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Anthonie de (Toon) de Klerk

Welcome I am a privilegeDutch man,from Barendrecht -Rotterdam Me is given the opportunity to tell by internet the hole world my story whay I developed POsiMO World ,after having miraculously escaped death twice.and my believe in that our subconsciousness is in contact with the universe, in order to show a difference and help others and yunger generations. As I feel it now as my mission,looking at the terrible state the world and the population is in it will determine everything in POsiMO World , .As a diabetic and No believer of any (man made) religion?( I thought looking at the world all those religions !it does not work at all! , why Im I allowed to stay here? me became clear the devastating effect of stress.! The connectedness with the universe is visible, and for me now clear!

now we can use all the time for free ! as looking in a mirror we get back wat we put in, positivety but also negativety .It all comes back, ous its all about your state of mind, some of us believe the Bible others the Koran?People wrote thousands years ago the same stories but with different names?how incradeble is that we know so much more and that those believes don’t work!

I call the energy in the universe “LIFE” because I am still here the beauty is you can call it what you want, look at I’am affirmations. thank you. We ourself are responsible, as people for everything on this world, become a member of POsiMO World, recieve our news letter.

Go through the videos and information in this modern magazine site and convince yourself if you controle your life?. and what it! means for your children!or the world around you?,

by positive thinking and movement. POsiMO the mening of life is to live!

be optimistic and move Invest in your life& body. think ahead

and when you have children be wise and take care of theme and there future habitat.

afther the fitst sroke


My name is Anthonie de Klerk and I live in Rotterdam – The Netherlands

Last April 18e 2006, I became completely paralyzed on the left side of my body by a severe brain hemorrhage. Stroke Since that day, my stay here on Earth is in the sign of a mission of to be able to walk again and be able to function fully as a healthy man!my thanks to my parents for my upbringing and the willpower that both have in their own way. always looking for possibilities and going on TheNever gif up mentality rescheduling work to achieve something and respect for others, I have often wondered where I got the privileged from, this with a view to the millions of refugees and sick people in the world! My path went along the way of the law of attraction, . From the beginning after my stroke I sad that I will recover!. Not knowing that there are 16 million victims each year with a stroke or such brain hemorrhage and there are only two women ever!!! that fully restored! Follow me on my way to full recovery! afther 14 years of training every day I was on 90% near full recovery when a new stroke and my realization that I now know everything in the world and universe is in balance!.and have a good reason Hard conclusion is that there is no light without dark and no heat without cold. However everything around us is has its origin from a positive energy. The man has the privilege in addition to a few exception of a number of other beasts, to be learned and so “grow” this knowledge and the privilege has fostered for many people the proverbial hell, here on Earth is created! Most people act out of self-interest, and not to the life of others!

My experience is that there is an energy that exists without judgment and with only good intentions. for me is this positive energy my father and second mother. they lived in Spain, but on the day that the dokters had to dicid to operate me or let me die, my father was there to demand that they operate al do he had to cary me the rest of my life in en out of bed.



jan en linda

though; s little boy my father took me to business appointments, organizing trade shows I was as learned. then after I get my mandatory service time in Curaçao as Marine had fulfilled his wesamen moved on. senior has an innate instinct to negotiate an unprecedented dose of perseverance, together with his wife and my second mother Linda they for me. Jan en Linda de Klerk

above the former office

in een seconde

zo groen als gras

mariniers lopen

I was aformer Dutch Marien. 1 of the elite!

My brother had taken the railing and out of his house to my living room wall. the first weeks I could no less than 5 times walk to the end (4 meters) and backwards back to my wheelchair.

YEAR 2011

at the phisio Jan Hermans, we began to walk outside around the block in 2011!






2010 4 years after my stroke I walk at the physical therapist on a treadmill. an hour round trip to get there I decided to buy a treadmill and placed it in my living room then I walked for months every day 90 minutes in 1 piece. , followd this with exercises outside on my balcony. now I am so far as to see the spasme in my left leg (video below) from the spasm in my left leg is gone!. now regain confidence with the ever still different muscle strain in my left leg, so I do strength exercises out on the balcony and every homegrown exercise I repeat 250 times !

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