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Arjan Koopmans

director POsiMO Intermedia Publishing

If you want to live a positive life, you have to first think in a positive way. What you do is managed by your thinking. So it all starts with your thinking. Your thinking is influenced whole your live by your circumstances, other people opinions, books, TV, social media and so on. If those influencers has influenced your thinking in a way that the result of it is not giving you a satisfy living, than you have to change your influencers. Be influenced by inspirational people who have proven that their thinking has led to positive and successful lives for themselves and to others. People who walk their talk. On this website you already find many of those proven positive influencers. In this part of the website we will recommend the programs made by such people. Like books, webinars, MP3/4 and so on. I’m a trainer and coach for more than 30 years. I’ve followed more programs myself than I can count. I’m always listening in my car to such programs, read at least one book a month and visit at least 15 days a year to such trainings. For me is to be inspired a way of life. I pass that knowledge to my students in my own training and coaching programs. Furthermore I wrote several books and will write some more. Until now only in Dutch language. I will select books and other inspirational programs for you. If you have suggestions, please write me.

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