If your Hart is in your dream, no request is to extreem.

The right time is always NOW!


Every time I see the Moon, it amazes me every night, and I wonder how it’s possible that the earth, Sun and moon already billions of years cirkel around each other? This along with my experiences of the recent years and the many posts in this site that there all face do have me believe that the black matter of the universe must be a a positive energy. the universe does not stop at the ozone layer but reaches to the ground and is therefore continually between us!.It is our one mind that is creating all the problems in this world. For me!!! whit” modern” knowledge the universe is where we come from and go back to. Our soul is energy to!

Today we know that everything in the universe is energy!

whydo Learn elderly people their children still that there is someone who cares about their safety and judges? look at the world!!!!. !! It is our own subconscious what can do wonders. , It is in contact with the universe. a positive universe!!!, look at nature,everything is in perfect balance. only humankind make it a hell !!! Stay positive and help others / learn especially children about the updated knowledge for a better future. “THE WORLD NEEDS IT”

After a life time, we rest in peace!

Why can’t we live in PEACE?