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The world population in the year 2017 has grown to surpass 7 trillion people. Not more than 10 to 20 men (dictators and chosen leaders) with a high sense of self-importance threaten this unique planet and humanity’s survival. The objective of POsiMO World is to connect the people who are looking for a peaceful, healthy, and free existence! The POsiMO World app aims to inform them about what is going on around the world by highlighting global challenges and Presenting independent solutions. Fortunately, people nowadays are open to new, scientifically-based information and POsiMo wants to share discoveries and proven facts of our era, emphasizing our planet and solutions for all humanity. In that manner, we all can create a safe environment for humanity and all beings that inhabit this unique planet.

now as a result world wide stress, “STRESS” is in addition to a wrong diet, Smoking, Alcohol, and Drugs the cause of many diseases.

when founder Anthonie de klerk is fully restored, and the strength of the content of the POsiMO magazine can claim, the POsiMO World App to be built with various magazines that only serve the purpose of the people in the world independently to inform about the improvement of life in the broadest sense of the word

POsiMO World Magazine

toon portret

Founder & CEO POsiMO World

Anthonie de Klerk (Tony Clarck)

POsiMO World is based on the life story of founder and creator Anthonie de Klerk and the relationship between our mind and the intelligent black matter of the Universe.

for everything thats alive on this world starts with “health”, you can believe in what you want,and have so much as you want. To be healthy is what counts

By a busy business life and stress he had 18 April 2006 a stroke and he became completely to the left side of his body paralyzed . In the next 12years he lived in a in a wheelchair, exercises and working on his uniek recovery he discovered firsthand the power of positive thinking .Also known as the law of attraction. Everything begins with a thought. Doctrine of the POsiMO World magazine!the POsiMO WorldApp informs about the mental aswel the physical training of the brain and body

our way of life and how we treat each other give us stress. stress is the Foundation of all diseases.

let’s be clear, We all participate in a stress-grone society, Stress makes us sick.!




FitNAll Magazine



Founder & CEIO of Fit N All– New York

Adriana Albritton

skip, just eat healthy

fit n allblauw DIARY

FitNALL Body Diary The body diary allows the user to take a full body pictures once a month and fill in body measurement. The picture will appear on the user’s personal timeline. If desired, Adriana and her team can provide fitness and wellness coaching. All possible with the Body Diary program in the POsiMO World App


trillions of dollars of finding life on other planets, at the same time, we spend trillions on the destruction of life on this planet

The POsiMO World Team will assemble a list of charities and requires a active donor search. The list and donations are published in the charity magazine so that the donator if so desired will receives any publicity for the gift this magazine is also linked to the POsdonatie mag

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