What is your Life purpose ?


You are reading this magazine so Welcome to the century of the Internet. In these days we drive cars, flay planes and know that the world is round and you can’t fall of it!
Modern Science has also found in recent years many new facts about the universe and our existence,It become a proven fac that we as humans descended from a ape group and evaluate to the species today.
Is it not about time that we accept this knowledge. Especially for the new generations No longer believe elderly with there old believes! The system we live in is often wrong and on all around the WORLD corrupt. Jung people are used in wars!. The elderly are gone in 50/60 years new generations left behind with a history of wars, hatred and scars of mankind destroying this wonderful planet for obsolete believes and economics!
in the period that the religions were developed, there was no Internet and the stories told by word of mouth. so, each Narrator geven the possibility the story to exaggerate and to add its own contribution to it! ultimately there are books written with stories that are no longer to figure out, and there are millions of people today how believe in them !! several leading scientists such as gregg Braden indicate that many of the past with the current knowledge is not complete and that the energy in the universe is home to we can and must use positive to our advantage.
it is common ground that we all have the same basic goals and needs We are responsible for ourselves the worlds new generations have the future. Read and listen to the content of this magazine. Take responsibility for your one happiness and health. It is the way you think! “FIND YOUR LIFE PURPOSE”



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