Native music mother earth

every morning around 5 a clock I take my I-pad with small speakers above my head an start to exercise on meditation muziek like this and meanwhile i think my affirmations. when i’m better there will be a App with all the exercises in it and how i did it, I work at the site every day and train daily 2 to 4 hours. be my gast, use the site like me and get healthy, no drugs smoking or alcohol so you don’t have to experience a stroke like i did from work stress and drinking for fun. after 15 baco’s rum cola a night I walked straight up to my home, now ik train daily to proof de dokters are rong that i never wil walk again.As a marine I know how to suffer and fight, but this is muts more suffering!!!! keep healthy stop smoking , taking drugs and alcohol. your kids getting cancer from it. if not them maybe you in this lifetime!
the World is beautiful, we as mankind make ik a HELL.
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