POsiMO World App Independent platform for connecting Worlds population*

POsiMO World App Independent platform for connecting Worlds population

The world population in the year 20017 grown to above the 7 ,trillion people. People who are all looking for a peaceful, healthy and free existence! Not more than a 10 to 20 man (dictators and men with a high sense of their own importance. threaten this unique planet and the survival of humanity. The objective of POsiMO World is to connect the people behind the more than 3 trillion internet connections with a App and inform them about what is going on in the rest of the world by highlighting global issues and present solutions.. Young people are open to new, scientifically-based discoveries and believes.!, POsiMO will inform them about facts proven by since.Facts independent economical benefit for the wrong people on the planet independent for all humanity from there you can determine what they want to believe and going to do to Just care for humanity and every living thing still left on this precieus planet .POsiMO wil seek for solutions that are supportedWorld wide by humanity so der will be taken necessary changes. to dafe this uniek planet there is for sure something muts bigger than us call it what you want, but don’t hide behind it and use it as excuse !for yourself.