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in a second everything was different

As you read by introduction, I started to created this magazine during my rehabilitation from a severe brain hemorrhage I searched the internet. looking for information that could help me. The result is, in my opinion, a magazine with life lessons that are applicable to all

My father himself a entrepreneur has made me very self conscious and gave me a business brought up. Basics like Never give up and respect! was inserted as a child. At the Marine Corps It was that made me clear even more!After I had followed a trainingat school as Cook. bread and Pastry Chef Butcher and waiter, I started to work in a supermarket, my fathers advice was good for the knowledge of people was his argument !

When I was approved for the Marine Corps I have 14 months whit a total of 8 months on the island of Curacao

Dutch Marines arriving by boot from the Netherlands on the island Curacao

My father Jan de Klerk and his second wife Linda have always assisted me so that I could spend all the time to rehabilitate. jan en linda My father, Jan de Klerk and his second wife, Linda have always assisted me so that I could spend all the time 15 years to rehabilitate.

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