business or live- stay focust and demand succes

As a Marine and businessmen I learned the hard way to reach your goal,
just exceptional evert and work will give you wat you want.
when I woke out of a coma half paralyzed. I was lucky I though after a wail millions die instantly. I started to tell everyone that I will be better,not knowing what to expect. just after i a long time I came home in a wheelchair I learned on internet that there are just two woman in de USA, with the same kind of stroke that ever became totally healthy a gain. this from 16 million people a year!. let me tell you that woman are the strongest, when it comes to vesicle pain. I do have a other disadvantage. I am diabetic from the day that I left the army. I start training and all kind of thinks happend like that i learned about the law of attraction from friends. Names likeGregg Braden, Wane Dayer , Dee-pack Copra. and don’t forget Tony Robbins. every day i go for the max, so i do most exercises 250 times. I don’t drink alcohol. and do no drugs ore smoke. I train 2 to 4 hours a day and start in bed about 5 o clock .get out at seven than I eat and start working at the website between that I do exercises like a go walking on my treadmill in the living room and do walk exercises and power, exercises on the balcony. every day total focus on healing with results . this site is a result of my feelings and gratitude, that i have a good education as a businessman and Marine. I promise I wil be the third and first men ever, how gets fully healed. Anthonie 2016 de klerk.

“What you think is what you become”

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