man vs earth are we really so wise?

man vs EARTH

“Are we really so wise ?



The fact is, that elderly people who have been brought up again with old customs, pass it on to their children, the bond between parents and children is the strongest Alliance between people! Even if the information is outdated or not to prove,! the science is now so far that it’s time to take this knowledge to word and save the future ofthe world from overpopulation and climate changes, which lead to the demise of this unique planet. Young people get told that it is the fault of the system and go at the urging of uncertain elderly to use force, which goes against everything in what they have been taught to believe and pursue!, this magazine shows that with love and positive thinking and movement (labor) everything for everyone is possible. I dare you by this digital magazine by walking, to it and find out how you too can have a meaningful life with everything you want! We are ultimately responsible ourself lets keep the world a uniek one and clean for our children en there children

2016 Anthonie de Klerk



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