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Money or health

Corona woke world’s human’s population! It’s crystal clear, that our economy, production of major Industries, infect, our old way of thinking, so our total lifestyle and believes have a devastating affect on ourselves, nature, and the climate, of this “unique” planet, where we are allowed to live on for free !. Sustainable, & health, obvious are two valuable and important, words , this not alone in our world’s economical system At the same time the deferent’s between life and dead, for your children!

As founder of POsiMO World I’m amazed how we people, create there hell on this beautiful planet, The upcoming app”LIFE” will contain workshops ideas & products how we can make our life better. This whit today’s knowledge, techniques let know how you think and feel, POsiMO became my second life and is the worlds platform to communicate and listen to each other for me to convince the world that this is the moment we must change ! sometime you win and sometime you learn “forget the past”and old believes, New techniques new knowledge

new life”Exhibition &Digibition Coming up in Utrecht the Nederlands EU &NewYork USA