“you must know this”

Founder Anthonie Clark

“The meaning of Life is to live

learn & grow”

“The foundation of life is “LOVE”

“Everything in your life has a reason

“Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn”


“Learning means that you use what you learned in your advantage and grow”

“Don’t dream your life, live your

Really no one on this planet knows what life is and how our conscious arises no one how can tell you what to and how to think what you can or can’t think”

believe what works for you!

The world is surrounded fully by the universe,The universe “grows” to And is in contact with Every life form on the planet,

Man &woman are equal Life is free for all of us, fact is that the way you think your life will form and shaped this way ( the universal law of attraction) only mankind made and need ruls man whit to big Egos are the losers

Scientifically we can proof that the mix of substances from the universe

Existence of life, it all started with the combination of organisms to aggregate,

a mix of substances from the universe expant

in he sea combined with the energy of the sun the first cells accrued some energy in the universe gave them the need to grow an multiply and starting to use the other (eat) to get bigger, better and grow efficiently to survive , this later supported also by , the movement of the moon caused life as we known today every new cell and a billions of years of this process . The weaker orgasms had to defend themselves and getting stronger and there offspring was better stronger, and more efficient learn to survive developed in the most efficient this way, it tuck billions of years that way when the first mammal existed in the then available water on this planet.

We call it nowa vis! Not the vis we know today but again the drive of survive made this water thing (give it a name?) to crawl on to the then also land and kept on improving itself to survive again getting bigger stronger and more efficient as life form, there was the foundation already laid for the natural selection, Darwin’s evolution theorie is in fact the explanation of the law of attraction mammals like us attack what the need to survive
in 2020 corona woke the human population it’s crystal clear that our economy, the productions of major industries, infact our complete life style have a devastating effect on the climate, nature and ourselves on this for us still unique planet

Don’t dream your life, live your dream!

We must be by far the dommest species on this planet creating our selfs a HELL and leave our children behind in it!

As founder of Posimo World I survived miraculous two brain infarcts and left me half paralyzed  when pointed out the law of  following good experiences I see it as my mission  to point  out the law of attraction and the positive result I realised that life is all about how we think.(Your state of Mind).

Corona woke world’s human’s population! It’s crystal clear, that our economy, The production of major Industries, infect, our total lifestyle  Have a devastating affect on ourselves , nature, and the climate, of this unique planet . Sustainable, & health, obvious are and will be the most valuable and important, words of our future existence  this not alone in our world’s economical system .But at the same time the deferent’s between life and dead, for our children!

Really! There is no living human how knows what live is and how our conscious arises on this  planet, were we allowed to live on for "free" what we do know, is,he way we think have a great effect on our life and the World. I thoughtSeeing how mostly stupid people create a hell of this planet,Life is free, So Let me be clear as founder I don’t believe in old books and so not in any religion! The upcoming app will contain workshops  about how I cured myself,  POsiMO became my life and my personal way to show the world that we must change! how we can think and move more.  this unique planet flowts in the universe.so everyting what is alive is always in contact with the universe just accept that nobody knows what life is watt ever you forced on what to believe corona is just a little warning, from nature!the universe contains more planets than there are grains of sand on all the beaches of this planet. how manny mirakels do you need?