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In early April 2006 I lie disappointed after a number of major events alone in bed and shout hard, Is this everything between heaven and earth!

Two weeks later I get a brain hemorrhage in the car, which I barely survive. Two days later I wake from a coma aParalyzed on my entire left side begins my journey and quest for full recovery. Through my willpower, discipline and every days training I get stronger. People come on my way pointing me all kinds of things I will described in this blog , like now I use “positivity as a medicine” and the law of attraction, I started to use affirmations Now, 9 years later and numerous inexplicable moments I am becoming the third ever fully healed off 16 million people who have a stroke each year, 5 million as heavy as mine !. In this Blog I will present my vision on the world and that there is more in the universe and among us The content shows which way I was taken by now I believe a special intelligent neutral force that showed me the way. And creating POsiMO its my life’s work.

Let me point out that I don’t believe in old books written in the time they thought the world was flat and riding donkeys . I believe now that the black matter cold the universe contains a positive neutral energy, where everything that lives use!



We are as humanity responsible for the destruction of the environment on the world.and our own demise. As the rivers have dried up and all trees are cut down, only then realizes mankind that you can’t eat money!

bos geluiden







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