I cal the positive energy the universe must be out of respect Life”

At first I felt embarrassed!

I woke. and minutes later I noticed that my right hand was strapped on to a hospital bed? the story you can reed by welcome!I felt embarrassed because my father was next to my bed and not in Spain to enjoy his pension,we worked hard for, the first thing I can remember is that I told him that I would be better soon, not knowing then wat was happend to me not knowing that every 12 months there are 15 million people in the world having a brain hemorrhaging, and 1 million of them die at the same time! and there are only 2 women in the world who have gotten better! from a serious brain hemorrhage like mine! to that, I’m also an insulin injecting diabetic!, than reminded me pretty quickly that I was with my new Assistant and was driven to a nearby hospital! giving here directions and in front of the hospital next to the car I must have collapsed.My father how was going days before to live in Spain for his pension, was sitting om the left site and Linda his wife on the right site of the bed.I felt foreign, my left arm, hand and leg I could not move?later I thought I do not believe in a religion! I’m a diabetic and still a life? I’m a proud trained Dutch marine and then friends told me about the law of attraction I started my affirmations and begonmy extreem training and soon I felt good results conclusion there is a universal law that work for all of us! “just use it” the best affirmation for me is I am healthy : I am balanced in everything!

my father Jan de Klerk and his wife Linda how cared for me after the stroke!

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