NO GOD or ALAH- its the dark matter in te Universe

the dark mater in the universe is extending so it’s the (neutral) positive energy we live on

again a terrorist act in the name of Allah in Paris. where is God?

why are there people still believe in old books written by people how believed that the world is flat and traveling on donkeys

With the television show the voice there was a boy of 18 years praying on stage, to GOD father this and father that? theResult was no seat turned around!

In Mecca, thousands of believers walked around a stone, resulting in many deaths. ? Many among us live there life’s believing in centuries-old books that are written by people who at that time transported on donkeys .let us learn to accept that we will never discover in our life on earth what the dark matter what is the universe has to offer, look and shudder the findings of the Hubbel telescope, help each other especially against humanity and stay positive. Al life is basically the reaction between positive and negative energy!

HELL is here on earth! which we ourselves create.!

What is reality
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