As people we experience an inner and outer world, Money is often just a number on a bank account. what creates a crisis!, banks fall over because the CIO didn’t get a bonus of a couple off million , people get uncertain by the media. in recent years, there are no images shown of buildings that collapse??but still people stopt spending money and a crisis is born. thats how strong our believes effect our world – life and happiness. if you are become stressful about it you can get ill and die. lissen to my mentor Gregg Braden how to coop with this strange behavior. It is all in our believes. We all know someone who feels fine but went for a control to the dokter. And yes they found something and they are hospitalized, only then comes the decline and they get sick or worse. so we can can believe and think ourselfs better or ill. have a positive life.and ask yourself “what can I tribute to the world? start by charing this website”


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