what we think we become

What we think we become

We humans have two Brains, to be able to live and function. The “conscious” and the “subconscious ” The last one controls everything in our body such as heart rate, Breathing and blood pressure. It regulates the digestion of food and distribution that all the cells in the body get the right amount of full, essential for our body and daily performances Let we take a position that the universe is a positive energy where we always, are in contact whit (the planet floats, a kind off, in the universe), and so we are always cofounded and in contact whit this positive energy that it is a positive energy and the source for life in general look at nature. With our brain we live aware of the daily confusing life’s , with all the negative elements that our lives negative affect, look at the world around you, it causes stress and diseases. Everything in our environment and so in the entire universe is built out of molecules and cells, both of which have an open composition, and you can pass through them without hitting the structure. So we determine that everything is energy! Your body, Your house and car, everything !!!!, , the scientists today are very able and have shown that our thoughts also are energy!. The law of attraction and evolution, can this way easy be explained, between us there is no empathies but Universe that we with by means of our thoughts through the universe to attract what we think! Everyone knows that when you are negative your life or day, also get bad, and to give, we often blame others!!! Use this l law creating positive World and for your personal positive aspects to attract them. It is a fact that this energy is decisive think like this: everything will be good, everything comes at the right time! Your subconscious will for sure get it think positive with phrases, say and think that so many times that you and your subconscious, the will to believe, keep in mind, that you deserve it and keep believing it. have a POsiMO live Anthonie xx