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” when I had a stroke, It was stress so my own thoughts that caused it”

“Everything in this site, about health is formatted out of personal experiences “so proven facts”

look at night with a telescope in the universe, how many “real”miracles do you must see to know the universe is a special energy where we as humans and all that lives benefit from.!everything is perfect in balance Only we as humans make the mess and stress ourself! “forget old habits”Let start over a world without old religions is a world where pease is possible ! Let start over”the sun & moon are still there! always at the same time what is a miracle itself We humans are devalued monkeys!, whit instincts. trust your instinct / subconscious mind trust &believe your one mind “so keep your mind & body clean &clear”.SoNo more Drugs, Alcohol Nicotine and Meat!

Founder Anthonie de Klerk


“where life meets quality”

Modern medical science combined with wellness & spirituality

“wat doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”

“More than halve of the world’s human population have a disease”


“How ironic if I can think myself a stroke than I can heal myself also by thinking”.

As founder of POsiMO World I started to created the “POsiMO World HealthCare program”After surviving a heavy brain hemorrhage (stroke) on april 18e 2006 at first the dokters would let me die! “there was no hope for a normal life in “there” eyes!but fortunately My father hou arrived that same morning “unexpectedly”!!? in the country (the Nederlands), from his house in Spain (“a full two day”drive”!!!), He “demanded” that I was operate on in a beter hospital !the Erasmus mc in our home town Rotterdam.I survived in total three risky operations, being one of the two “Billion” diabetics on this world! I became half paralyzed at the total left side of my body!. As a former Dutch Marine, whit al my (will)power and training, I could not stand and sit up straight fore a long time!, My “unique” recovery lasted years!, After two days in a Coma and tree operations later I was “still alive”!and woke, then I had the care of good dokters and my family. this also at the RIJNDAM revalidation Center.I became stronger and gettingstronger! once at home in a wheel chair I start training daily alone at home by myself. you will become “blind”they told me! I found out myself one day by checking on the internet my medicine I was getting blind from the side effects of one medicine. I stopt whit all my medicine! and got better and I can now see clear! without any help no contact lenses or glasses!when you want to stop !also whit medicine? inform t your dokter! listen to your own subconscious mind, it’s you life only you know what is good for you. Call it instinct.Don’t let you fool yourselves by the industries. ,Results and solutions in life don’t come automatically, you have to work for it and live and always keep believing, in what you as a person want! Always moving forward Never gif up, getting healthy!

Once at home I started still weak to train all by”myself “did never complain but trained, 2 to 4 hours every day! also using!and learned about, The law of attraction! this by“knowing ” that I will make my ideas& what I want will happen!. Eventually I got stronger and “ there will be a modern app,whit workshops. I made it my mission to show the world that when you believe in yourself your one (sub concies) mind, you can achieve everything you want! let me tell you I don’t believe in religions .We can call the positive energy that the universe must be?what we want. when you put a stone in your pocket and believe its a special stone it will have the same positive effect.thats why all religions seam to work! the universe is always visible at night for this generation and is always around us believe and ask everything you want! that’s how the evolution must have worked I myself cal it out of respect”Life” that is what we all feel is, I think, with our experiences our subconscious mind which is in contact with the universe

“Life is all about emotions& how we think, Our subconsciousness mind runs the show”

That’s the subconscious mind is for me probably the connection with our Life & the beautiful universe!

“Really” no living human knows what life on Earth is and how it arises on our planet.we know now it started in the sea! , live in harmony respect & protect others and all that lives. “LIFE is FREE”. Never use violence against al that lives, “Humans Animals and Nature”.“All LIFE IS precieus”when you Believe?what ever! it means that you are not sure!,

use your energy to CLEAN the planet! When 7 trillion people all take one peace of plastic or other junk we humans produced out of the oceans or out of his environment, let it recycle, and Be amazed whats going to happen to the health of our planet, every year just one POsiMOWorld day!

(taking into account all universal laws),

“the universe is always around and between us”


“Everything is possible”

Fact is unfortunately, on this moment”More than halve

of the Worlds human population

have a “disease!!!!”

Too little movement, Stress and a unwholesome live style are the biggest causes for it!

POsiMO World Fit nALL Health Care Program, a APP”whit the objective: “a good Health for everyone. we are a program with proven facts presented to you in workshops from specialists in there field Health starts with moving daily Eat healthy food Don’t smoke . don’t drink alcohol eat no meat! and don’t use drugs! it will kil you. You can follow our workshops “by a “modern up still coming ” APP . The most obvious thought is, that the universe is a (positive) energy, so all modern educated people can understand , the universe is always around, and even between us!

just Believe that all that lives is in contact with it! “We humans” whit our subconscious mind! we at POsiMO call this energy the universe is “LIFE” LIFE is free! for everyone” so MAN Hands off from women and children. People how starting wars for a religion or killing life in general are just “Criminals” ! Respect all that lives avoid Stress Respect not only humans but also nature & all that lives animals! “We ourselves are the problem on this Uniek planet”!

But our objective isBrain Training whit proven effect. The APP will contain workshops to inform and educate. Preventing people getting a disease in the first place!, Then help & Motivate others by giving them proof! that they can recover!.to mastering your life is a state of mind More than halve of the Worlds human population have a disease! thats more or less 6 Biljoen people in the year 2019! Also I met Adriana Albritton from FitNAll NewYork on the internet. This beautiful woman is a intelligent welfare mentor and fits seamlessly into my way of thinking. She will give professional workout & wellness advice by the use of the APP and the included “Body diary. “compleet whit On request online personal advice!

Pay it forward

“Exercise,whit the richt state of mind, movement andRest with a healthy lifestyle are the basics of any recovery and successful & healthy life”:

There is a shift going on, from believing! old story’s to accapting and knowing whit proof! Old people think in money economics &”competition”they polluted there genes& DNA whit stress by a wrong lifestyle and consuming bad products. , More educated people know thats not the richt way!, They “and so are WE” are going for health,Peace happiness.and a clean world & “Working together”To Solve challenges.

Our way of thinking is,There is always a positive &peaceful way!

As far as we know now that everything in the universe is made up of molecules and cells, from wood to iron and also we humans, all is so energy!. Even our thoughts are energy! in everything in the universe there is a opposition therefor look for balance in everything.find the richt emotion! We become sick from stress”and a bad lifestyle”. That way we also have to control our “Thoughts & emotions”and let the richt side dominate. There is always a bright side!just around the corner!

Also most people in this world have

serieus “Human made” economical challenges in there lives, the result is “Stress” Take responsibility in your personal life you are living “now” there are “new modern” insides about believing” Everything is possible “what you think and is constant in your mind, will happen!(“both ways!positive & negative) “Believe in yourself “and feel and act positive &optimistic AVOID STRESS !!!!

“Stop poison your body&brain “Don’t use drugs alcohol and don’t smoke! find balance in everything”you consume,

“When you can get sick! you can get better”

Really no one knows what life on Earth is and how it arises! We can and might think “like me”, that our subconscious mind is in contact whit the universe and that is already more that we can understand with our small brains and your situation today! is the result of how your grand parents thought and lived &maybe your parents thinking now . So stop blaming others. put your “EGO & pride away!Ultimately, we are for everything ourself responsible!

We live now! not centuries ago!

The earth floats, as it were, in the universe, thus everything that lives is always in contact with the universe

just Use the energy in the universe for yourself. Help & have respect for others. Life is free for all of us, Humans, Animals & Nature. Respect &Protect all that lives! on this uniek planet. One thing is definite ! we leave the planet behind for a better “Educated” new generation “OUR CHILDREN “just think “What will “you” do when you created Life om this uniek planet?

The Evolution theorie shows that there is a beautiful energy in the universe where everything that lives find his foundation from.

if used positively we our self can create wonderful thinks.

The world is not ours. We humans are not the owners of the world and universe we know now we destroy everything, look what we done!

“Our objective is to connect worlds population and share knowledge “whit the focus on Brain Training and increasing awareness about the healing effect of “positivism” and “movement” “wellness” . At first we go for the health of the human population then together whit you? we go for the health and welfare of the planet for our children”

POsiMO World Rotterdam The Netherlands

Adriana Albritton founder


NewYork U S.A.


POsiMO World USA

“APP in construction”

my father end his wife

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HeEALTH Starts whit “Beginning to move forward” “Eat healthy food “NO Drugs, Alcohol and Smoking”, Find Balance in everything you do and think!

“Believe”no matter who or what!

“That you will make it happen”!NEVER GIVE UP!




imagine you are staying on a luxury Cruise schip on board you get from a healthy food program to a fully personal tailored wellnessFitness HealthCare program on board is also a trained medical supervision trainers and dokters always near by ! during the day you can follow the workshops or just relax from the cruise! we like to welcome you on board

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POsiMOWorld FitNaLLHealthCare Cruises