Welcome, my name is Anthonie de Klerk from Rotterdam Holland and founder of  the PosiMo World Life We Care organization.From an early age My life has been about bringing people together as well as companies and their customers. I survived two brain infractions in both unexplainable ways. Out of appreciation I created this concept for on the internet so everybody in the world can benefit from my experiences and  join in  expressing and sharing their thoughts aboutand selutions  how to stop the determination of this beautiful planet and his unique climate. First step is we have to unify and neglect peoples  narcissistic behavior in Life, politics and religions.We are all the same We contain a body from out .more or less than 7 billion cells and two  brains. We all need a  clean environment with oxygen, clean water and daily food. From there we must use our  brains to look for sustainable and healthy   solutions for the future of our existence!!. join in for E 1.50 or $1.75        


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