slid back into a deep sleep. When I woke up again I was in the recovery room. A sweet sister told me and a man came straight to me and said that everything went well but when I came to the first check-up appointment   he had to tell me something? the specialist I thought? After two days in that hospital and a check if I could stand upright, I could go home!the next day I was training standing up on my balcony again and later on I went with Linda to that first appointment and de specialist told us that it was good that he had to operate me because he found something on my left leg boon he had to cut away so now I can walk freely and my leg stand no longer outwards but straight like normal! Later on I realized that this was the reason my leg was standing to the outside and in no hospital the x-rays they saw anything more. then I believe  the predictions of me healing completely will also happen!   everything will come at the right time!I in RijnDAM Did my eyes become drier and drier? when I left the Marine Corps, during the judging process, too much sugar was found in my urine. After three weeks as a citizen, I was declared a diabetic. went blind while working on the beta version of the PosiMoWorld Magazine, once at home, I put a whole bottle of duratears in my eyes in 1 day to see what I was doing and wrote down, so I also didn’t accept this and saw a program that told how many deaths were caused by medication, in the USA more than in traffic. I was shocked by the side effects of my medication, one of which changed my tear fluid and so made sure that I became blind. My doctor understood that I was going to stop with all my medication, check yourself, he gave me advice. After 14 training every day I took my first steps on my balcony, a happy moment that I could not share with anyone because I did not know the home care employee who was on duty that weekend and had never seen my father. I only wanted to be surprised when I was well again and could walk safely!. That night from Saturday to Sunday I get to see a gold bar and the next morning I can’t get into my wheelchair smoothly. fell back into my bed and with difficulty I got my shoes on and ended up in my wheelchair and decided not to report anything to the home care employee that I did not know. just before I wanted to train on the balcony then it will go away again I rang the doorbell from downstairs without looking I pressed the door open and not much later heard the elevator come up I opened the apartment door a crack and waited in the hallway at the home care to tell her that she could go straight through the door opens and Angela is inside Angela and I have a good relationship and she regularly helped me walk she looks at me and asks me what is going on ? I said two sentences as best I could and she picks up her phone and without asking anything she calls a doctor and walks to my father’s apartment upstairs in 5 minutes my house is full and my blood pressure is measured by a doctor who immediately calls an ambulance a few minutes later I am on my way to the Erasmus hospital again am grateful to still be here  and share my experience with the world,everybody, enjoy life to the fullest by helping each other to be positive. We have to move and clean the planet.together  Join posimoWorldcmunity !  

unaskfore  predictions 

When I returned home from Rijndam revalidation Center, a friendly female friend came to see me every two weeks. She showed her involvement by cutting my hair right away. I had never seen her with a boyfriend in the years I knew her? Just before an When she had to visit me, she called me with the announcement that she had a boyfriend! and she didn’t come anymore because he had been offered work abroad, and she immediately emigrated with him? ok strange  I thought, I have to find a hairdresser who also came to my house, the first thing that came to my mind was the hair salon in Rijndam? maybe they also cut at people’s homes? still finding my way to accept living in a wheelchair when I called. I got the owner Simone on the phone. She responded with whenI I go home I will pass  your house anyway, so yes, two weeks later we had a appointment, we clicked right away and I told her about PosiMo and that I had already  very good results using the law of attraction,positive affirmations, what signaled her to tell her that she had had several spiritual experiences and that those feelings turned out to be right and came true? I knew the phenomenon but never delved into it. When she was done she went out but I could see from behind my computer and desk that she didn’t close the door but came back in seconds later saying Tony I have to tell you something, she looked amazed herself.and that is, not at all an idea what she meant ? she started to tell me! that you will completely heal but only when you walk there is something to sea on your left leg but the dokters can and will easily treat this! you will get your company and meet a blond woman, and more I keep by myself because the  two already happened and amazedly  came out and is a big support for me to keep going on, but let me tell you I am more amazed than you    

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Welcome  My name is Anthonie de Klerk- Anthonie Clark- Toon de Klerk, from Rotterdam/Barendrecht, Holland, founder of PosiMo  Life Improvement program, I was lucky, born fromout a strong family my mother and father they were born just after the second world war.both of their genes I feel in my being.  PosiMo stands for  Positive thinking and Movement in this world today. We promote the power of positive thinking and movement. We  call it the PosiMo way!  with a Life improvement program program I myself used to get over a left side palisation of my whole body cost  by a heavy  brain hemorrhage and several so called TIas I unexplainable survived? ended up as not a believer of old books with superstitious stories my story no one can explain is no coincidence, PosiMo came mostly  when I woke and wrote it down unbelievable events happened end of story I learn a lot what I want to share, I found specialist in every field to make the program as professional as possible most of them came also on my pad  I know all of them are sincere and wanna help you from out there hart  the rest is up to you we all have to unify to make a PosiMo World also your success,We need you  

The Life improvement program is what I learned and performed daily physically myself  to get healthy and heal what  is very topical today.Everybody has his one story do,today  more than 50% of the worlds population have a disease and experience physical challenge in their life  in 2023 you are one of the 8 billion people on this one of a kind so unique planet. The only planet we know with Life,we can estimate today there are more planets and stars combined in even several universes than grains of sand on this planet even  today there are people still starting useless wars against other people for imaginary borders? risking a 3e ware where all countries are involved in! we all know there are no winners in any conflict  wooden swarts are now rifles and nuclear missiles a next world war will destroy all life and the whole planet in the why do we still accept narcissistic dictators today in1900 one pore street painter managed to let his totally crazy ideas believed by a hole country and there were millions of people killed his name I don’t like to manson but today again one manHitler 2.0 started a war in 2023? What is his goal ? the so-called Hell mentioned inthe bible and Koran 

After a few  events that kept me miraculously unexplainable alive, I created  the  PosiMoWorld Life Improvement programLooking at the


The Life improvement program is what I created and performed physically myself  to get healthy and heal what  is very topical today.Everybody has his one story do,today  more than 50% of the worlds population have a disease and experience physical challenge in their life  in 2023 you are one of the 8 billion people on this one of a kind so unique planet. The only planet we know with Life,we can estimate today there are more planets and stars combined in even several universes than grains of sand on this planet even  today there are people still starting useless wars

 against other people for imaginary borders? risking a 3e ware where all countries are involved in! we all know there are no winners in any conflict  wooden swarts are now rifles and nuclear missiles a next world war will destroy all life and the whole planet in the why do we still accept narcissistic dictators today in1900 one pore street painter managed to let his totally crazy ideas believed by a hole country and there were millions of people killed his name I don’t like to manson but today again one manHitler 2.0 started a war in 2023? What is his goal ? the so-called Hell mentioned inthe bible and Koran 

world todayI see it as my mission later on I got the extra motivation and strength by meeting the right partner to train and to heal completely to show the evidence.that my rescue was planned and set up?   This all made it clear, there is no coincidence for me, you are reading this!, so you live! the most beautiful thing you, and we all will ever own,our brains are too small to understand,but find out what works for you. Really there is no one on this unique planet who knows what life and what our consciousness is, fact!

 Everything in the world was grown into balance from the beginning.  After the big bang a planet we call earth and two others we call the sun and the moon were  exactly there. at the right distance from each other and the earth someone must have placed it exactly there  to support life and  to  develop.  life and getting motion from the moon, light and warmth from the sun but exactly on a distance  to let life not freeze or burn by the tremendous large and powerful  sun `sothe earth developed in a unique atmosphere and climate for life to develop  We know now by resurge,  by science that this planet was dominated by voracious dinosaurs,now millions of years ago the than developed life, life on the planet was to kill, eat or be killed and be eaten! A meteorite appeared from the Universe and headed toward Earth. Meteorites more often fell on the planet, but this one was bigger! the fast spinning planet had large deep oceans with some land here and there, starting continents the large meteorite did not fall in a deep ocean but right next to We call the island of yucatan Mexico and ended up into the earth crust?, if it had landed in thonderts of meters deep  ocean then the shock was as big as an atom bomb would be partly absorbed by the water, now through the shallow each other

Really there is no one on this planet who knows what life is and where our concineus comes from?or go to,what? don’t worry about things you do not controle do you personally believe? has only an effect on you, but realize that you can be wrong.Keep it for yourself, Our body’s and the planet are an ingenious piece of work. Some of us  want to know why they are here on this planet and why Certain developments occur in our lives? Life is free. Fact is that we are all together responsible for the challenges  and miseries of today our narcissistic behavior makes a HELL from this beautiful planet don’t use what you believe is the truth and you are special because of it!believe in facts, Today in 2023 you are one of the 8 billion people on this unique planet you have to accept life and enjoy your life and body. We as homosapiance have to change! Change The Way We live, act, and think. start to make a positive difference 

Help yourself and the planet!Give our children a future! Who do you think we are?Where are we all waiting for? Billions of people together clean the oceans and the whole planet in a few  days! 

It starts with you joining thePosiMoWorld  Life Improvement program, unify. let’s make it a military operation and maintain the planet coordinated by soldiers working together. 

We experience Our lives by feelings, and emotions, so mainly our brains/state of mind, affect our total body and even the world around us. this  by what we think and feel . First priority for us all is a safe and clean home. The human body consists of about 7 billion cells. Each of these cells are  maintained daily by our subconscious mind! What we eat and drink is converted into  nutrients  when  filtered by our kidneys and liver,  

then  our blood delivers it to every cell in our body,allowing us to function and the cells to renew themselves!Cells renew themselves by copying! So a  healthy body and our organs are completely renewed several times in our life, thisway we   canheal, with a positive happy mindset and daily movement to stay fit, but also this matter works when you experience negative effects!when we are in negative state of mind or situations it will affect your life and body on a bad way a very sensitive and precise process, we all have one charge be aware of how you think and feel, the old cells we relieve daily visiting  the toilet, nicotine, alcohol and drugs such as cocaine  disaststurbe the balance in our brain and body.  fortunately consciously not aware of, so also not have to think about it! .is best   functional  by a balanced food and drink intake,combined with a regular  exercise to get or stay fit & Healthy !

Most do the job However, feelings do have also a crucial effect on this delicate process too!

This in our body and eventely on our health

Beware the current living conditions in the world are not  manageable for most people in the world and are experienced as “negative”Stress Appears.  a energie we can feel and see at one another and that’s how we developed  diseases,  and we all need a better quality. At this moment   More than half of all people on the planet  have a serious disease , which can be passed on from generation to generation , so past hard conditions with stress from our grandparents like wars, have a negative effect on generations today!. 

It’s up to you ?We also can use this process   positively, be optimistic or by thinking of positive affirmations, this  combined with exercises,  moving on a daily basis  and using this extremely sensitive process to our advantage.  when you   think negatively,or experience a negative life beware it will   influence every cell in your body badly.The law of attraction is real,  Every one of us knows someone with Cancer!   

sustainability,healthy food and clean water, positivity, and good movement we need all on a daily basis join, or help  PosiMoWorld and Receive the newsletter.”LifeImprovement” We must change, change the way we think and act

Health and the mysterious powers of your brain,the placebo effect!

A man was referred to the hospital by his doctor, early cancer symptoms were in his blood value, he felt extremely strong and healthy at the time and couldn’t believe it, after two days full of tests in the hospital in bed around sick people telling each other how sick they were and felt! He was feeling worse and worse. He developed inflammations on his body and a large inflamed ball grew in his armpit. The specialist one day came up with a new medicine  that was still to be developed, which had apparently miraculous results during the approval test due to the disorders that the man had. After the agreement of the man who had already said goodbye to his family, the specialist injected the medicine, and the next morning many inflammations, including the ball under his arm, had gotten smaller or totally disappeared! the man was lucky and happy after three days of treatment the bottle with medicine was getting empty, the specialist had ordered extra amount of the medicine but received the message that the medicine had not been approved by the medicine committee and told the man this, the following days inflammation developed again and the ball grew under the arm of the man on belief why the medicine was not approved to be prepared,the specialist had a plan, He filled the vial with distilled water? and went to the man and told him  that he had found another vial of the medicine in the warehouse!The man was happy and thrilled  he directly  phoned his family with the news!The next morning  the cure process was visible again! a couple of days later everything with the health of the man was fine and he was sent home a few weeks after he had to come back to the specialist to get his injection. conclusion! never complain that you are sick it worsen your situation we call it the naseebo effect 

avoid stress practise yoga or meditate  

benefits of daily exercise


The World in 2000 in general is changing rapidly, like the internet connect us with almost everyone on the planet,like everything in life you have to find out for yourself when you can use the information and services for your personal advantits!example long ago love between a men and a woman was regularly and a natural habit to rapidus ourselves and not get extinct. the roles an understanding where clear between them and usable to feel happy and to survive, like the stronger build men had to provide the family with food and went out to hunt

The woman looked after  their child or children, when they were a successful parent, nature provided them with everything they needed. To hunt every time the sun was up was a tremendous job! Every day he trayd to get better at it and he developed hunting skills, the women developed in other ways like taking care of many things at the same time , the men came back tired  with something to eat for the next day. they both were satisfied and when there was time they helped each other out of appreciation and respect because they needed each other to survive            

Life Improvement ‘23

Program with  Exhibitions all over the world,

where Life finds Quality

LifeImprovement exhibition program

from health, fit to, happiness

men and women who and what makes both healthy? Who and what? makes both fit, who and what makes women happy  

who and what makes men happy?


The globally promoted PosiMoWorld Life improvement program 

from Heath & fit to happiness 

Consider, What we know today

It’s up to you,what to believe, Life is free! 

Eventoday there are  wars about things we don’t know?

We think naw we have satellites, this unique planet and the many alluncounteble  others, stars and planets? within several universes? were  created during or after the big bang?more than all the grains of sand on planet earth! Yet, the moon and sun  are at an efficient, very precise distance from the earth? so we don’t burn or freeze? on this planet.  With a  unique climate that gives rise to life to millions of different species  and millions of years before us the voracious dinosaur species  ruled the world, it is then to stay alive, eat or be eaten! a stressful existence for all other  life forms. Then a meteorier appears  fromout the universe and is headed for the earth!. Meteorites fall more often on earth but this one is  bigger?It falls through the atmosphere at high speed and hits the earth just in the shallow water near yucatan Mexico, if the water had been 1000 meter deep!Like most parts of the big ocean!! then the blow with the force of an atomic bomb was mostly beenabsorbed by the water!, but now that the meteorite is in the ground, a shock wave is created that deprives all animals in the vicinity of life. The flying dust is taken up by the atmosphere and obscures the earth for a long period, no sunbeam gets through the atmosphere and the nature and animals present at that moment die due to the lack of sunlight. when the dust has settled the sun comes through again still living organism  can  develop further,without out giant  dinosaurs  how and what life is nobody here on earth nobody know, but that we have to protect the earth, and change now that we humans pollute,and kill, destroy everything and make the world unlivable for ourselves and all life is the reason we have to change before it’s done for us? we will and can survive, only we can and must stop to destroy this planet and climate  it is up to you!   

LifeImprovement, quality mark, where companies are assessed on their solutions

The prize is given to the best solution for protection against climate change issues  and solutions for related  life-threatening changes

 sustainability improvement for the planet and health policy. We will  awarded once a year a company for their contribution to a PosiMo World and this  will be judged by a independent committee formed out of  members of PosimoWorld LifeImprovement program

Mejora de vida 23

Exposiciones donde la Vida encuentra Calidad

promotion about  

The power of  Positivity, combined with Movement. for a durable and healthy planet and your life 

prevention is better than cure 

The quality of life is determined by how happy you are,  a good daily  exercise, honesty, good  food and what you drink, combined with  how positive you act  &   think! 

keep in mind to focus on,Healthy foods, and drinking clear fresh water, from there you have to Breathe and rest well prepare yourself daily with for example  yoga exercises meditation  and movement, make it your (new) lifestyle

LifeImprovement Fit & Wellness Magazine  with communities 

What if At an unpredictable moment we all leave our bodies, where our souls go no one knows. you can believe what you want, but know you never do Your body is the only thing that keep you here on earth take care of it and enjoy a fit and healthy body PosiMoWorld Life Improvement Fit and wellness Program support you in a well-considered experienced way to stay or get fit and healthy to Enjoy Life! 

Focus on Rest cleanliness & regularity


 Use the power of your mind with the proven universal law of attraction, combine it with 

movement and positivity for your personal health,and well-being. Be another happy PosiMoWorld person who cares about his body and the future of this unique planet.   Always   

focus on a durable posimoworld

our ancestors made it clear for you and me, to do most in their lives the wrong things like alcohol, nicotine, drugs and wrong food!”We must Change!

PosiMo stand for positivity & movement   Be durable and protect all wath lives , make it your  way of life

 Your children and  future generations are worth it!

Begin to Reprogram your subconscious mind, throw away your old wrong habits, start with positive affirmations,daily  reprogram your brains  It all starts with you, enjoy change for the better! live a happy life 

The first step is to set a clear positive goal in your mind, repeat it daily as much as you can in a way you have already achieved it,

Think, like I am happy, I am fit,I am Healthy  

I help  all that is alive, I am durable,I am positive, and independent where the mind goes, the body will follow everything that comes at the right time! every day it goes better and better   you will make the difference,be sure motivating  the World,around you, and also  attend the PosiMoWorld social  media with 

yourunique  membership QRCode,

support and get help from specialists- more experienced others meet like-minded join some of PosimoWorld specialized communities participate and learn how to create a PosiMoWorld for yourself and others

Life is free,think not like a narcissist but democratic only you control your mind. We are all the same no matter what you believe. and think.  Beware any way of aggression will turn against you .This is No religion or politiek idea.Do not worry about things you can’t control.  Really there is no one on this planet who knows what life is and where our consciousness comes from.Controle your one MindYou are going to see life differently,more in an We for us all positive way the world around you will change and your brain will see the opportunities inline with your personal goals keep in mind that everyone around you sees their own truth seek and find like-minded people we are group animals Aaps and need support and confirmation to be happy, Together we achieve more and we feel strong, we can communicate by talking personal about life, not by digital pictures or movies alone, so when disagreements,or you feel special about each other  talk together and better meet in person feel happy emotions you will like it the only way to lean Life and how to live good can’t fromout a book but only by experience, the best revenge is NO Revance  

 When you disagree! violence is for losers’ and never an option. from there it’s all about how determined you are to succeed. You must accept   change and work for it for example! you say all day  and think to yourself you are at the most healthy weight. You will automatically avoid eating wrong food and avoid  the fast food restaurants or ice and cookies in a supermarket subconsciously you will no longer be vulnerable  to advertisement and propaganda than you train to move your body,Be sure of what you ask for! The world is full of distractions to challenge  you but when you see good results it will go every day easier and better. To achieve your goals.Reprogram your subconscious brain this way, a good affirmation is: it goes everyday better and better beware your brain will always go for the easiest and sometimes addicted way Get addicted to the new you! this is with everything in your life, we all know what we don’t want BUT? go for what you want!, idea! go to a river, or the sea! look for a nice stone or rock, hold it in your hand, imagine all your challenges in your life go’s  and will disappear  in that stone/ rock, than breath diep in and throw the rock as far you can in the water controle yourself so you don’t fall in, the stone/rock with all your anger and thinks you don’t need and want in your life will disappear in de deep water and out of your thoughts and challenges , you can handle them in a different way and sulf them when they appear again face life, its your journey  you  think of the rock and relax you look for solutions instate of the way you experience it now 

know it will

 you make the difference in how you look at things.  The big picture is a PosiMoWorld for everything that lives Learn how to overwin  yourself,  Life is given to you enjoy it. only believe facts. The whole World needs you. Join PosiMoWorld Life Improvement. Our goal together is to improve LIFE for the entire Life spectrum  on the planet.Thank you for your help

the PosiMoWorld Life Improvement group

promoting the power of positivity and movement

always remember

Life is no competition but a free journey, among us homosapiens  how you traveland where to, is up to you, Learn from the historical  mistakes in our existence 

!, change old superstitious behavior and habits, thinking and beliefs, look at the World today! what older generations did, and believed , did not work!!! 

Treat all  people like yourself wanna be treated, 

“they are the Mothers,  from you and all children”

your life is created in your mind. It is all about The way you think, how or the way we think, we will  atrak, and  experience, beware it performs on positive as well on negative thoughts. “the Universal law of attraction”” 


My grandparents, Anthonie de Klerk and Jcomina van Name had 6 children, born during and after the  second world war In occupied Holland, a very hard period in which all necessary life products were short of .My father is  the youngest of the family with 3 girls and 3 boys,  in every war or freight there are only losers,They lived in a muts to small house, poor as they where, that was right next to a busy railway line, every few minutes you were startled by the roar of a train passing by next to the house was the entrance to the fruit and vegetable  auction the whole family learned in that hard period that you have to work, and trading was implemented in their genes    my grandfather was ill and had to pull out all the stops with my grandmother to keep the family healthy and alive my grandmother cycled on an old bicycle with hard telute tires  often to The Hague to exchange illegal produced  bottles of alcohol made by a uncle for  for food vouchers, a risky dangerous venture of several hours, as a young woman in an occupied  country with many enemy soldiers whorape women and were not very concerned with people’s lives and norms and value and killing people with no reason at all! war and aggression is  for simple stuppid brains, aggression  in wars there are only losers. My grandparents loaned money and started a cigar and cigarette shop in the center of the then village Barendrecht next to Rotterdam, selling cigarettes and cigars most of the family helped and lived there like my parents and I was born there and my grandfather passed to the other site there.  

As a little baby of a few weeks old My father got up early, changed my diaper and cleaned me, before leaving for work and laid me in bed next to my mother, so I drank my first milk that day, proud as he was of his first child and son! He raised me as if I was his best friend and prepared me for life the best he could. He was a metal worker who graduated from a lower technical school. He has a natural way of developing and doing business strong point is just  being himself. after I was graduated as a kook and several consumer technieks   also on a lower technical school and served in the army as a proudDutchMarine on the island Curacao I had worked in a supermarket and as a kook in a pancake restaurant my father and I started working together organizing trade exhibitions wath is his and on this moment also my passion I took over his company and , I started Toon ProDesign and saw all sides of the medal following  his mistakes and especially his  good things,like  being independent and neutral there comes a time you need everybody I remember the lesson that a salesman had a an important appointment with aCEO of a big multinational, he was late and the busy traffic  irritated him! a very expensive car with a older man as driver stopped at a orange traffic light the angry irritated salesman showed angry his middle finger when passing the older man later, the man did not reacted , the salesman just on time walked in the office of his appointment  the lady at the desk told him to take a chair because the man from his appointment had just phoned frome out his car there was a lot of traffic and he will bee a view minutes late the salesman become more and more irritated waiting for his very important appointment   the lady at the desk saw it all going on and reacted joyful when a older man in a expensive car drove on the parking lot  “there he is” the salesman recognised that car and older man as the man he showed his middle finger at ! Life is a journey to learn . Really no one knows what life is and where our consciousness comes from, don’t worry about thinks you can’t control, respect and enjoy your life and share a PosiMoWorld the time you are here!       

The meaning of life is to live and learn 

Sometimes  you win  ?  

but Most of the time  you learn ! 

For“all”that lives life is free, Share only we humans let other life pay! For their one benefit, they throw up imaginary borders that don’t exist  and even kill precious life’s for?

Really No one knows what life is and where our consciousness comes from or goes to Nothing on this planet is ours! we get only one change with this body.

So don’t feight, only defend yourself when necessary  against aggressive corrupt  narcissistic  old thinking brainless people 

?Is there such a thing as a planned coincidence?

Miraculously inexplicable 

still alive!

Aventely promoting the power of positivity combined with movement

Why PosiMoWorld?Life Improvement 


In seconds everything changed, lost all my possessions  but not my  life, kept strangely? all my memories and willpower being  paralized on my whole left side of my body  I wanted to live for the fullest again a new chapter of my journey began and my goal is to The foundation an start of PosiMoWorld TheLife Improvement program

13 April 2006 my father(Jan de Klerk) and his wife Linda Left from Rotterdam To their house in Rosas Spain,to start his wellurned  retirement.  A two day drive including one night in a hotel in France  He loves driving espasely to Rosas. This time it felt different? A big congress with a trade show was planned in the World Trade Center Rotterdam where our company had to build over a hundred business units and support the exhibitors for the organizer from Londen, the hole way he did not like the idea leaving me alone   


On April 18, 2006 my new assistant Kim and I were on our way to a client.We, my father and I organize trade Exhibitions/fairs and help companies with their presentations, from  exhibition organizers to induvisible  companies communicating with their customers prepare their stand from carpet and furniture,to a hostess and a  company logo complete with their overall company look a very special,wide and unique profession upcoming busy day money   and importance for our company. Then suddenly when I was telling what she had to know! Out of nowhere  it was like a spider climbing up through  my spine towards my neck and head, when it reached my neck my left leg and arm started to cheek heavily. My reaction was that I stepped hard on the clutch to park the car next to the road on to the grass, not knowing what was happening,while my foot pushing the clutch down it gave me  a heavy pain in my left groin!When the car stopped, kim got out without a word and ran toward two road workers  cutting trees a view meter from where we stopped? With a sore left leg I tried to get out and yelled to kim that she must bring me directly to the nearest hospital .Nearly falling down I stumbled around the car and sat on the chair Kim had sat next to the driver. Kim got in and we drove away. I was able to give her directions but nearly passed out!Kim was yelling constantly to stay with me in the parking lot when I got out.I saw two male nurses come running towards us, the road workers must have alarmed the hospital! and still near the car it became black before my eyes  and collapsed onto the ground   I never felt me hitting the ground, in a coma from that moment

When I opened my eyes I was in a hospital bed and my right hand strangely tied to the bed? I thought I was dreaming because My father started talking to me? I had no idea where I was. My left side of my body did not work and my right hand was tied to the bed?

my father was sitting on the left side of the bed Linda, mother on the left nurches came to check on me!and my father was given permission to speak to me I was still dizzy when he started to tell what was happened from out his point of view I was just woken up and felt my whole left side did not work but no second I was thinking of the situation I was in only glad my father andinda where there, he told me I heard it later several times again the for me life saving coincident 


When my father arrived in Rosas, Spain,driving to Rosas always relaxed him , he felt bad leaving before the congress and exhibition and decided when they would be there not more than one day!, to drive back to Rotterdam?, to see how we were doing not more than.1 hour  at home  in Rotterdam  they received a phone call. I was hospitalized and drove   to the hospital. The doctors wanted to start a meeting to decide what to do?  They were not able to help me there. My father saw my head get swollen and get even bigger. He reacted furious and demanded an operation as soon as possible and to let me operate in a better equipped hospital. People who know him know he or we in the family, are very determite  From there, specialists in the Erasmus Mc, one of the better hospitals in town Were called back from their leave and I was brought by ambulance to the Erasmus mc me all the time in a deep coma! and was operated on  Two drains were drilled in my skull to let the moisture and blood out officieus  for them at the time. a big brain hemorrhage was ,in proses , I did survive it while my father and sister handeld the work at the exhibition and congress Linda stayed with me in the hospital but  keep asking for my father, he drove several times that day to the hospital and back to the world trade center , when I was getting stronger he looked for me to the best revalidation centrum. they  chois was the Rijndam revalidation center next to the hospital, wat was market at that time as the best in Europe the hard discipline they asked payed of My father organized a charity on one of our exhibitions he had to organize also at that moment and I was getting in and felt on my place as a former marine I even got permission to train on my one pas as hard I wanted ofcores all for my one risk 6 december I came home still in a wheelchair. the first nights my sister strait with me to be able to help me something would happen. My brother Frank had replaced the higher  floors out my apartment and fixt his banister out his house on the livingroom wall so I was able to train walking. my sister and her husband helped me one day to use my home trainer, a bike with a heavy solid wheel so perfect for me to train onI had asked to fill the bottle on the bike with water and climbed on the home trainer before the window so I could look all over the city of Rotterdam.from out of my penthouse in the center the sun was shining with my feet atased with bands to the pedals I was ready to go for a ride, than I push my right feet down my left goose up when It went   down  as it use to my left feet falls out of the pedal n to the ground  

several  rescues and more unexplainable events occured  that made it possible to live on and train and move. What is the reason to believe in something that protects me but I can not explain?And maybe? Using m. as an example? To promote positivity My first thought was that more than 50% of the human population have a serious disease-  I believe at this moment WE HAVE TO UNIFY- stand up as one group and stop negativity and stop  killing lifes on this planet there is again  a stuppid unnecessary war going on! some nardistic people never learn.negativity and vialens  never wins  one brain of 30 kilos kills many innocent people while leaders only look at the economical outcome  believe there is a positief energy within the universe,on the posimoWorld logo you can see the universe is everywhere on the surface of this small unique planet,We as humanity has everything in our hand in  a for us miraculous big universe that is always around and between us, Today we can estimate, that there are more stars and planets than all the grains of sand on  this planet!     What’s the point worrying about what happens that you can’t control when you go to the otherside the beauty is you can believe what you want! Really there is no one alive who knows what life is So no one has a excuse to use their religion or believe to their advantage why worrying about   what  you can’t control it,it is a fact everybody will go to the other side only with their conscious  eventuallyWe are so wise we destroy everything and create HELL  here on this planet many thanks to those people I Am still alive in a sick World. I believe for a reason  

 Unexplainable I was given unasked for! Predictions?  Some of them came true like I met  a graduate philosopher and psychiatrist and very beautiful at heart my type of woman a divorced mother with a son so i can’t doubt the prophecies and I started to believe all of them and saw the meaning of what I had experienced towards others,  and had learned in my life that I saw the relation between everything how I am and had always had acted, and did not give up. Despite People around me like specialists, doctors and nurses who did not give me any chance to recover and I was  the only one with my family who cared of meI  to believe in a bright future! accepting  this situation was no option for me and the fact it was not ever possible by no one else in the whole world chalansd me. Using the law of attraction with unexplainable results and when I met the blond woman on the Internet she fit perfectly into the posimoworld  Life Improvement program with her knowledge and work.a graduated filosefer and saycyertisch  It is clear for me she is the one  from the predictions and kept on training and believing that I was saved twice had a special reason!and was not just luck and became my mission for the rest of my being here on this planet.My mother went to the other side I was not able to visit her in that short notice  that’s way I know she is alright our relationship motto always was, no massage is a good massage, my uncle went also to the other side and told his son in his hospital bed don’t worry I saw my hole life passing by and there is a bright light shining over there. the I believe the reason of life is to live and help others Let’s hope future generations learn from our mistakes 306 


In the weekends  the same nurche from daycare did a check on me! Saturday I walked for the first time totally free on the balcony after 14 years of training. I was very excited that Saturday a new nurse I had never seen came that morning!.

Sunday Morning I was not able to get out of my bed into my wheelchair. I fell back on the bed when I tried to put on my shoes. I did not know what was the matter? I went straight to my computer and chatted with my brother on facebook,  telling him I felt strange and the rest of what was happening that morning! It was beautiful and sunny weather  perfect for training on my balcony.! I decided to tell the nurseI did not know, nothing so see  gut go fast to the new customer and me training in the sun, thinking the feeling will pass, the doorbell rings and without looking on the camera I opened the door on the main entrance floor I also opened the front door of my apartment, will waiting in my wheelchair in the hallway so I gut tell her to go on, and keep here jacket on, I could tell the elevator was cumming up! And seconds later, was it opened by Angala!, one of the nurches who visited me frequently from the beginning when I lived there? We had a special bond, she helped me in her one time to practise for example walking down stairs on the grass to a tree I lovedI was surprised to see her???She looked at me and asked me what was the matter? I answered with two sentences and she picked up her phone and made a call to a doctor and whent one floor up to my father’s apartment minutes later my apartment was full of people and the doctor phoned an ambulance! to bring me straight to the ErasmusHospital.there I went into a scan and my bloodpreseur was checked, from there had to stay in the hospital I had ato high blood pressure wat cost a TIA also on the right side of my brain again  and had to start all over again! The next day my father and Linda came to visit me. They told me their water pipes broke that night and my apartment and all of my furniture and carpet was damaged   to make it positive. My father said, “It’s good you were not sleeping at home, because you had for sure drowned!!!! a view days later I was brought to a new revalidation center I met a lot of older people and nice nursesI experienced closeby  the difficult job they have and how strong people are when they are inserted, I changed som details in my PosiMo World concept and made it even better by all I had experienced, from there I moved to Borgstede a home for older people where I live in a single room with my one kitchen and toilet  ther Corona started and I was very protected eating and staying in my room my family living second walking from me and my dad moved to his home village to  is there a sting like planed coincident? my beautiful apple computer broke and my father gave me his HP Computer for a while to work on, the translation is far more easier for me on this computer? the result is this concept of PosiMo World 


1 for consumers and 1 for companies after registration they  receive the PosiMoWorld logo with a personal QR Code in the hand by email by presenting this logo in all their communication and or social media they show solidarity with the creation of a PosiMo World

 and make this unique planet and for allLife Together safe   

Everything in life has a reason when you keep follow your dreams & goals 

Join the PosiMoWorld family/ community and be informed by the let’s improve life newsletter, 

“Life Improvement” and Exhibitions

the quality of life is determined by good exercise honesty good food and drink and how you act and think

We  create  PosiMoWorld  communities  

one for individuals World wide,

 membership with social media Body fitness platform Receive your membership personal QR Code for 


 $1.75 chinese yhang 110 

one for

World wide individuals 

and one for compagnies 

E15.- $17.50 chinese yhang 1100

 divided in countries and continents

One community  for Donateurs.  

PosimoWorld organize all over the planet exhibitions to bring the  communities together 

This to promote healthy and sustainable products  and is visible 

as digibition all over the World after the event on the world wide web

promoting the power of positivity and movement


Improvement ’23

Exhibition Where Life finds Quality 

Exhibition & Quality Brand

We organize in collaboration with governments and municipalities and the existing event locations

PosiMoWorldlife Improvement scholarships and develop a Quality Brand for all over the world for healthy and sustainable products and ideas so the whole world will benefit

program life Improvement

our goal is to promote & inform the world population about the power of positivity and durability  along with personal movement 

A new and modern healthy way of Life and recovery and getting better healthier or preventing you from getting sick  

how to live healthy & sustainable

forget how they thought in the past! you live today

but be smart and use what we learned from the past 

promoting the power of positivity and movement

 Life Improvement 2023 

Exhibition where companies present their health standards, sustainability of their products show and explaining their business view  concerning health and sustainability in general 24/7 to the World

Life is a chain of memories.most people let their life for what it is and try only to accept it,they do not move, or take action at all!  

you decide how good your memories in life  are  and want to remember!  

The past never returns 

The  best time to make better memories is now, 

challenge yourself, live

Relly there is no one who knows what life is,never believe you are more (special) than others!.don’t feight only defend when necessary, never attack, be aggressive  , use or carry weapons.  

 All life is special, unify with the whole Word, Clean your house  The World is (y)our home. weapons don’t make your life save the best view comes after the toughest climb

before you die and go to the other side – live   

before you speak-listen

The best revenge is none

heal and move on 

before you write-think 

  Do not start with I

before you spend-earn

ask-so you – learn

before you defend what you believe – -beshore! 

  live and help others

The best view comes after the toughest climb.

before you conclude-investigate

before you give up-

try harder 

never give up

everything in life have a reason-

the biggest storms  often lead you to get stronger and lead you to a clear and better life 

Do not worry about things you can’t  control

use your time well, before you know it’s you taking your last breath.Life is short and precious  Learn from mistakes be always  honest   most problems are cost by or are there in relation with  other narcissistic people. we humans are the only problem on this planet


We, me together  with Simone, kept believing in her predictions   Someone who I met  coincidentally or luckily on a special occasion     

When you live there is one thing we do know and that is we will move one day to the other side? When it is your time!, focus on life and make sure you live and world as happy,healthy, and sustainable as possible.Help for example others, Someone who shares and gives is happier than someone who receives. you can believe what you want but leave others out of it, My advice and feeling is to Keep the planet clean and sustainable, use your time well ,Life improvement program is based on real proven facts,unexplainable events kept me miraculously in life and made me think about life in a different In 2022 you are one of 7.7 billion people on this planet,it’s clear the old way of living of our parents and grandparents  was wrong, we have to change!The Life improvement program objective is to make you feel better about yourself.And some of you will even get fit and healthier.for diseases happened in  go to a doctor or specialist  we know so much more these days We ourselves are responsible

How to start

Think Positive repeat your goal  Unify move and act Reprogram your subconscious  

How and why  PosiMo World  Life Improving became My mission  and my drive to fully recover and all I want is to motivate positivity to all people around the world and show them with the PosiMoWorld life improving is possible In 2022 you are one of the nearly 8 billion people on this very small but  unique planet. With the life improving  program, we connect and motivate. We must  unite everywhere on this planet and motivate ourselves to change. It is obvious most of us have 

PosiMo self defense program

never be the aggressor only defend when someone tries to hurt you some people are the insecure losers of our society tell us what is hurting in your life never feel sorry for those people they are sick and need help you must defend yourself My buddys at the Marines Lennard Heskes a master with 6  black belts Tang Soo Do and Homme Westra   a former kickboxer will teach you how you can train yourself in defending yourself see also the links in your environment independent people to talk to

promoting the power of positivity and movement

  Fact is we depend and need nature on this one of a kind planet!This planet with nature. two necessary things to be and stay alive! We have to live a healthy life. We can not survive in a sick World.its like we burn our house down before the 

eyes of our children! We ourselves also must be  healthy and fit. We must restore balance on this planet. I call the energy within the universe “Life”We must restore everything like we humans never.were here!! 

Fact is we all create our one world with our brain, it starts with you!It begins with how we think and act.Imyself never believed in old religious books that only separate us! But after my unexplainable experiences what kept me alive on this planet? I believe that there is a positive energie within the whole universe  that is always around us. As you can see on the PosiMoWorld logo, it is free for all that lives . Nobody can explain how the sun and moon are right there,on an exact distance so we don’t burn or freeze and the earth moves the way it does and this way creating the seasons on this planet   gravity and the big bome  more we can not explain? 

Contact and workout with platoon USA special Navy Seals

we all want to go into the universe  but no one wants to die,

 In the beginning I like  to explain my thoughts and way PosiMoWorld. 

 My father gave me a Business education. After my graduation in Consumer technieks at a Lower technical school LTS I  started working in a supermarket at the age of 15 and storing full crates of soft drinksI also worked at a pancake restaurant as the youngest cook on weekends. Thousands of pancakes in large heavy  pans I could not lift one at the time in the beginning with both hands! But after  a while, me and the chef where baking just in every hand a paint made me as a young boy at the time 15 years old metaphysical fit, this together with the job in the supermarket,I became  stronger, strong  enough to later be approved by the elite Dutch marines corps.  Our platoon I just became 18, and I, with most of the men of my platoon,were posted for 8 months on the Caribbean island curacao. The first exercise was with American marines. We boarded in jacksonville on the large helicopter carrier de us quam with over the thousand men on board, After a watch at the officers mess I had to take several tins off big pikkels a view stories up what was atof training by it self  , We my buddy Marine Lennard Heskes and I just 18 years old sat on the front deck of the helicopter carrier the US Quam a gigantic ship that took us from Jacksonville near a small island on the rasfic  ocean in front of Puerto Rico where we had  an exercise with US Marines and were brought just off the coast of Puerto Rico there were over a thousand men on board including our platoon. in front of the bow flying fish jumped out of the water to land a few feet further in the water behind us land 6 cherokee helicopters that dropped men and flew on again i told Lennard what had happened to me that morning I had to bring a lot of tins of big pikkels 7 stores up to the officers mess  and noofficers  around from my one pleton, to gif me new orders to follow I decided to find out more 

about the schip! 

The best workout ever


In the hangar where the helicopters were maintained  were also a lot  of men working out or socializing when I walked in on a US Marine on his way  passing me just before he passed me   . My different uniform interested him and  he wanted to know how I was and where I came from? After I told him he spontaneously invited me to walk with him to his platoon.I accepted his invitation, and  while walking he told me his platoon was a special divers and parachute platoon  and were used for special achievements. They  trained every day he told me with exercising together he pointed to a corner of the hangar and on his way to his platoon he told them that they were being used for special missions, jumping out of planes with oxygen masks and leaving submarines to swim undetected to the beaches to go in the country unnoticed ,and carry out their assignments, the real work, I thought. At first the men of his platoon were surprised that I was there, we were welcomed enthusiastically.When I was introduced with the fact that I joined the training,I was accepted with a collective yes, something that motivated me and immediately made me feel like one of them.The workout begin, We formed a circle and a wooden board with exercises written on it appeared with the marine who had invited me next to me. The board in the middle was spun hard on the ground. There were exercises on it  I saw later. the man where the 

Mark stopped picking up the board and he was  allowed to say how often the first exercise should be executed? the man to his right the next exercise and so on, the game was when you ended up with a exercise you did perform well than to let others fail executing the number of executions of that particular exercise, you had to continue outside the circle and when all exercises on the board where don the last one standing in the circle won. Exercises from sit ups push ups next sit  ups the whole body was trained  to the fullest 

in the corner where 4 dark marines also working out the finest before we did and started to sing an acapella bleus song , in front of me at the side of the ship big doors were open and i saw the sparkling pacific ocean with left from me the best blues songs I ever heard in a group of new special friends I felt amazing and had the best workout in my entire life I also know now why I am so humble and not impressed by insecure people with big mouths  

back to my pletoon I run into my buddy Lennard and we went up to the main deck and sat on the front of the schip it was at high as a 15 storage

That’s why don’t use weapons, if you want to be tough and fight then only use your hands so no one has to defend with a weapon it’s an easy calculation with a lot less death people, the real strong people will stand up and guide us to life


apartment and looking down fisch with wings jumped away from out of the water  and landed 5 or 6 feet later to escape from the approaching schip  the sun in our faces and behind us cherokee helicopters landed and took off again while I told my story I trained with the specialized platoon marines, Lennard is now the owner of 6 black belts and a very skilt  master of tang Soo Do and part of the PosiMoWorld Life improvement program group We both share the idea to educate woman in defending themselves.        

promoting the power of positivity and movement

 Life improvement

Quality Brand


community where Worlds population come together with the aim of improving the quality of life on line and 

during Exhibitions 

Life Improvement  

Exhibition where participants/companies  explain why their company and product makes  life sustainable and improves health and the quality of life  Independent committee of scientists eventually give the approval. There will be a list of companies and members of the communities are  publicist in the magazine so the whole world can see. 

Life Improvement 

Body Book Fitness media

where world population can keep track of their daily movement and show their wayan there results of a healthy and fit lifestyle

promoting the power of positivity and movement


life improvement ‘23


Mejora de la vida ’ 23

ción feria Barcelona 

Marca de calidad 

para todo el mundo

donde la vida encuentra calidad

Feria la Barcelona 

Exposiciones internacionales en todos los continentes: donde la vida encuentra calidad

Exposición especializada donde las empresas presentan al consumidor su sostenibilidad y salud de sus productos de forma presencial y digital Promoción desde productos

InternationalExhibitions on every continent: where life finds quality 

Specialized exhibition where companies present their sustainability and health of their products to the consumer face to face and digitalPromotion from sustainable products

New York-Bruxelles-Amsterdam-Düsseldorf  -Barcelona-London-Paris-Lisboa-Bern-München 

posimoworld Angels promoteam  personalities


Exhibitions where Life finds quality with the focus on life improvement products and  production methods from  sustainability  – Nature and all Lives and nature Being Healthy & fit

PosimoLife improvement is based on facts and strictly avoid any form of politics, religion and misinformation .



we must combine and produce the answer to the question for yourself


0r  Health?

For many people, money is the biggest motivator in life but they often forget that they are alive and must be healthy to be happy.

learn from the past, make today and the future of our world  Positive, healthy and fit to live in


Today we are able to see into the universe and estimate that there must be more stars and planets in several universes than the amount of grains of sand on this planet!How much proof do you need to believe that the universe is the foundation of our existence?We are not special, the entire planet is! We are the big problem. There is also proof of the existence of dinosaurs on this planet. It was eaten or been eaten they roll the entire planet in those days Then a meteorite fell down on this planet and the impact was so intense that there was no sunlight for many days and all dinosaurs die and got extinct  organism where we exist out from survived and when the dust was fallen down and the sun came trow, the environment was created for nature and us homosapien, there is no indication how many times the sun and the moon circelet around the planet but the environment was created as we know today. where life is free  for all that lives. beware today we role and destroy and kill everything with our narcissistic behavior. luckily no one knows what life is and where our consieus comes from  instead of helping each other the insecure homosapians start wars or use wapons for no reason at all  in fact it’s the story from how disrespectful we are having a life and body in the first place

PosiMo World life improvement

  • QualityBrand for all that lives on every continent presented and the foundation of a unique Exhibition

for all that lives

life improvement with one recognisable  gradation system from 1 to 10 we provide for People, companies  their products and production methods 

all over the World

Surviving miraculously!   and remarcable getting better in a sick world!

54 / 5,000

Translation results

users and producers life improvers products

It gave me the mission we all have to change to survive! 

Is there a planned  coincidence? Why do superstitious, scared nar



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