We Care Program

The program connects the world’s residents  to share knowledge and  information to increase   sustainability and health on the whole planet.



With the domain www.posimoworld.com, we literally are available for most of the people on this planet, with a comprehensive program highlighting and responding  to the needs that have arisen among the world’s population, and globally addressing the problems our previous lifestyle and vision has caused! To the detriment of the climate and quality of life on the planet, many seek  change .Right this moment, Therefore we use a familiar expression, not words but deeds. Global cooperation is essential and PosiMoWorld offers obvious and practical solutions, initially on the internet and so, for many in the world to follow and join.


: bringing  people and companies together, registering them in communities. Recognition, and together we stand strong will motivate many. adapting, cooperation with 1 goal. and emotion we present the PosiMoWorld We Care News.

The news will be divided into two sections: information for and from individuals and the other for companies.we organize We Care Fairs Where compagnies present there sustainable and healthy business model and products together with A digital platform where anyone who wants to share their thoughts and emotions can tell and promote what they are doing to make their living environment sustainable and healthy, and whether violations to report. We only go for facts, we exclude political and religious propaganda and regard this as undermining our objective, 1 ”posimoworld” With a special clear platform especially for companies and their products, A platform clearly subdivided into continents and countries. Clarity for everyone step:3 with companies as exhibitors, we organize a We Care Fair at least 1 per continent, and, if desired, companies present their business model and products in various strategically located cities. already with the joint approach and objective of sustainability and health. With the community as visitors, everything can be promoted, viewed, seen, felt and/or tasted there, to make the event efficient, all companies and their products within posimoworld We Care will be clearly visible on the internet, in a digibition and in a joint posimoworld We Care webshop.


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