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Jan Hermans


The XCO-Trainer ® is a tube filled with grit. The grit moves, with every move you make, back and forth from cover to cover. Because the grit ‘ by shooting “at the beginning of the return movement, get the muscles and, in particular, the connective tissue in and around the muscles an extra mechanical stress. This particular effect called Reactive Impact distinguishes the XCO-Trainer ® by exercising with ‘ dead ‘ weights, where this effect does not occur. The result? More muscle strength, adaptation of the connective tissue in terms of length, tensile strength and architecture and a more toned body. In addition, training with the XCO-Trainer ® also for burning of calorieë

Reactive Impact Safe for everyone

training with the XCO-Trainer ® is safe: because the Reactive Impact at the beginning of the return movement takes place are the joints right protected and not overloaded. In addition, there are five different sizes and are the exercises to perform on multiple levels, so you


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