Reconnective healing

how I see it after special results by pushing the universe in the direction of what we want to be better or get healed the universe is always between and around us

when i found out that a muscle relaxant drug was worsening my tear fluid and medical staff told me that as a diabetic i was going blind i stopped taking all my medications. with reconnection when I road al the side effects pushing my own hand open to my eyes and affirming that I have sharp-sighted eyes vision returned to normal if it doesn’t work then it doesn’t harmmy left leg hade a open wond for 14 years when I started ceconnecting thechniques it closed in a view days

a friend who pointed me to the law of attraction came to visit with his then girlfriend, the agreement was that she would treat me with reconnection techniques. when I lay on my back on the bed she started to move with two hands a meter above me? after lying with my eyes closed for a few moments it seemed as if I was lying in a swimming pool and had to hide under water from the flashes of light? when I was out of the hospital I could not lay on the right side of my head.that evening in bed it was no problem afther reconnection

The Universe is always between and around us look at the universe how manny miracles do you need?