The power of seeds!


I survived a brain hemorrhage,(stroke) with practically no brain damage, but the whole left side of my body was paralyzed.

I work out daily 2 to 4 hours and speak out affirmations as described in this magazine. Now I can confirm from own experience, that there’s someting in the universe that gives you what you need to reach your goal. I call it no god, because I don’t believe in old books that are written by people who at that time ride on donkeys and thought the world was flat.

I do believe that things that come on your path do not come by accident!.

Recently I was offered the products Soul and Core from Age Body Skin, partner of Rain International. Hundred percent natural products made from the peels of carefully chosen seeds. I consume the products now daily. They supply me the necessary vitamins and antioxidants to support and energize my body. These products combined with a daily training of 2 to 4 hours, will help me reach my goal to become the third ever person, out of 16 million people in the world that have a stroke each year, to fully recover . Go to the attached the link of Age Body Skin, take your time to read and view the videos, and learn how the right seeds, Soul an Core, contribute to a healthy lifestyle. ORDER HERE!

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