In early April 2006 I lie disappointed after a number of major events alone in bed and shout hard, Is this everything between heaven and earth!
Two weeks later I get a brain hemorrhage, which I barely survive. Paralyzed on my entire left side begins my journey and quest for full recovery. Through my willpower, discipline and training I get stronger. People come on my way pointing me all kinds of things described in this magazine. Now, 9 years later and numerous inexplicable moments I am becoming the third ever fully healed off 16 million people who have a stroke each year, 5 million as heavy as mine !. This magazine is for 98 % created by myself. ( magazine presentation on internet and App by On-side) The content shows which way I was taken by now I believe a special intelligent neutral force that showed me the way. Also by creating POsiMO
Special thanks to my Internet (girl)friends, the people who came to visited me, my mates from my time at the Dutch Marines , and my family who were always there for me and made sure I lacked nothing. I’m great full for having this experience.
Throw the years I became noticeably stronger, I felt like I was born again, however, I asked myself in what kind of world I will come back?, on the internet, I formed my opinion.
In my one surrounding a lot of addiction of drugs and alcohol was going on.
We are about 7 billion people on this little globe. We let a handful of people take away our hope, happiness and positive thoughts, and al the time for there one economical benefits.
with my experience I want to show every single person, that nothing is impossible and I wrote as a producer of trade shows a draft plan for the now 40% of the people in the world having a internet connection, to connect to each other with the POsiMO thought on the side . We now have the technology for hands with Internet, Google and Facebook. Let’s work together to dispel the negative in the world with its positive and display the right motion. All this working in the system of today’s economics.

its my life’s work.

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