keep in mind that we are responsible for this planet. We must now take action, it starts with you!

*You are responsible for everything in your life, make a list of positive phrases that remind you of what you want in, and with your life! Start your sentences if possible with I’m, like: I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m valuable, I’m successful, I’m Multi billionaire, POsiMO will heal the WORLD and is a great success in all the countries of the world . Think or speak your list a number of times per day.

Keep in mind when you make your list that, Every disadvantage has its advantage and every advantage has its disadvantage. so be careful how you think and what you want.


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*There is always someone in the world who has it heavier, so stop having pity on yourself. “Use the energy forYOURSELF” Do you have the opportunity?, help others and use the rating you get to feel good about yourself. Everything in the universe is in balance, what you give you will get beck ! The fact is, our brain is the most influential body part, in combination with our hart, in the universe!
* What you think, you will at track. Negative and positive! believes. You will see what you believe. be careful what and how you think!

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* Search in all that you do, for the balance! Physically and mentally.
Compensate the challenge of life around you, with positivity, * Negativity causes stress and diseases.
* Keep your body lean &clean! * Exercise and move regularly Use NO drugs, alcohol and cigarettes (tobacco). * Eat and drink wise, your digestive system is the Foundation of your health.
Don’t look or listen to the News. Never gossip about others, focus only positive on yourself. *

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*Meditate, take your time, go at least once a day sit quietly and relaxed, close your eyes and think for a minimum of 5 minutes at nothing!!!
• View the possibilities we offer you personally can take to combat climate change! • do what you like, • find your life purpose and live it! Don’t forget to be happy and stay POsiMO !

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